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  1. Jokkamura

    Natsu 2015 Banzuke

    That would be Amakaze at J5w as it might be a tight schedule for Kagayaki otherwise. :)
  2. Jokkamura

    Video Stream - Availability

    For the friends of UBS I just found an option. :)
  3. Jokkamura

    Changes in Yokozuna & Ozeki ranks

    That stability was mainly caused by the differences in the kyujo rules. They were able to heal and regain strength without danger of demotion then.
  4. Jokkamura

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2014

    Hatsu 1990 and Haru 2003 as well. But in both bashos (which my query didn't found) the komusubis not only had 11 wins but also a sansho (kanto-sho). And as Oshirokita noted above: By not creating a third slot you avoid thinking about Satoyama, as you can keep him in maku-uchi and demote and promote the obvious ones... There have been some promotions to S2 with 9 and 10 wins
  5. Jokkamura

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    So now you're counting a maybe (which essentially is 'I don't know, we'll have to see') as a yes? Allow me to chuckle. No, I'm not. If you'll try reading a little more slowly, you'll plainly see that I said the majority said this _could be_ the worst crisis ever. And that's exactly what the poll responses say, sir. Clever semanthics. You got me. Now it's even. Conclusions? (Neener, neener...)
  6. Jokkamura

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    I'm also very sympathetic to all those new rikishi doing "meaningless" keiko.Penalising everybody, including the fans isn't the best way to deal with the problem.Why can't those who have been found guilty, be stood down, charged or fired???The message will soon get through That might need some time to decide what to do. You got to be sure that you get the right ones. And you got to make sure they would not tell the whole story. Very likely some or more of the current oyakatas have taken part during active times or might have taken action to help their rikishi keep their ranks. A fired Kasuganishiki might sell his knowledge.
  7. Jokkamura

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Then they should go gachinko all the way; voluntarily withdraw their favored tax status, become a regular corporation, and attempt to survive and be profitable at the same level that other sports organizations must. They've already taken untold billions of yen from Japan's coffers when this country's annual budget is the most debt-laden in the world; in effect, stealing from me and every other long term resident of Japan. I don't know why Japanese people are watching Sumo. I've been watching it for that many years because of the slight hope that there still exists a sport with tradition and values (and I think I'm not the only one). Without that illusion it's only another heartless comercial show and I feel cheated.
  8. Jokkamura

    Rikishi Talk Day 3 Hatsu Basho 2011

    And he's likely the only forum member with a local Sumodb. (Whatever above, it is funny...) The original link points to localhost, the working link is: hoshitori patterns
  9. Jokkamura

    Oshima Beya

    I'm a fan of Kyokutenho and I really think that he might have had the potential for more. These first Mongolians didn't exactly have a great time a the beginning, and Kyokushuzan was forced to totally change his style after reaching upper Makuuchi. So that doesn't really help to keep your fighting spirit up. I think Kyokutenho decided to stay in upper Makuuchi and is still able to maintain his position there without taking too much risk. Who else at his age has been able to stay up there for such a long time without the Ozeki-insurance?
  10. Jokkamura

    Oshima Beya

    I have had the impression for the last year or so that Kyokutenho has been doing low risk sumo with the intent of staying injury free in low-mid level makuuchi until retirement day arrives. It always seemed to me that he and Kyokushuzan never really did more than they needed to savely stay in Makuuchi for a very long time.
  11. Jokkamura

    Video: Hokaho - Orora

    Watching a video where someone is making a video from that distiance from a bout with Orora involved makes me nervous. (In a state of confusion...) Thanks, Fay. :)
  12. Jokkamura

    Et Tu, Haruma?

    Somehow it seems to me that there are "members of organized crime groups" everywhere in Japan, playing golf, watching sumo and having a great time. They are well known for being criminal and you should not be seen with them but it's ok that they are around everywhere. (I am not worthy...)
  13. Jokkamura

    Leaderboard Day 15 Haru Basho 2010

    Not sure if I would accept a free first row seat that day. (Laughing...)
  14. Jokkamura

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I'm a fan of that kabu database, thx for that. ;-) Would be great if you could add an overall history, same as kabu history ordered by date descending. That would give us a place to keep up with latest changes overall.
  15. Jokkamura

    Absences/Withdrawals/Returns - Aki 2009

    Well, at least he will be on the banzuke next time. :-P He got a win, there is still hope. (Neener, neener...)