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    Happy Birthday Randomitsuki

  2. Takanorappa

    Happy Birthday, Jejima!

    Happy birthday, Jezz!
  3. Takanorappa

    Games Bugs

    Hoshitori is also showing a 404 error.
  4. Takanorappa

    Bench sumo mailing list

    Some other options. We need to act quickly, as the shutdown is Oct 28, and data is available only until Dec 14.
  5. Takanorappa

    Bench sumo mailing list

    Yahoo Groups is deleting all saved content. It would be nice if we could preserve that Bench history online (I mourn the loss of all the links on my stats site) Perhaps this solution at groups.io, which seems to have a transfer method? At the very least, we should request the data, so it can be hosted elsewhere.
  6. Takanorappa

    Happy Birthday Flohru

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  7. Takanorappa

    21 Nagoya 19, The Results

    1. A 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. A 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. B 15. B 16. A 17. A 18. B 19. B 20. A 21. A
  8. Takanorappa

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu

    Happy birthday, J-man!
  9. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    I would hope that they sit on a... bench.
  10. Takanorappa

    21 Natsu 19, The Results

    1 b 2 b 3 b 4 b 5 a 6 b 7 a 8 a 9 a 10 a 11 b 12 b 13 a 14 b 15 a 16 a 17 b 18 a 19 b 20 a 21 a
  11. Takanorappa

    Happy Birthday Randomitsuki

    Happy birthday, Randomitsuki!
  12. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    It’s bench stats update time, once again. I’ve updated all my stats pages with the results of the Haru basho. As is usual, you can find the stats at My site by selecting the “Misc. Bench Stats” in the menu. I can’t recall adding any new stats, that haven’t already been announced. I will have a shiny new update in the next few days to the Ranks Stats page to help Jejima figure out who is at their high ranks, though. Stay tuned.
  13. Takanorappa

    Feginowaka passed away

    So very sad. I always considered him my unofficial rival in GTB, as he has one more basho in that game than me. I had no idea that he was such an accomplished gentleman away from sumo games. I’ll miss him on the virtual dohyo.
  14. Takanorappa

    Happy Birthday, Jejima and Takanorappa!

    I am definitely trying this!
  15. Takanorappa

    21 Har Har 19, The Results

    Arg! 37minutes late!
  16. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    It’s bench stats update time! I’ve updated all my stats pages (60 of them) with the results of the Hatsu basho. As is usual, you can find the stats at my site by selecting the “Misc. Bench Stats” in the menu. The only stat that I left untouched (I think) was the BSer Rank Stats, as that is really needs the new banzuke to show any change. note: as you can guess the ranks listed are the Hatsu ranks. Once the Bench banzuke is published, I will update. Also, I’m tinkering with the BSer Technique stat to do a little swap/hide of the basho detail & to add average daily tech pts (i.e., what you would expect to score each day). If anyone has a better way to display the data on that page, please let me know
  17. Takanorappa

    TORCHBEARER 2019: invitation, rules, and your picks

    I posted my picks to the 2018 version by mistake... thanks, Charliki for catching it. J8e Enho
  18. Takanorappa

    21 Hatsu 19, The Results

    1 A 2 B 3 B 4 A 5 A 6 B 7 A 8 A 9 A 10 B 11 B 12 B 13 A 14 B 15 A 16 A 17 A 18 B 19 B 20 B 21 A
  19. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    A few Bench things... 1. The Kyushu 2018 Final MCP results have been reposted. I'm not sure what happened to the original, but I didn't find it on either Bench group site, so shot #2 is on it's way. 2. I've updated my stats site to include the recent Kyushu basho's results, and have updated the Ichimon Banzuke with the new Hatsu 2019 data. Bench salaries have been updated, as well. You can all of the data here to it here: www.takanorappa.com/ichimons.com (then click on the Misc. Bench Stats or Bench Salaries menu items). 3. I'm tossing around a few new stats. One would be a list of all prizes (searchable, of course). With that, you would be able to see the detail all of the prizes for a basho, all prizes for a BSer or just search on a single prize. I've also cracked the secret code to some score data. In particular, I'm working on a page that shows your longest perfect score streak and longest perfect score drought (in bouts). The PS stats have some pretty big data results. (Think 115+ bashos, 604 players & 15 bouts per player - lots of processing time!). Anyway, those pages are in the works, so stay tuned. BTW - If anyone has any stats that they would like to see, please PM me (or put it right out in the open).
  20. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    Interesting. I did post to both groups. I’ll go refetch the results....
  21. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    Hi, all. In a frenzy of bench activity, I've also updated my stats site to include the recent Aki basho, and the new Kyushu banzuke. You can get to it here: www.takanorappa.com/ichimons.com (then click on the Misc. Bench Stats menu item). The only item that I didn't touch was the bench salaries. Sorry. Take your complaint to the BS Kyokai Finance Department. :-) The Salaries page take upwards of 30 database queries to calculate, and I just could squeeze in the time. Monday, perhaps. The new stat is all about you (well, and them). BSers Firsts lists all the stats related to you first "whatever" in Bench Sumo. If you've wondered, "how long was it before I did...", you will find it here. http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/BSerFirstCounts.htm This stat details all the “firsts” for each BSer. Included are: - first basho - number of days till first win - number of bashos till first KK - number of days till first bench (match, win & loss) - number of winning/losing bench matches before your first win/loss on the bench - answer to "Did I win my first bench match?" - number of days till first GBL I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I also included tooltips for most stats to make it a little easier to understand what you are looking at. That update was mid-basho, so I may have already covered it.
  22. Takanorappa

    21 Aki 18, The Results

    A A B A B A A B A B B A B B A A A B B A B
  23. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    Stats updates to my Bench Stats page are complete for the Nagoya 18 results. Just go to takanorappa.com/ichimons.htm , then click on Misc. Bench Stats to enjoy the numbers. You can also get you Bench salary at the As is usual, lately, I've added a couple of new stats (which now number over 50 different stat categories): Yusho & Jun-Yusho List: This one goes beyond totals. You now see the basho and score for all the Ys & J-Ys. Filterable by Basho, Shikona, Y/J-Y and active (note: still working the "unhide" part of those filters, but it is workable) BSer GBLs Won/Lost: Delving deeper into GBLs, you can see how many times you've won or lost with a GBL of a certain type. Did the torikumi-makers conspire against you to thwart your 10-winner? Find out here. Banzuke/Individual Records: You may recall that I released this gem during the basho (this is my favorite page, right now). It details all the final records for each basho, who you can see your record, or make a banzuke. It also has your hoshitori for each record, so you can see details in that, too. New, though, I added in the number of consecutive wins & losses per basho. All of this is searchable, and sortable, so you can find out if you've ever pulled out 8-in-a-row to save a KK or not. I've also added tooltips to many of the pages, so you get a bit more detail as you hover over a column heading. (That is a work in progress, as I add to all pages). Non-stat related, I also went into the wayback machine, and archived the old Bench Sumo Rules site. You can see the rules, as they existed at the end of life of our old production server (2011) by selecting the Bench Sumo Rules in the menu. Note that these rule are just as they were in 2011. Some things don't apply anymore (like the gyoji site). I've updated links to reference Doitsuyama's site, where applicable. Enjoy!
  24. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    I've been neglecting my GTB entry to bring you a few new stats. As usual, you can find all the stat by going to my website (takanorappa.com/ichimons.htm) and selecting the Misc. Basho Stats (the menu there will get you where you want to go), or you can click the (much more boring) direct links.- Final Record Counts – This is basho/division stat that details how many of each record (i.e., 8-7, 7-8, 3-12, etc.) was scored. The Divisions are selectable, so you can show any mix you want (one, some or all).http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/FinalRecordCounts.htm- Leader Counts - This one shows how many leaders we had on each day in each division. Like the above stat, the division are selectable. BTW - Did you know that in Sandanme in Nagoya 03 we had just 1 leader on Day 13, but ended in 9-way tie? http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/LeaderCounts.htm- Playoff Counts - Another aggregate stat. This stat will tell you how many were involved in a playoff at each division (note: it only shows bashos that had playoffs). It also tallies how many playoffs in a basho. SPOILER – we had a 9-way playoff in Nagoya 03http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/PlayoffCounts.htm - Jun-Yusho Counts - This aggregate stat shows how many runners-up we had in each division on each basho. Note - if you take Gaijingai out of the equation, the jun-yusho counts drop dramatically. BTW - we had three bashos with a 16 total jun-yushos (thru all division), and all were Aki bashos. Weird.http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/