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    Kimarite Statistics

    "Real world mathematics" ? Taking opinion and subjectivity out of the equation for a moment (not that they should ever be in the equation in the first place), he is technically correct that the first decade of this century HAS come to an end sumo-wise. The century began in 2000 just as the previous 20 A.D. centuries began in their year divisible by 100. Whether popular culture likes it or not (Clapping wildly...) Sorry, but the dumbing down of certain things (like this and language etc) is a pet hate of mine.
  2. 4 demotions from makuuchi are straight forward, as are the promotions in their place. Kimuruyama, Kasugao, Tamaasuka & Yamamotoyama down Hakuba, Kitataiki, Tochinonada & Koryu up. But Toyohibiki is not so cut & dry. His 5-10 from M12 would normally put him in a position to be relegated. But the best of the rest from juryo is either Sagatsukasa with 8-7 from J4 or Tokusegawa with 10-5 from J8. In my view this saves Toyohibiki and there is recent precedent for M12's with 5-10 staying up whereas there is no (relevant) historical precedent for a J4 8-7 being promoted other than the special case of Tomoefuji in Kyushu '90 because of expansion of the makuuchi division. Thoughts?
  3. Bealzbob

    Hatsu makuuchi promotion/demotion

    So where did you put Kotoshogiku? Argh, apologies, I put Kotoshogiku at K1e and Toyonoshima at M1e followed by Tochinoshin & Miyabiyama.
  4. Bealzbob

    Hatsu makuuchi promotion/demotion

    A quick juryo effort. EAST WEST J1 Sagatsukasa(j4 8-7) J1 Tokusegawa(j8 10-5) J2 Okinoumi(j5 8-7) J2 Kotokasuga(j6 8-7) J3 Wakakoyu(j9 9-6) J3 Futeno(j2 7-8) J4 Wakatenro(j9 8-7) J4 Tosanoumi(j11 9-6) J5 Kimurayama(m14 4-11) J5 Kirinowaka(j10 8-7) J6 Chiyohakuho(j12 9-6) J6 Shirinonami(j12 9-6) J7 Kasuganishiki(j13 9-6) J7 Asofuji(j3 6-9) J8 Kasugao(m14 3-12) J8 Masatsukasa(j1 4-11) J9 Toyozakura(j3 5-10) J9 Tamaasuka(m16 3-12) J10 Kiyoseumi(j11 8-7) J10 Hoshikaze(j13 9-6) J11 Yamamotoyama(m15 2-13) J11 Kyokunankai(j7 6-9) J12 Sakaizawa(j7 6-9) J12 Kaiho(j4 4-11) J13 Gagamaru(j14 8-7) J13 Sokokurai(ms1 5-2) J14 Miyamoto(ms1 5-2) J14 Jumonji(j8 5-10) Some necessary over-promotions in the upper reaches, but nothing majorly unfair. No-one under-demoted.
  5. Bealzbob

    Hatsu makuuchi promotion/demotion

    I went with Chiyotaikai as S1w to Baruto's S1e because in other recent instances of S2 there was KK from both existing Sekiwake's so they had nowhere to go. And as Kakuryu was only 7-8 I put him to K1w with Toyonoshima as K1e. And the OCD in me likes the new symmetrical layout of 2 M16's again :D The odd slot was irritating me!
  6. Bealzbob

    2nd komusubi slot

    [/td] 1 2 > Rikishi Date Rank Record Date Rank Record Genjiyama 1819.03 S1e 6-2-1-1a 1819.11 K1e 5-2-1-2o Washigahama 1862.03 S1w 6-2-2 1862.11 K1w 5-2-3 Washigahama 1865.02 S1w 6-0-2-1d-1a 1865.11 K1w 5-1-3 Omatoi 1872.11 S1e 6-2-1-1d 1873.04 K1e 5-3-2 Onaruto 1885.01 S1e 6-2-1-1d 1885.05 K1e 5-2-1-2d Umenotani 1899.05 S1w 6-2-1-1d 1900.01 K1w 5-2-1-2d Dewagatake 1926.01 S1w 6-5 1926.05 K2eHD 3-3-5 Dewagatake 1928.01 S1e 6-5 1928.03 K1w 6-5 Mitsuneyama 1952.09 S1e 6-9 1953.01 K2wHD 10-5 Note to more proficient users of BBS code than my humble self: Is there a way of creating a table without getting all the extra blank lines above it? As above. Simply remove the carriage returns that separate each of your table's lines because they get 'discarded' above it and push it downwards. Soz for going off topic but you did ask :)
  7. Bealzbob

    Can't forgive Taikai

    Why not? It's cheating, plain and simple; and it de-values the 2nd highest rank in the sport. The only one worth his salt (pun intended) is Harumafuji. The rank appears to be nothing more than a retirement home for the rest of them and it disgusts me that they are so obvious in it. It's also a pity to see rikishi I like (Baruto) already playing the game and laying the groundwork for if he ever gets in and needs a cheat win too. And I also have a problem with these pathetic euphamisms that get trotted out like 'back scratching' or 'lethargic sumo'. It is LETTING your opponent win, it is cheating.
  8. Bealzbob

    Can't forgive Taikai

    Apologies Peterao, that clearly IS a henka. What I was trying to do (poorly) was to make a general distinction between doing a henka (which is wrong) as opposed to exploiting an opponents injury (which is acceptable).
  9. Bealzbob

    Can't forgive Taikai

    You can't compare a henka to exploiting a competitors weakness. That's like saying in football 'oh I wont kick it at the goalkeepers left because I know he's weak diving to that side'. Dejima climbs on the dohyo with a clear weakness so it is there to be used. It is not a cheap shot. He can always give a fusensho. And as for the implication that it helped Asashoryu to get to where he is now? I hardly think relying on opponents injuries or taking mid-bout cheap shots was something he needed to do to become a yokozuna. His cheap shots tend(ed) to be after he has utterly dominated a rikishi. Less than honourable yes, but AFTER the event.
  10. Bealzbob

    Can't forgive Taikai

    I think my mind just exploded in a flash of pretty colours. Well, "earning" a kadoban is the wrong expression for sure. But always getting the kachi-koshi when kadoban certainly could be thought as "earned". Exactly. The 'earning' of the record is in the fact that he 'mocks' his way to the subsequent KK every time.
  11. Bealzbob

    Can't forgive Taikai

    Chiyotaikai should be asked to retire. It is obvious he is being kept in his rank by accomplices. His kadoban record is a mockery as it is not earned or deserved.
  12. Bealzbob

    Baruto needs yaocho lessons

    .. and all is well with the world again. Ridiculous and pathetic cheating.
  13. Bealzbob

    Day 14 results and day 15 pairings

    Poor old Chiyotaikai has run out of 'mates' to protect his rank with. He faces a do or die tomorrow against someone who may not play the game.
  14. Bealzbob

    Who gets the KW-slot

    Lighten up Asa, I too was being slightly facetious (Eh?)
  15. Bealzbob

    Who gets the KW-slot

    I'd say anyone re-doing their banzuke after receiving definitive info on placings is cheating, no? The 'G' in GTB doesn't stand for 'reproduce' afterall :)
  16. Bealzbob

    Banzuke discussion Natsu 2009

    Perhaps foolish amateur optimism, but for me the natsu makuuchi banzuke was the easiest to make for a long while. No big decisions. No big gaps in the makuuchi requiring huge under/over promotion etc. Quite straightforward, all things considered :)
  17. Bealzbob

    YDC convenes-Haru 2009

    I think the ozeki kadoban discussion is warranted and I'd hope the initial suggestions were there merely to improve upon rather than to choose from. I think a total of 5 kadoban is a very harsh demotion rule given the difficulty in getting to ozeki. Perhaps 5 kadobans over a given time period of X basho. That way you would likely only be demoting people who were just not up to it or those who were developing a regular pattern of kadoban (i.e. getting towards the end of their careers like Chiyo now). I know change is not often looked upon kindly, but it has happened before and if the current crop of ozeki continue to have people in their ranks who regularly MK then the discussion is going to climb higher and higher through the sumo ranks. I'd be interested to hear possible solutions to the problem from the more experienced followers in here. The premise being that there WILL be a change to maintaining your ozeki rank based on more stringent performance guidelines and YOU (the poster) have to decide what that change would be..... have at it!
  18. Bealzbob

    Who gets the KW-slot

    Objectively, I think it will go to Homasho. Subjectively, I think it should go to Homasho :)
  19. Bealzbob

    The 14th Wall Thread

    Hopefully he can avoid an Ichihara-esque injury :(
  20. Bealzbob

    Youtube users posting this basho's bouts

    Not just Africa. I'm in Ireland and with info-sumo & Eurosport long since given up and youtube threatening (or attempting) to do the same, I'm limited to a daily log-in to goo.sumo to merely view the results.
  21. Bealzbob

    Day 13 lower division results

    :-( Back at last :)
  22. So what are your thoughts on who will occupy the upper echelons of the Maegashira ranks come Haru? Given that 10 of the 12 M1-M6 rikishi went MK for Hatsu and the two that didn't (Goeido & Kyokutenho) will be in sanyaku replacing the 2 heavily-MK rikishi from there, who the hell has done enough to occupy the M1-M2 ranks? I have my own thoughts and it involves some hefty over-promotion but I can't see any other way... So, go for it. Who are your 4 M1-M2 rikishi for Haru ? I'll post mine soon (Nodding yes...)
  23. Bealzbob

    The bi-monthly banzuke discussion

    My juryo attempt J1 Tosayutaka J2 Bushuyama Koryu J3 Toyohibiki Kasugao J4 Hakuba Masatsukasa J5 Kaiho Ushiomaru J6 Mokonami Kotokasuga J7 Sakaizawa Kasuganishiki J8 Hoshihikari Kitataiki J9 Fukuoka Kyokunankai J10 Wakakoyu Kiyoseumi J11 Kotokuni Otsukasa J12 Daishoumi Shirononami J13 Wakatenro Asofuji J14 Yotsugurama Kirinowaka Obviously Wakakirin is J1e if they put him there.
  24. Bealzbob

    The bi-monthly banzuke discussion

    There is method to my madness :-O
  25. Bealzbob

    The bi-monthly banzuke discussion

    My guess M1 Hokutoriki Kakuryu M2 Tokitenku Tochiozan and FYI my M3-M6 is M3 Kotoshogiku Aminishiki M4 Takekaze Miyabiyama M5 Yoshikaze Wakanosato M6 Tamanoshima Homasho