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    Memorable bouts

    Yes indeed it was, thanks a lot Azumaryu (Shaking head...)
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    Hakuho married?

    Certainly seems to be more than your average amount of xenophobia towards Japan from the Mongolian people over this. Any particular reason? I'm reluctant to ask any more controversially worded questions (Shaking head...)
  3. Bealzbob

    Spread the controversy!

    That's where the 'arguably' comes in (Shaking head...)
  4. Bealzbob

    Memorable bouts

    But of course :)
  5. Totally totally agree. One of the main reason's why I love sumo so much is probably because of the anachronisms - that's not a backhanded compliment either. The stuff that has been lost (or was never there) in other sports is still there in sumo and I never want that to change. If it did, it would undoubtedly be for the worse. And it is the job of those in charge to make sure it doesn't change. Promoting Hakuho partially on the back of a henka'd yusho might, in my eyes, be seen as relaxing the sumo-do requirements somewhat too..... Just a thought.
  6. Didn't know where to put this, so in here will do. This is the DVD/Video with Muhammad Ali on the cover where it goes through various martial arts including sumo (and he fights a karate expert). Is it worth buying? I presume someone in here has seen it. Most comments I've read complain about a lack of Ali in it despite him being on the cover. Frankly I couldn't give a monkeys about Ali and am wondering if the sumo content is any use. If not, are there any other sumo DVD's worth buying? I'm particularly interested in Chiyonofuji and Futabayama although I appreciate the latter might be tricky to get footage of.
  7. Bealzbob

    Memorable bouts

    I've just watched them all. Wouldn't be the same just to watch the fights. That day 15 match sure looked like a henka to me ;) Wonder was there all the fuss about it back then :P
  8. AWESOME !!! (Sigh...) Gimme more more more! Any other bouts I should check out (how did you remember that off the top of your head ? (Showing respect...)
  9. Bealzbob

    Spread the controversy!

    I would hope that, Kotoseiya. My response was to the hypothetical "Would Ozumo be a better place if Asashoryu had never appeared?". The word 'better' there is open to interpretation*, but I disagree with the question regardless of the meaning taken. * 'Better' could mean would the sumo on display be better, or it could mean would sumo be a 'nicer' place. I don't necessarily agree with either of them.
  10. See, now that to me is even more unfair as he clearly GOT to sekitori with that style, so making him change it would probably result in him falling down the banzuke. As for inducing your opponents to injure themselves - does this mean he threw them or something ? And at the risk of being slightly insensitive - isn't that their problem and not his ? Again much in the same way that Dewagatake used saba-ori to almost break his opponents in 2 (thanks again sumofanmag and Joe Kuroda ;))
  11. I thought it was disrespectful not to give your very best against your opponent, the higher ranked the better. This is an honest question probably deserving of it's own thread but I'll ask anyway. Why is it that sometimes (albeit rarely) rikishi are asked to tone down their tsuppari or to 'change their ways' in some way? Paolo mentioned that Asashoryu was asked to tone it down as it was too violent in his early days. Why, if it is "disrespectful not to give your very best against your opponent, the higher ranked the better" would ANY rikishi EVER be asked to do such a thing?? I also read on sumofanmag of a former very troublesome yokozuna Maedayama also being asked to do the same, as public opinion was that he was just a bully in the dohyo. A very strange request from my point of view, but I do admit I have a lot to learn about this great sport :)
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    Hello to all

    Thanks to all for the kind welcome. I have learned that I am the 3rd Irish person on the site. And I've wasted no time in getting involved in the discussions :) It's funny that you should mention not getting too wrapped up in sumotalk, because I obviously had no idea how their site was regarded by other sumo fans online. They do have pretty strong views on certain rikishi and I suppose through having no alternative viewpoint to look at, I have in some way assimilated some of those views. They have their favourites and their not-so-favourites. I do for example have a low opinion of Hokutoriki who they not-so-affectionately call Jokutoriki, and I get the impression they're not that gone on Chiyotaikai either. But they do have their moments, and they're not all bad, and I do owe them one for getting me more 'into' sumo. I will however be spending far more time on here because obviously sumotalk is only active while a basho is in progress, so for the rest of the time I will be learning (or is that un-learning in the case of sumotalk) about the sport on here. I look forward to taking everything with a huge handful of salt.
  13. Bealzbob

    Spread the controversy!

    (In a state of confusion...) No no and thrice no. Why on earth would sumo be better if he hadn't entered it ? This Asa hating is way over the top. He is the most technically gifted rikishi out there - arguably in the top 5 most technically gifted ever. He is a joy to watch most of the time and he has raised sumo to the point where no-one else can get close to yokozuna because he is just too good. He will likely break all-time records. He has a 'dark side' to him, ooooooh let's all hate him. Ridiculous. If he had not entered sumo I think we'd have at least 3 yokozuna at the moment, but it's fair to say the top rung of sumo would be at a lower level than it is at present. He has raised the bar to a point that no-one else has reached yet. Ironically I think the best thing that could happen Asashoryu is if he is joined at the top by someone like Hakuho. That way he could share the pressure, and some of the limelight would be elsewhere. It might also make people appreciate him a little more as I'm confident that any other yokozuna would not be able to match the win record that would be set by Asa while both were active.
  14. Bealzbob

    The Greatest to Date!

    I'm sick that I missed Chiyonofuji's career because from the clips I have seen he looked awesome. I'm sure there's an argument for Raiden too but as no-one can have seen him then he's only by reputation. So by that logic I'm afraid I have to go with Asashoryu. I think he'll be breaking most all-time records in the not-too-distant future.
  15. Bealzbob

    Proper decorum

    I thought you get the yusho and win the basho.
  16. Bealzbob

    Baruto's future

    I wasn't aware of the gravity of the injury. Is it really that serious ?
  17. Bealzbob

    Which of these will get to Ozeki quicker ?

    Thank you aderechelsea. FWIW I think Tokitenku isn't a bad shout. The rest are, and imo will remain, 'if onlys'.
  18. Bealzbob

    Which of these will get to Ozeki quicker ?

    The reason I picked those 3 and not others is because they are the new kids on the block and I was also curious as to whether either of the newer 2 had 'overtaken' Kise in some people's estimations.
  19. Bealzbob

    Essential Sumo Links

    (Chucking salt...) Very cute anims. Thanks for that.
  20. Superb post paolo. Some people do have short memories indeed. Perhaps people are being swept up in the media frenzy without realising it. For what it's worth, I think any 'retribution' on Asa should be dished out by Chiyotaikai and no-one else. If Hakuho wants to become a yokozuna then he shouldn't be resorting to those tactics, and it wasn't his place to retaliate. Asashoryu is already a yokozuna because he has time and time again beaten everyone with many kimarite. He has nothing to prove to anyone. Hakuho still has a lot to prove. So yes be hard on Asa if you all want (I choose not), but you should be much much harder on Hakuho. Yet it seems he is the hero in all of this. Grace and how you 'carry' yourself used to be taken into account when being promoted to yokozuna as well as win-rate. Wouldn't it be hilarious and justly deserved if Hak was denied the promotion because of his henka :)
  21. Bealzbob

    Essential Sumo Links

    The animated kimarite index seems to be a broken link :(