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    Science & Sumo

    It's not British, it's gibberish, the international tongue of scientists. Once You get used to it, it's not really that hard to weed through. (Like some kind of fancy clothing for that matter...)
  2. Jakusotsu

    Nishonoseki Ichimon & Tamanishiki

    make it Roho
  3. Jakusotsu

    Science & Sumo

    Quite interesting stuff. What does our very own physician Kaikitsune think about it?
  4. Jakusotsu

    who has got the prettiest wife?

    combined? (Clapping wildly...) I don't think Kaio would consent...
  5. Jakusotsu


    Tokitsuumi of course! This guy is so handsome, he even has two voting slots. (Now if I only knew which one to pick...hmm...going for Tosanoumi instead (Clapping wildly...) )
  6. Jakusotsu

    Full 2004 Kyushu Banzuke

    How about copying it into a word processor of Your choice? Just an idea...
  7. Jakusotsu


    Your old fella' is actually much younger than every other Sanyaku (except Asashoryu of course).
  8. Jakusotsu

    Sumo Museum - Taima, Nara

    Dead ringer for Takanowaka, no doubt about it. Kasuganishiki anybody?
  9. Jakusotsu

    New Banzuke Release

    (You got mail #2...)
  10. Jakusotsu

    New Banzuke Release

    (You got mail #2...)
  11. Jakusotsu


    This fence is gonna turn purple with frostbite soon!
  12. Jakusotsu

    Happy Halloween...

    This must have been on Nakabi of 2004 Haru Basho as Maegashira 8 (look at the number), when Takamisakari mistook the tawara for the salt bucket and tried to throw pieces of straw all around, getting completely entangled, oshitaoshied by Kokkai and put on display for the rest of the day to please the crowds. They wanted to put Kokkai on his shoulder too, disguised as a black crow, but the Georgian was too busy counting his kensho.
  13. Jakusotsu


    All the understanding I have shown of human bodies you would think I'd be a woman by now-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"What do you mean,YOU DO THINK I'M A WOMAN?" (Clapping wildly...) (In a state of confusion...)
  14. Jakusotsu


    I don't think toughness of bones is an issue here, it's those soft things inside that turn to jelly. I faintly remember a medical study about football (soccer) players. Those who didn't do much headers in their career did significantly better at IQ checks than their bump-happy comrades. I only suffered two minor concussions in my life, but judging by that experience, this severe head-knocking stuff can't be healthy at all.
  15. Jakusotsu

    Photoshop Fiend

    And the tie that suddenly appeared in Your avatar pic most likely is a fake as well, right? (Clapping wildly...)
  16. Jakusotsu

    Worldchampion-my future-man

    Excuse my correcting the Master of Lore, but Ikemori lost the final against Tihenko (Ukraine) and got "only" silver.
  17. Jakusotsu

    Purple Fence

    Hmm, there's one tooth missing......purhaps on purpose? I'm purplex!
  18. Jakusotsu

    Featured rikishi - Tochisakae

    (Applauding...) Thanks guys! Tochisakae has always been a kind of dull and inconspicuous rikishi to me (apart from his shoulder lump). These stories finally shed some light on the man behind the shikona and surely help to cheer for the featured rikishi - great thread! My own first impression of Tochisakae? Well, it took me quite some time to tell him apart from fellow newcomer Tokitsuumi (even more with the right shoulder not visible...)
  19. Jakusotsu

    Typhoon #8

    Like Asashoryu losing against Chiyotaikai? (Sorry, couldn't resist... Good luck to all Japanese citizens!) (Praying...)
  20. Jakusotsu

    Akebono on K-1 GP Sept 25

    WOW ;-) Never would have recognised You in the first pic, Nishi-san! Good job, dude! (Praying...)
  21. Jakusotsu

    Ichimon Site Updated for Kyushu

    ZING! ;-) How could I miss the most obvious of all oopsies?!? Of course You're right, Zeokage-san - get Yourself a Calpis! (Praying...) (Takanorappa, do You read? BugBusters Inc. has a new member!)
  22. Jakusotsu

    Akebono the archer

    Is she really? Doesn't look like Tamir at all in my eyes... (Just do not get it...)
  23. Jakusotsu

    Akebono the archer

    (Lady in red:) "If that fat bloke shoots another piece of my laundry I'll scream! (Annoyed...)" That's Asashoryu standing next to him, right? And could the partially hidden guy be Shimotori? What kind of event was this anyway? Nice pic!
  24. Jakusotsu


    There's another one of Musashimaru with a plain mawashi - no kesho, no tsuna. But no shiko either, just some kind of fighting stance.
  25. Jakusotsu


    At the recent Sumo WM in Riesa, on both evenings right before the finals started, the announcer (ex-Judo champion Alexander von der Groeben) explained various sumo techniques and rituals to the audience, illustrated by two rikishi. Saturday's audience got lucky with the presentation done by two members of the Japanese team, both very proficient with what they did. The shiko in particular was beautifully executed, with one rikishi doing almost a full spread high in the air. Sunday, on the other hand, was awful. The Japanese obviously had enough of their share, and two of the lower ranked Germans stepped in. It was a pain to watch...