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    Thanks for the input guys. So the concensus seems to be that while history might be on his side, there are extenuating circumstances around him that don't go in his favour i.e. the propensity to get injured & his weight being maybe too much for him. So he's a 'wait and see' (Showing respect...)
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    Hello again, long time no speak. Anyhoo, to my point! :) Basically my question is in the topic description line. Just how good can Masunoyama become? He has debuted in makuuchi at the age of 20. As a predominantly yotsu-sumo rikishi, albeit with a healthy mix of oshidashi thrown in, he would appear to be the right style of rikishi to trouble the upper echelons in the future. I know someone in here has a system that creates a 'predicted best ranking' based on the age someone goes through the lower divisions at and that this prediction is fairly accurate; the premise being that certain things must be achieved by certain ages and that a period of acclimatisation at each new step must occur before a rikishi can typically progress. Given that Hakuho & Asashoryu were also 20 when they debuted in makuuchi, and not for one second implying that he will match them, is there any basis to an opinion that we might be looking at a yokozuna of the future? Bear in mind I haven't seen much of this guy at all and my interest is in the fact that I 'adopted' him early on and he has soared through the rankings in the interim. I have searched back over a year and can't find a discussion on Masunoyama so I'm wondering if those who watched him in juryo and in his all-too-brief makuuchi debut could give their opinions on him. Thank you.
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    Which of these will get to Ozeki quicker ?

    Don't judge me for thinking it's a little funny (Showing respect...)
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    Haru- Un-Banzuke released

    Oh dagnammit. Maybe a hypothetical result could be published :)
  5. Bealzbob

    Banzuke discussion for Hatsu 2011

    According to here you will have to wait until Tuesday.
  6. Bealzbob

    Banzuke discussion for Hatsu 2011

    I've kept Toyo out of sanyaku. Though the one thing I can perhaps see in favour of having a 3rd sekiwake/komusubi is that it levels out the maegashira ranks to an even 32 and removes the (IMO ugly) M17 rank. Though I'm not sure they're particularly bothered by symmetry :) I'm pretty confident about the rest of my predictions this time around though. So much so that I aint sharin'! (Yusho winner...)
  7. Due to the unique circumstances surrounding what will be the final Nagoya makuuchi leaderboard, we could see a(n unprecedented?) large amount of rikishi dropping down to juryo. The following need to cop themselves on in week 2 or face demotion Tamawashi m14 / 3-6 Tamaasuka m16 / 4-5 Bushuyama m15 /3-6 Shotenro m16 / 3-6 And then the gamble gang who are mathematically gone but could obviously be saved by some (highly unlikely) forgiving banzuke makers. I expect they'll be made an example of; and fall the full distance that an 0-15 warrants. Goeido m4 / 0-0-15 Miyabiyama m5 / 0-0-15 Toyonoshima m5 / 0-0-15 Toyohibiki m6 / 0-0-15 Wakakoyu m8 / 0-0-15 Okinoumi m14 / 0-0-15 Then there's the free slot Kotomitsuki O2 / 0-0-15 So a potential 11 demotions. And at the moment there are a TOTAL of 12 KK rikishi in juryo in the entire division. Could be an interesting GTB competition :)
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    Scandal fallout

    Has it been decided whether the 0-0-15 rikishi will fall down the banzuke for Aki? I remember there was some suggestion they might keep their rank.
  9. Have they been accused of gambling in rigged events i.e. guaranteed win/corruption etc? Or are they just accused of normal gambling which most of the civilised world is allowed to do in the open ? (that Japan has, for reasons best known to itself, decided is illegal). Also, would this be as big a legal deal for a civilian? Obviously being rikishi makes it a press story, but would the individual be going through the same rigmarole if it was a normal man on the street?
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    World Cup 2010

  11. Bealzbob

    World Cup 2010

    Back on topic. I hope last night and indeed the Uruguay match has brought the French back to reality. The players actually look embarrassed to be there. I hope Uruguay and Mexico arrange a draw now.
  12. Bealzbob

    World Cup 2010

    On the topic of dark horses. I choose Chile & Serbia.
  13. Bealzbob

    World Cup 2010

    No you didn't misunderstand. I just got it arseways (Holiday feeling...) I'm definitely going for a Spain/Brazil final now.
  14. Bealzbob

    World Cup 2010

    I'm not sensing much love for Spain in this thread. I think if they could bring a 'B' team they'd meet themselves in the final. And as for them choking? Ask the reigning European Champions if they think that's still the case. I don't think they'd agree. However, they are in the half of the draw that (if it goes to form) will meet Brazil before the final so that could be unfortunate. That would be my ideal final. Brazil and Spain for me are the 2 to watch. England happen to be in the other half of the draw and avoid those 2 favourites which is why I think they're a good each-way bet. France haven't a hope under that lunatic and I still can't understand them not bringing Benzema; even accounting for him being behind Higuain in R
  15. While doing my GTB entry I made an attempt at the juryo division too. I know some of you do this so how do yours compare? The only one I'm not happy with is Kiyoseumi but there was such a traffic jam above him, I couldn't squeeze him in any higher without putting it all out of kilter. EAST WEST J1 Kotokasuga (J2 8-7) Iwakiyama (M5 0-15) J2 Sokokurai (J4 8-7) Sagatsukasa (J1 7-8) J3 Daido (J8 10-5) Masatsukasa (J5 8-7) J4 Koryu (M16 5-10) Tamanoshima (M16 5-10) J5 Kiyoseumi (J10 10-5) Tochinonada (M14 3-12) J6 Kasugao (J3 6-9) Chiyohakuho (J3 6-9) J7 Tosanoumi (J6 7-8) Sakaizawa (J8 8-7) J8 Hoshikaze (J10 8-7) Tokushinho (J7 7-8) J9 Matsutani (J12 9-6) Asofuji (J6 6-9) J10 Yamamotoyama (J11 8-7) Kasuganishiki (J9 7-8) J11 Hochiyama (ms1 5-2) Toyozakura (J7 6-9) J12 Masuraumi (ms1 4-3) Kyokunankai (J9 6-9) J13 Kaisei (ms2 5-2) Wakatenro (J11 6-9) J14 Sadanoumi (ms5 5-2) Kanbayashi (J13 7-8)
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    Guessing the juryo banzuke

    Interesting (I am not worthy...) I appear to be applying makuuchi rules (7-8) to juryo when they probably shouldn't be.
  17. Bealzbob

    Guessing the juryo banzuke

    Daido so far ahead of Sokokurai when they both 'resolve' to J3? You also don't really seem to stick to the 7-8 = down 1 rank :) Have to say that's one of my firmer rules of thumb. And I was trying to avoid having Koryu & Tamanoshima at different ranks. J5 8-7 at same rank as J4 8-7 ? (albeit half ranks apart beforehand too). Only other major difference I note is that I typically try to put KK records to the east as it seems to me to be ostensibly what they do.
  18. Bealzbob

    Hakuho to break another record?

    Interesting. Is there anecdotal evidence of which dohyos are perceived to be more troublesome than others? Or is it simply a Tokyo/non-Tokyo thing?
  19. Bealzbob

    promotions to makuuchi

    How about promotions to komusubi. I have a bottle neck between Hakuba, Tochinoshin, Asasekiryu & Aran. I've gone for the former 2 because Hakuba's rank-(win-loss) puts him a single rank higher than the rest even though he starts from a lower point than all but Aran; and I've gone with Tochinoshin because he was joi-jin where the remaining 2 were not (even though his and their record technically only merits a jump to M1). I can't justify putting Aran above Tochiozan either, so he stays at M2 and Asasekiryu misses out at M1e alongside Tochiozan. Anyone see it any differently than that?
  20. Bealzbob

    promotions to makuuchi

    Could a glut of promotion candidates put Homasho in potential risk @ 0-15 from M2 ? It did happen in 1990 though makuuchi only went to M14 then... so perhaps not the best example. I suppose what I'm asking is would they rather deny a promotion or protect a winless joi-jin?
  21. Bealzbob

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    Worst fears coming true. Hakuho since Asashoryu retired is 28-0. Is he a) ruling over the worst bunch of makuuchi rikishi in living memory? b) ridiculously good to the point where nothing can touch him? c) a combination of the above? The yusho race is a snorefest for the foreseeable future. The interest is all lower down.
  22. Bealzbob

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you (Laughing...)
  23. Bealzbob

    Haku-Haku era?

    Me too; though I don't associate this forum with generally having a good sense of humour...
  24. Bealzbob

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    Really enjoyed the Kyokutenho-Shimotori bout. As some would describe it - proper "Nnnnngggghhh" sumo :) Great to see Kasugao making the obvious error against YMY. Impressed yet again with Asasekiryu who overpowered the powerful Aran. On this form it's hard to believe he hasn't been sanyaku since Aki '08. Tochiozan made very short work of Toyonoshima! Kotoshogiku strengthened his sekiwake spot beating the guy he's likely to be replacing. Hakuba continues to have me thinking where the hell has he been til now ! Stands up to Kotooshu and beats him fair and square. Though Osh nearly benefitted from an opponent throwing himself out twice in a row as Hakuba ended the bout on his ear :) And sadly it was a bit of an anti-climax for me as Hakuho blasted Baruto out in no time. Oh and Asashosakari is right about Wakatenro getting KK if today's bout is anything to go by. Kirinowaka's 'attempt' was the most pathetic I've seen for a long time (though granted I've been away for a while too (Laughing...) ).
  25. Big defamation lawsuits then I suppose?