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    Asashouryuu injures left calf in keiko

    Not at all. Think Toki! (Ok, and Asasekiryu should he fail...)BTW, will Toki be on tsuyuharai duty again? I think so.
  2. Jakusotsu

    Mole in the Hole

    (Oops! ) (courtesy of Takanorappa-zeki)I thought that's what it is. Need to get my brain going before the pre-basho picks start...
  3. Jakusotsu

    Mole in the Hole

    Thanks Gusoyama for taking the challenge! (Holiday feeling...) One question about the entry form: how am I supposed to distinguish between winners and losers among the RAF rikishi? (...not that I really need to as I always go for the kanto-sho) (Nodding yes...)
  4. Jakusotsu

    Matta Masters

    Complete again! Oshirokita kindly agreed to fill the ranks :-S, so we're on full schedule again for Natsu Basho: Oshirokita (J4W) Tominishiki (J9W) Jakusotsu (J10W) Kashunowaka (J11E) Takanorappa (Ms15E) "We are going to do our kind of sumo and hope You will be rooting for us"
  5. Jakusotsu

    Full Natsu 2005 banzuke

    Check this out.
  6. Jakusotsu

    Banzuke Surfing

    Jd66w Ichinoya
  7. Jakusotsu

    Matta Masters

    Yikes! Our Oyakata left us! (Eh?) 1. Who will be Oyakata now? 2. Who's gonna fill the hole? 3. When will we see jomojo back in the games? (miss ya already, ol'chucklehead!) :'-(
  8. Jakusotsu

    Some yaocho analyses

    Deriving yaocho or gachinko from torikumi tables alone is just like guessing the banzuke: impossible! When somebody finally invents a clever black box to win GTB everytime, this would be the gadget to ask.
  9. Jakusotsu

    Takanohana Beya loses Toshiyori certificates

    This April never ends...
  10. Jakusotsu

    Some yaocho analyses

    Thank You very much! (Ranting...) After the hard-crafted numeric dust settles, nothing is proven, yet nothing rebuted - the mystery remains.
  11. Jakusotsu


    Use a download manager like GetRight or FlashGet.
  12. Jakusotsu

    Free Banzuke

    Once You've become a member of the NSK they will tell You if You still remember Moti's secret word.
  13. Jakusotsu

    Salarycap Sumo Natsu 2005 Banzuke

    I find it a bit confusing that You updated the results page with the new ranks.
  14. Jakusotsu

    ebay: Tegata

    Comparing it with my own Takamiyama tegata (sorry, no pic at hand) and with the three samples at Nishinoshima's fine site, my totally uneducated eye sees more differences than similarities. It's also the only right hand print among these five. What does the writing on the backside say?
  15. Jakusotsu

    Kaio's mawashi

    Pardon? (Just do not get it...)2004 has been the best year Kaio ever had! Six double-digits KK is nothing to sneer at.
  16. Jakusotsu

    ISP Banzuke for Natsu 2005

    Feginowaka sure is a beautiful woman, isn't it! (Punk rocker...)
  17. Jakusotsu

    Can you name them?

    Well spotted! If You look at the excellent pics Koldonowaka posted here ;-) , You'll see the suspect is actually Kotomitsuki. (and the supposed Takamisakari turns out to be Ama, while Toyonoshima is indeed Toyonoshima) :-)
  18. Jakusotsu

    Kokkai has lost a couple of fans....

    Naah, I think Kokkai's initial reaction on seeing Jezz fiddling with the camera was "Blimey! There's that pompous Bench Sumo Rijicho who put me in his team all through 2004 but turned his back on me afterwards. Now I'll teach him about losing faith!" *smirk* ;-) (He obviously didn't notice Kabochajima, who sported him this year...)
  19. Jakusotsu

    Can you name them?

    ...and the rikishi hiding between Buyuzan and Kisenosato has to be Toyonoshima. ;-)
  20. Jakusotsu

    May 2005 Bench Sumo Banzuke

    Sad to see Amanogawa has gone intai as well. It's been quite some time since we read anything from her on the forum as well. I hope she's doing fine! (and I hope that Noritama will continue)
  21. Jakusotsu

    sumo artist

    Nothing on earth can be too expensive when You don't buy. But if her answer is, say, 50$, would You be in trouble?
  22. Jakusotsu

    Sumo Games-Just how many are there?

    True. The pre-basho games would never make my top 3 since they are much more boring for my taste. (boring = less input)The best pre-basho game of all is GTB in my opinion, but each deadline drawing near is too much of a nightmare to really enjoy it. (Punk rocker...)
  23. Jakusotsu

    Sumo Games-Just how many are there?

    The 3 must plays? Difficult... 1. Bench Sumo (of course!) 2. ChainGang (simple yet cruel) 3. Sekitori-Quadrumvirate (most intriguing of all) OTOH, the really one standing-out must play of all, because it's the ideal preparation to play any of the daily games, is of course Sekitori-Toto. Do this first and all the other picks are just cheese.
  24. Jakusotsu


    I still like the idea and would be happy to donate. But there are still some questions to discuss I think: a) How many people should get involved and how much money is the minimum amount to make it worth our while? Coming up with a total of 1.000
  25. Jakusotsu

    Day 13 pics Haru 2005

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Jezz! (Sign of approval) Nice to see Dan again. BTW, do You have any idea what's in that strange box the lady is carrying behind Sekihiryu?