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  1. philafuji


    Thanks for teaching me the lesson of the day. In all this time I never knew treatment like this existed. I don't think this practice is fair but who am I to complain?
  2. philafuji

    Kasugano keiko / manners missing

    Those type of rude people are the type that start fights and name calling just to name a few. I remember the time fans went to see the game, and not to see themselves on TV in the middle of the riot that they started in the first place It seems words like respect and consideration have never been seen by them. Truly a shame, and you know what???? It keeps on getting worse instead of better.
  3. philafuji

    Natsu 2008 - pre

    My favorite basho is the one where I am able to achieve a KK in Bench Sumo and ISP
  4. philafuji


    Thank you all for the information. How is it that the higher ranked rikishi can miss a basho without being sent to another division, but the lower rankers are sent to lower divisions? What is the dividing line that decides whether the rikishi stays in the division or gets demoted?
  5. philafuji


    Fay, Thanks for information on Ichihara. I don't know what his injury was nor do I understand why he was sent to Juryo. That adds insult to injury.
  6. philafuji

    May 2008 Banzuke

    Ichihara, I still don't know why he couldn't compete last basho. Just because he was unable to take part, why was he demoted all the way down to J11. Something is wrong here. IMO only of course.
  7. philafuji


    That's a good one. LOL
  8. philafuji


    It sure is good to hear from you. The first time I noticed it I thaought it was received during the basho that was going on. When it showed up every basho that I have seen since then it really got my attention.
  9. philafuji

    Maegashira guys' preparations for May 2008

    Moti, AKA Kintamayama Thanks for this information. I still don't know what happened to Ichihara last basho. I was minus 1 rikishi in the BS game even before day 1 started.
  10. philafuji

    Kotoshogiku Blog

    Fay, As always great photos and captions. The close up of Giku shows no lump on his forehead, Yet on all 8 DVD's of the last 8 basho's the lump can be seen clearly. Do you have any idea as to why?
  11. philafuji

    LA in 08

    Great idea and great choice. While were at it lets be sure to add Kintamayama to the counsil to.
  12. philafuji


    I notice as probably everyone else does, that Kotoshogiku seems to have a permenent lump on his forhead. It reminds me of the one Miyabiyama has on his shoulder. Years ago it was mentioned by one of the comentatiors that the lump was caused by years and years of using his shoulder at the initial clash between he and who ever he is fighting. Could it be that Kotoshogiku uses his head more on the inital charge? This is not meant to be a pun. I am trying to learn something here. Thank you for any responses.
  13. philafuji

    Maegashira guys' preparations for May 2008

    Was there any record of who won the most matches between the two that day? I was recentaly surprised that Chiyotaikai has never beaten Toyonoshima in a basho. I believe the record stands at 4-0 at this time.
  14. philafuji

    LA in 08

    This is great news, I will be going providing I can afford it. Is anyone from the SF going? Maybe we could all meet up at a designated location and have lunch together.
  15. philafuji

    Asashouryuu injured-keiko news Natsu 2008

    That's what I've always been predicting, but it should happen a little earlier (Laughing...) My son. the President! ;-) Seriously, though, I don't see how Asa is not doing anything to promote sumo. He was/is the driving force in having the Mongolian koen actually come to fruition and he has borne a significant expense in this effort. As he said " I think , soon they will more information to press (sic). Then more can be said. Wonderful to be home." As for 60 days "off" from "work" in a year - what's so bad about that? Just because the average Japanese salaryman thinks he has to be at work 18 hours a day - without accomplishing anything, I might say; just for show - doesn't mean that sports stars and other celebrities have to do the same. Kotoku has it expressed very succinctly: "This overarching push for subservience, and submission to dithering elders, whether at work, at home or in sumo has got to stop. It totally screws up much of Japanese society; that's why the kids flock to J-League. It's not that they truly embrace the sport, but the freedom it represents is a HUGE tonic for the day-to-day drudgery of life in Edo." How can one say that Asa should be responsible for the continuation of his high school sumo club after the Kyokai's Tokitaizan fiasco? Do these kids want to go into a sport knowing that they can be irreparably harmed? Introducing his high school sumo coach and encouraging a young kid to join his heya? Where has the tongue-in-cheek humor gone in Japan? Oh, sorry - never was any. One always has to say "joku-desu" when one is speaking in jest. Introducing a kid as the next rikishi, American or British idol, Babe Ruth, or take-your-pick person/profession is done all the time in other countries, usually making the young person feel very good and flattered. This sort of comment is usually taken with a grain of salt. But, of course, if the boy WANTS to join, the oyakata has to be involved. Don't you think Asa knew that his oyakata would see the comments he made about "inside recuit"? He's not dumb. Uchidate ? Lame duck. Inflexible and insensitive. I'm going to get my hands on those stamps, too! That's my two yen and I'm certainly sticking to it. Go Dorj!!!! You rock!!!! :-) Barbara, could you send me a personal e mail regarding the stamps. It would be much appreciated.