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    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Do you really think that was relevant in any way? My GTB draft had exactly the same order of lowest Maegashira without wasting any thought about supension shenanigans.
  2. Ok. Came here to whine about my virtual 67 by simply moving Ichinojo up to M1w instead of the brainfarted M14w, but you can top even that.
  3. Jakusotsu

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Still not sure if I'm going to watch any games of this travesty, but playing and refyojiing the BWC is just too much fun to miss.
  4. Oops! Me too...
  5. I'm surprised about Nishikifuji's promotion being a surprise.
  6. Jakusotsu

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    Higher number, more hair: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=105
  7. Jakusotsu

    Preparations of the masses- July 2022

  8. Jakusotsu

    Preparations of the masses- July 2022

    They only go around inside the corners. It's called dohyo-iri.
  9. Jakusotsu

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    Russell Crowe all the way.
  10. Jakusotsu

    Preparations of the masses- July 2022

    Q: How long does it take for a sharp looking Sekitori to go around the corner? A: About four weeks.
  11. Jakusotsu

    Strength of Yūshō

    I guess @Asojima is laughing the loudest.
  12. Jakusotsu

    Mma fighter Jiri Prochazka trains with ex Takanoyama

    I'm so glad tattoos are banned in Ozumo.
  13. Jakusotsu

    Tipspiel Banzuke Nagoya 2022

    joaoiyama (O1e 11-4) O1 pandaazuma (O1w 7-8) ScreechingOwl (O2e 7-8) O2 Susanoo (O2w 7-8) Norizo (Ke 13-2) S Taka (Sw Kosho) Oroganosato (Kw 10-5) K Kishikaisei (M1w 10-5) Unkonoyama (M9w 13-2) M1 Manatsumai (M12w 13-2) Andoreasu (M5e 9-6) M2 Kintamayama (M5w 9-6) Fujisan (M8w 10-5) M3 Itachiyama (Se 5-10) Golynohana (M4e Kosho) M4 Konosato (M3e 7-8) Bill (M3w 7-8) M5 Oshirokita (M2e 6-9) Frinkanohana (M6e Kosho) M6 Hana-ichi (M10e 9-6) Metzinowaka (M8e 8-7) M7 Sakura (M4w 6-9) Pitinosato (M9e 8-7) M8 Schnappamawashi (M6w 7-8) Taxinohana (M13w 10-5) M9 Nekonishiki (M10w 8-7) Flohru (M11e 8-7) M10 Oortael (M11w 8-7) Gernobono (M12e 8-7) M11 Athenayama (M7w 6-9) Basoyama (M2w 1-14) M12 Asapedroryu (M1e 0-15) Ganzohnesushi (M7e 4-11) M13 Kashunowaka (M13e 7-8) Packamawashi (J1e 9-6) M14 Sushibomber (M14e 7-8) Kaito (J8w 12-3) M15 Tainosen (M15w Kosho) Akamiri (J3e 9-6) M16 Rikishimiezi (J3w 9-6) Shinkansen (M17e Kosho) M17 Mayumi (M17w Kosho) Heisikuomi (J4e 9-6) J1 Terarno (M16e 6-9) Andonishiki (M14w 5-10) J2 Gansekiiwa (J10w 11-4) Kaiowaka (J2e 7-8) J3 Profomisakari (J2w 7-8) Asashosakari (M15e 4-11) J4 Netsuzakura (J10e 10-5) Oyama (J8e 9-6) J5 Jakusotsu (J7w 8-7) Heiershoryu (J9e 8-7) J6 Tsunamiko (J9w 8-7) chishafuwaku (M16w 2-13) J7 kuroimori (J7e 7-8) Doreikishi (J13w 9-6) J8 Watashi (J5w 5-10) Takanorappa (J14w 9-6) J9 Wamahada (J4w 3-12) Uminoyume (J5e 3-12) J10 Anjoboshi (J6e 3-12) Kitakachiyama (J12w 7-8) J11 Kyoju (J13e 7-8) Mariohana (J12e 6-9) J12 Kajiyanosho (J14e 7-8) GONZABUROW (J11w 5-10) J13 Gawasukotto (J11e 3-12) FurtureYokozuna (J6w 0-0-15)J14 Hogashi (ms1w 0-0-15) Banzuke-gai: Jejima (J1w) kamogawa (ms1e)
  14. Jakusotsu

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Excellent! Looks like it came straight out of this classic clip. Thank you all!
  15. Jakusotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Wow, you're right! Quite amazing (for me) that Ichinojo has been around much longer than Mitakeumi.
  16. Jakusotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Who was the last Maegashira without any knot at all? Ichinojo?
  17. Jakusotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    You had me startled there. The coffin isn't shut for good yet.
  18. Jakusotsu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    I'd say it all depends on how many Ozeki will be left after Nagoya. If both kadoban escape demotion, then 12-9-12 might not be enough, but with only Takakeisho still alive, he should be a shoo-in.
  19. Jakusotsu

    YDC Meeting Natsu 2022

    That will be forgotten very soon, but a hiramaku yusho would have been yet another sore thumb sticking out of the current mess.
  20. Hi there, this is to invite you to participate in Banzuke Surfing in the upcoming basho. The rules are very simple. Banzuke Surfing is run in several waves, with a new wave starting every year. The goal is to move up the banzuke as far and fast as possible. You do so by temporarily "adopting" one or more rikishi at a given banzuke position. If your rikishi moves up the banzuke, so will you, if the rikishi moves down by getting MK, so will you (at least, if all your picked rikishi move down). If your rikishi goes intai, you will get his last position next time. In the basho after the current one you will be taking the banzuke position of the best-placed rikishi you've picked this time. If your name appears on the list below, you have already participated. The column "Allowed Picks" shows you which rikishi of the banzuke you are allowed to pick next basho. If you are participating for the first time, you are allowed to pick any of the rikishi in the bottom 32 of the banzuke (as indicated below). The rikishi that you are allowed to pick are all rikishi below your last (or most successful) pick. So generally, you cannot pick the same rikishi twice. An exception is if your rikishi drops into the last 32 of the banzuke or goes banzuke-gai. In this case, of course, you can pick any of the bottom 32 rikishi (just like a new player). During your entire career of a given wave you can use up to three so-called jokers (indicated by the number of asterisks behind your name). Jokers are additional rikishi you can pick. In addition to the regular rikishi you pick for a basho, you can use as many jokers as you've still left. E.g., at the beginning of a wave you could pick four rikishi instead of one (regular + all jokers). As a consequence, the most successful one of these four will determine your new banzuke position. But on the downside this would mean that you don't have any jokers left for later bashos. So pick jokers wisely, three isn't much for a wave that might run for much more than a year. Deadline is shonichi 8 AM JST. All new players are allowed to pick Jk7e Kyokumizuno and below. Rank Shikona Last Surfer Position Allowed Picks 1. Oortael** Oshoryu Ms27e Ms27w Chiyooga and below 2. Ganzohnesushi** Oshoryu Ms27e Ms27w Chiyooga and below 3. Athenayama Oshoryu Ms27e Ms27w Chiyooga and below 4. Hironoumi*** Asakoki Ms44w Ms45e Tennozan and below 5. Jakusotsu*** Inoue Ms58w Ms59e Kanzaki and below 6. Terarno* Kyokutaisei Sd6e Sd6w Obara and below 7. Achiyama*** DNP(1st) Sd15e Sd15w Oba and below 8. Mmikasazuma*** Nakashima Sd20e Sd20w Keitenkai and below 9. Wamahada** Moji Sd21w Sd22e Masuminato and below 10. Andoreasu*** Chiyodaigo Sd32e Sd32w Mukaida and below 11. Gernobono** Chiyodaigo Sd32e Sd32w Mukaida and below 12. Sakura* Chiyodaigo Sd32e Sd32w Mukaida and below 13. Holleshoryu** Amane Sd49w Sd50e Akiyoshi and below 14. WAKATAKE*** DNP(1st) Sd75e Sd75w Tosashimizu and below 15. Yubinhaad*** Kototebakari Jd21e Jd21w Kotokenryu and below 16. Hoshotakamoto*** Kototebakari Jd21e Jd21w Kotokenryu and below 17. chishafuwaku*** Aoifuji Jd48w Jd49e Kiyonohana and below 18. themistyseas*** Aoifuji Jd48w Jd49e Kiyonohana and below 19. Jejima Aron Jd68w Jd69e Zendaisho and below
  21. Jakusotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Don't let @John Gunning hear that.
  22. Jakusotsu

    Natsu 2022 Superbanzuke Masters Series Results

    Incentive much?
  23. Jakusotsu

    RotoSumo Nagoya 2022

    Guess I can't talk smack about Kotokuzan anymore. Ok, so I guessed right and your gaming shikona really *is* Beeftank. Do you still want to be set up for playing Bench Sumo next basho?
  24. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2022 (14th Wave)

    I'd rather say you pushed him to three wins more than everybody expected in Oracle.