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  1. Takanorappa

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2023

    Me me me me…
  2. Takanorappa

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2023

    Finally, something that is right up my alley. I’m in
  3. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    Not entirely true. Only the West side is messed up. im working a fix. It should be fixed now, simply a case of I got distracted, and forgot to paste in the west Juryo and Makushita.
  4. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    I’ve updated the BS stats for the Nagoya basho (and the Aki Banzuke - try the interactive one) at the usual spot (likely, with the usual oopsies).
  5. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    I should mention that we had a pretty significant event happen this basho. Check out the Milestones stat Chijanofuji became the first BSer to claim 1000 wins. He did it on day 1, and sits at 1005. Kintamayama became the second to reach 1000 on day 13. He’s at 1001 now. Jejima should be the next, as he sits at 999.
  6. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    The Nagoya ichimon banzuke and the Natsu BS stats have been updated at the usual spot. Oh, and I put out the ICF results, too. :-)
  7. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    It appears the bottom half of the file is missing (the data stopped at Tokugawa) I’ll upload a new copy, which should fix things. Fixed. Note that the sort is slow. There is a ton of data. I’m looking at improving performance, but that’s not a quick fix.
  8. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    It’s not you. It’s me. I found the issue, and am working on a fix should be fixed.
  9. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    I have been neglecting the MCP in my stats page for quite some time. I’ve mined the data from the final MCP standings, and can give you a couple new stats. MCP Summary Stats - Shows the average, min & max MCP, final MCP rank and Wins Difference (i.e., Wins-MCP, or how lucky you were) Banzuke Lookup (now with More MCP) - I added 3 MCP columns to the existing Banzuke Lookup stat. The columns show how you did in the MCP for each basho (including final position, final MCP and the difference between your wins and the MCP (i.e., your luck)). Note that the MCP began in 2005, so earlier bashos (plus the skipped bashos) are not shown. I may try to calculate those bashos at a later time, so that we have all the data, regardless of the prize.
  10. Takanorappa

    TORCHBEARER 2022: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Fujitoshi J7w
  11. Takanorappa

    Bench Sumo news

    Well, if it isn't "Gang up on the Stats Guy" day? Looking here, I don't see any issues. The problem with that page stems from when I changed how I counted Koshos/Kyujos. It messed with the counts everywhere. I, also, had a bad range in the formula for Norizo's tallies. You see, the Bench Ozeki page is one of the few that I have to hand-jam data into. I've transitioned to straight DB queries for almost everything else. With over 60 stats pages, it's tough to check everything. Heck it's a few hours work to just tabulate it all. The manual manipulation of the Ozeki page is because it mimics Gaijingai's original Ozeki stats posts on the BS groups site, and there is no easy way to get the data in that format, otherwise. BTW - All stats have been updated with 2021 Aki numbers (I think)
  12. Takanorappa

    Games Bugs

    Down again. Same error.
  13. Takanorappa

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    It was Fall training camp at Gillette Stadium, and, indeed, Tom Brady was there.
  14. Takanorappa

    21 Aki 20, The Results

    1. X 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. B 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. B 15. A 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. A 21. X
  15. Takanorappa

    Happy Birthday Randomitsuki