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    Aran married

    Congrats to both. Though she's lucky he didn't henka when she jumped into his arms !!
  2. Bealzbob

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    Anyone else amazed at how incredibly tight the juryo division is? After 11 days the most wins is 8 and the least is 3 and even that's only 1 rikishi so basically everyone squashed between 8-3 & 4-7. I'd love to know when the last time the wins were spread so evenly with no-one striding away or falling behind at all.
  3. Bealzbob

    Ichihara no more

    Preferred Ichihara myself :-) (<- that smiley is too despairing. I was going for 'unhappy', not 'distraught' ;-))
  4. Bealzbob

    Hatsu basho 2009 banzuke predictions

    As a Yoshi fan I fear for him. He'll be lucky to see 5 wins. More like a 3-12 me thinx :-D
  5. Bealzbob

    Hatsu basho 2009 banzuke predictions

    Well, I strongly doubt the Kyokai and the banzuke makers define terms such as "meatgrinder", let alone use them. It's all completely on a rank+result basis, IMO. Toyonoshima has M1e+9-6 -> potential M(-2)e Kisenosato has M4e+11-4 -> potential M(-3)e Hence Kisenosato should be ahead of Toyonoshima. As for Aminishiki, my intuition and a few observations tell me it's quite rare for a maegashira to leap over a kachikoshi Komusubi and take a vacant Sekiwake slot. I agree with you about the Tokitenku/Tochinonada part, I could have as well swapped them, but I must have overlooked this when I was sumbitting my entry form. Still, it might be either way. All these being just my opinions and considerations, though. I've given Toyonoshima the east slot because his record was achieved from a joi-jin rank whereas Kisenosato's was not. To me that is a big factor. As well as that, Toyonoshima starting at M1e was 'knocking on the door' as it were, so in any kind of a tight race, which 9-6 against an M4 11-4 imo is, he should get the nod. But you're right, it's all opinions and considerations :)
  6. Bealzbob

    Hatsu basho 2009 banzuke predictions

    y Hakuho Asashoryu o Kotomitsuki Chiyotaikai o Kotooshu Kaio o Harumafuji s Baruto Aminishiki k Toyonoshima Kisenosato m1 Kotoshogiku Kyokutenho m2 Miyabiyama Takekaze m3 Yoshikaze Goeido m4 Wakanosato Futeno m5 Hokutoriki Kokkai m6 Bushuyama Aran m7 Dejima Asasekiryu m8 Takamisakari Kakuryu m9 Tochinonada Iwakiyama m10 Tokitenku Tochinoshin m11 Tochiozan Tosanoumi m12 Kakizoe Chiyohakuho m13 Tamawashi Koryu m14 Yamamotoyama Toyohibiki m15 Masatsukasa Tamanoshima m16 Homasho
  7. I think it is perfectly logical that the M4-M3-M2 area would be the toughest initial KK because this is the area where you become potential joi-jin and therefore are included in the regular torikumi of the top sanyaku. Something you were protected from to that point. Thanks for the chart though Henry. As a fellow stat-nut I can vouch for these things never being as 'little' as they appear beforehand (Detective...)
  8. Bealzbob

    Ama vs. Hakuho

    So let me get this straight. Hakuho was in what he and others felt was a losing position with the double inside grip. And rather than stay there and conveniently lose the match he actually changes to another grip in an attempt to recover the situation. And this attempt to go from a losing position to a different one is being accused of yaocho? Riiight.... and if he'd stayed in the losing grip it wouldn't have been yaocho? Or would it ? and if it would, the question then needs to be asked - what exactly does Hakuho, or indeed Ama, have to do to not be accused of yaocho in a bout that Ama actually wins. Or are people actually denying that Ama could under any circumstances beat Hakuho on any given day? The fact is Hakuho tried to rescue a situation that IF he'd wanted to lose the bout, he wouldn't have had to rescue. I think people are suspicious about the result and they're then filling in the gaps with the bits that fit, while ignoring the bits that don't and I think it does Ama and Hakuho a dis-service.
  9. Bealzbob

    Withdrawals/Returns - Kyushu 2008

    ;-) An adoptee. Just turned 16. Hope it's nothing serious. Anyone got any news on it ???
  10. Bealzbob

    Day 9 results and day 10 pairings

    Well quite. But then if it's not your debut (i.e. you know what 15 bout bashos are about) then you've a distinct advantage. This is the query for your conditions.
  11. Bealzbob

    Kyushu Henka Sightings

    Holy moly. Kimurayama stealing the show in here :-)
  12. Bealzbob

    Day 9 results and day 10 pairings

    Never mind Shotenro putting a 2 win gap to his rivals. He is at J9 and is 9-0. He is now looking at potential straight promotion immediately through juryo in only 1 basho!! And that hasn't been done by a non-makushita tsukedashi in 58 years since yokozuna Asashio.
  13. Bealzbob

    Day 9 lower division results

    Aoba, 11 years after his debut, is looking potentially at a career high rank for Hatsu. He's been riddled with injury. Apt therefore that his profile picture on the database has a bandage on his shoulder :)
  14. Bealzbob

    Day 8 results and day 9 pairings

    Good to see Ichihara move back into the black and temporarily out of the relegation zone.
  15. Bealzbob

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    It's quite incredible to think, after the career that ex-Ozeki Dejima has had, that this is only the 2nd time he has ever gone 6-0 as a sekitori. And if YMY keeps it up he'll be in makuuchi in his 13th basho. That's up there with the best of them even ignoring his freakish physique. What's the story with Ichihara? He must have really hurt himself a few basho again with that landing (IIRC). Is he still recovering from it ? Because that guy is every bit an upper-makuuchi/low-sanyaku rikishi in my opinion and will get there eventually.
  16. Bealzbob

    Day 2 results and day 3 pairings

    Only Yoshikaze's 2nd ever 2-0 start in makuuchi (Pulling hair...) and his first since Nagoya '06 (where he finished 6-9)
  17. Bealzbob

    2008 Kyushu banzuke

    Bah !! I knew you'd use that :-P I insisited on them dropping at least a full rank. I don't count East to West as a proper MK demotion. Kudos, they did drop all three East-side 7-8 by (at least) two slots. Personally I'd have to say that Yoshikaze behind Koryu and Tamanoshima behind Kasuganishiki (hell, Tamanoshima behind Masatsukasa, too) is a total joke, but perhaps you've identified a new trend. Which immediately makes me wonder how much, if anything, the leadership change might have to do with it. In hindsight, the lenient treatment of 7-8 records did coincide with the Kitanoumi era pretty well, while the 1990s modus operandi (as noted) was a lot closer to how this banzuke was seemingly put together... Thanks, though my approach was none-too scientific. More a personal taste thing. Your maths certainly put doubt in my mind but thanks for the info regarding delineating the differing trends of banzuke making from era to era. Again, something I wont pretend to have taken into account. So I got it right by hook or by crook more than anything. But learned along the way :-P (Shaking head...) which is the main thing !!
  18. Bealzbob

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2008 (1st Wave)

    Tochihiryu Sd16e please (Laughing...)
  19. Bealzbob

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2008 (2nd Wave)

    Satsumahibiki Ms39w please (Laughing...)
  20. Bealzbob

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2008 (3rd Wave)

    Isanokuni Sd78w please (Laughing...)
  21. Bealzbob

    Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2008 (4th Wave)

    Kimishima Jd8w please (Laughing...)
  22. Bealzbob

    2008 Kyushu banzuke

    Undoubtedly true (Laughing...) Though I did like his shikona. Kinda roled off the tongue similar (imo) to Surugatsukasa :-)
  23. Bealzbob

    Happy birthday, Fujisan!

    Happy birthday (Band playing...) (Holiday feeling...) (Applauding...)
  24. Bealzbob

    Kyushu Basho Banzuke Prediction

    Back to work, skipper :-) M5e != M5w. Bah !! I knew you'd use that (On the banzuke...) I insisited on them dropping at least a full rank. I don't count East to West as a proper MK demotion.
  25. Bealzbob

    Kyushu Basho Banzuke Prediction

    Back to work, skipper (On the banzuke...) My effort which is re-assuringly similar to Asashosakari's Hakuho (Ye, 14-1Y) Y Asashoryu (Yw, 5-5-5) Kotomitsuki (O1e, 11-4) O1 Kaio (O2e, 9-6) Chiyotaikai (O2w, 9-6) O2 Kotooshu (O1w, 8-7) Ama (Se, 12-3) S Baruto (Ke, 8-7) Goeido (M5w, 10-5) K Aminishiki (M4w, 8-7) Toyonoshima (Sw, 6-9) M1 Futeno (M10w, 11-4) Kotoshogiku (M1e, 6-9) M2 Toyohibiki (M6e, 8-7) Kisenosato (M2e, 6-9) M3 Wakanosato (M9w, 9-6) Asasekiryu (Kw, 4-11) M4 Kyokutenho (M3e, 6-9) Hokutoriki (M9e, 8-7) M5 Miyabiyama (M1w, 4-11) Tochinonada (M4w, 6-9) M6 Kakuryu (M5e, 7-8) Tochinoshin (M10e, 8-7) M7 Dejima (M12w, 9-6) Tochiozan (M6w, 6-9) M8 Takekaze (M14e, 9-6) Kakizoe (M16w, 10-5) M9 Tokitenku (M7w, 6-9) Bushuyama (J1e, 10-5) M10 Aran (J6w, 12-3Y) Masatsukasa (M8w, 5-10) M11 Kokkai (M16e, 8-7) Yoshikaze (M11e, 7-8) M12 Kasuganishiki (J3w, 9-6) Takamisakari (M11w, 6-9) M13 Tamanoshima (M12e, 7-8) Koryu (J5e, 10-5) M14 Kitataiki (M13w, 7-8) Chiyohakuho (M13e, 6-9) M15 Kimurayama (M14w, 7-8) Homasho (M2w, 0-0-15) M16 Tosanoumi (J2e, 8-7)