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  1. Saruwatari

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    I'm wondering why the police made this public. It's unrelated to their investigations and nothing illegal. Shouldn't they have treated it as a private matter then?
  2. Saruwatari

    Farewell Kotomitsuki

    He's not coming back. So perhaps he should form another Sumo Bond, along with Asashoryu, Wakanoho, Roho, Hakurozan, etc.. Quite competitive I think. Just a thought...
  3. Saruwatari

    Nationwide popularity poll-Sumo overtakes soccer!

    That will all change when Japan takes the World Cup!
  4. Saruwatari

    Suppose Baruto....

    I think 12 wins should be enough for promotion. Here's a query with non-promotions: 33 wins in 3 bashos, last one as Sekiwake. There are two reasons for not promoting: - Low score (<12 wins) in the third basho - Maegashira rank in the first basho Neither would apply for Baruto if he gets 12.
  5. Saruwatari

    Chiyotaikai- I will not retire!

    I agree. And it's not the first time. At hatsu 2008, he goes 0-7 and goes kyujo. If I remember correctly he actually wanted to continue, but his oyakata forced him to pull out. And then there was the 2-13 from Haru this year. He could have gone kyujo after his eight loss, but didn't. He kept on fighting and losing, making a complete fool of himself, but it does show some spirit. He rather fights and loses, than not fight at all. I don't think he can make it though, but we will see. It'll be interesting.
  6. Saruwatari

    Kaio, slow but steady

    I remember skimming past his name. I'm gonna add him, b/c I might refer back to this post later. Kaio 5 Chiyotaikai 3 Konishiki 3 Shimizugawa 3 Tochiazuma 3 Hokutenyu 2 Kotonishiki 2 Kaiketsu 2 Kotokaze 2 Takanohana the first 2 Toyokuni 2 Wakashimazu 2 You can take this query as a base for your table. There is the mental exercise to remove all rikishi who later became yokozuna since I have no career high rank filter... there also are Masuiyama and Takanonami with two yusho. Actually, I don't think they should be removed from the query, as Kaio could also become Yokozuna. He will have the record if he retires as an Ozeki (or lower).
  7. Saruwatari

    Asashoryu's 25th kinboshi

    I wasn't far off with my Shotenro guess. Except he got the Kinboshi against Hakuho, not Asashoryu.
  8. I see an interesting crowdiness developing at the bottom of Juryo for next basho: J1w Kasuganishiki 2-9-3 J3e Chiyohakuho 3-8-3 J9w Kiyoseumi 6-8 J10w Sotairyu 5-9 J12e Hoshikaze 6-8 J12w Tokushinho 5-9 If Sotairyu and Hoshikaze win their last match, they should be save for demotion. Then Tokushinho is the only one who clearly gets demoted. Still, in makushita there are several rikishi ready to go sekitori. Any thoughts?
  9. Saruwatari

    Asashoryu's 25th kinboshi

    Shotenro in Aki, or Baruto in Kyushu
  10. I'm not familiar with all the names and faces in Ozumo. Can someone tell me who was the rikishi that armwrestled with a kid from the audiance on sunday, please?
  11. Saruwatari

    Yoshikaze injured?

    I guess Yoshikaze is not much injured, as he is still competing. But thanks for the Gossip, Fujisan. You helped me get a win on Seki-Toto and Seki-Quad and increased my score on other games.
  12. Interesting to note: There's a streak of 5 basho (Kyushu 2007 - Nagoya 2008), where the kadoban Ozeki wins the Inter-Ozeki basho.
  13. Saruwatari

    Quotes from Day 5 - Haru 2009

    On day 2: On day 5: That's why I love the guy (Neener, neener...)
  14. Saruwatari

    Fully Automated Bout Prediction

    It seems strange to me that the increment is not exactly 0.5000. Let's take your example, but instead predict the winning probability for Toyozakura. Then X1 = -192 points and X2 = -3 points. This gives a winning percentage of 36,70%. If you add this to the 70,54% chance that Tamawashi wins, the sum exceeds 100%. That is not possible unless you allow both of them to win. The increment should be exactly 0.5000 to make the sum of chances 100%.
  15. Saruwatari


    I like this game. And I recieved the highest rank I ever had in any game so far.