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  1. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    I'm still trying to update the site every basho. I had a couple of years not following sumo that closely (mostly because I got sick of the kyokais old fashion polices), but I'm back again. But I wonder why Haru 2022 didn't have any maezumo-wrestlers. Usually Haru has a lot of them. Instead it seams a lot were banzukegai. Edit: I asked chatGPT but the cutoff knowledge is appearently 2021...
  2. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    I know I haven't been updating much lately, but I simplified the code a little bit so I hope to be able to update prior to each basho form now on.
  3. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    I finally had some time to update, if someone is interested. http://sumo.danikaru.se/banzukegraph.php (only tested on chrome, win 10)
  4. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    Thanks for the nice words. I have now updated it. http://sumo.danikaru.se/banzukegraph.php Custom scaling of Y was the only way to go. Feedback welcome.
  5. Which character is this? 1. Oni 鬼 2. Usagi 兎 3. Something else (I don't know the right answer but have a good idea after asking around. What do you think?)
  6. Yamasanzan

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Why was Onosho there instead of Ichinojo?
  7. Yamasanzan

    Air Guitar World Championships

    Meanwhile at the Air Guitar World Championships... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFuyXluFwxc edit: the winner (defending his title): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGkj_33_dbQ
  8. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    Any concrete suggestions, other than Gurowakes, on how to scale the Y-axis?
  9. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    I agree that I should do something to show the total number of rikishi in each basho. (almost 1000 in the 90th, 676 now). I also agree that the sekitori ranks are the most interesting, but I made the emphasis equal over all divisions for 2 main reasons. 1. I want the graphs to show some sort of reality between how many rikishi is in the respective division (Compare the Mercator map projection, which makes many people think northen and sothern countries are bigger than they really are). The graphs are zoomable so to emphasize makuuchi you can just zoom in there. 2. I usually go to Japan about once a year to see a basho. I like to go early and watch the lower divisions. But I noticed that I don't really know much about the lower ranked rikishi. I can of course get info from Sumo reference and other sites, but I wanted to be able to compare rikishi easily on one webpage with just one click (That's when I thought about making a site like this, 3 years ago). So the page is for comparing rikishi of any rank equally. So, besides from choosing rikishi form the banzuke to plot, I want to make it so that during a basho you can choose a matchup and see the 2 rikishi plotted. Also: Bilingual would be good Add some css to make the site prettier Not tested on touch screen, but Reset button might be too close and pressed on accident. As of now, data goes back to 1997 (I wanted to fit Aminishiki in), but it is not a priority right now to go further back, emphasis is on current rikishi. PS. I'm just a mediocre hobby programmer so updating might take some time.
  10. Yamasanzan

    Sumo graphs

    I made a site to compare rikishi graphically (not pretty but working, so I put it online,suggestions?) http://sumo.danikaru.se/graph.php
  11. Yamasanzan

    Ticket sales Aki 2017

    If no changes from before, sale starts at 7.45 each day. My guess of when you have to be there to get a ticket (based on my experience from Jan-17 and May-17): day 1: 6-7 am day 2-6: 7-8 am day 7-8: see day 1 day 9-13: 6 am day 14: 5:30 am day 15: 5 am (in May I was number ca 250 at 4:45) Very approximate times of course, the earlier the better.
  12. Yamasanzan

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    The inhouse radio channel have a janken tournament every day where you can win some dirt from the dohyo. As far as I know it can't be bought at sovenir shop. I won some today, but I already have from before so I give it away. seek me up before 1800. Row 14, day ticket west side, close to mukoujoumen side. nod twice or something as a sign
  13. Yamasanzan

    Senshuraku tickets for sale

    Gotta buy the whole box so real price is 92000 for 4 people. Probably still availible. Is there 3 other people here willing to share?
  14. Yamasanzan

    72nd Yokozuna Kisenosato preparation thread

    For reference, here are all sekitori form Nishonoseki-Ichimon, Hatsu 2017 O1e Kisenosato Tagonoura O2w Kotoshogiku Sadogatake S1e Tamawashi Kataonami K1e Takayasu Tagonoura M2e Shohozan Nishonoseki M2w Arawashi Minezaki M5e Takekaze Oguruma M5w Yoshikaze Oguruma M6w Kotoyuki Sadogatake M11e Kagayaki Takadagawa J6w Kotoeko Sadogatake J9w Amakaze Oguruma J10w Ryuden Takadagawa J14e Wakanoshima Shibatayama
  15. Yamasanzan

    Map of all Sumobeya

    My map is now up to date. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b6CMT_OXS4OqDj2hNH0B_KYPJcY&usp=sharing