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  1. Bench Sumo news

    The latest round of Bench Sumo stats is up at the usual spot. Bench salaries have, likewise been updated. BTW - I'm working on a "how many in the lead by day (per basho) - not yet live. I have it broken down by division, but think it might take a table per division to make it work, as we are looking at 60+ columns with all DIVs represented. Any thoughts on how the data should appear? Right now I have a simple day by day crosstab for each basho for each. From this data you can not only determine how many lead each day, but also how many playoffs (& their size), just by looking at day 15.
  2. 21 Aki 17, The Results

    1. X 2. A. 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. B 9. B 10. A 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. B 19. A 20. A 21. A
  3. 21 Nagoya 17, The Results

    A B A A A A B A A B B A A B B B B B A B B
  4. Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Happy birthday, ol' Eagle Eye!
  5. Bench Sumo news

    (Cross-posting from the Bench Sumo list, due to the lull) Hi, all. I've updated my Bench Sumo Stats page with the results of the latest basho. No new stats, but plenty to digest. You can reach the stats at the usual location: http://takanorappa.com/ichimons.htm (then click on the Misc. Bench Stats link). Also updated are the banzuke-related pages for the recently released Nagoya banzuke. Look to the main page for that info.
  6. Bench Sumo news

    Well, I am, obviously, not bringing back the banzuke comments for this basho... To answer your question, the following have not missed an ICF: Fujisan, Jejima, Kintamayama, Oshirokita and me. It's down to 5.
  7. 21 Natsu 17. The Results.

    1. B2. A3. B4. A5. A6. A7. B8. B9. A10. B11. A12. A13. B14. A15. A16. A17. A18. A19. A20. B21. B
  8. Bench Sumo news

    I have another new stat - Bench Matches per basho! I can't believe that I didn't think of this stat before. Besides the posted link, you can get there from my usual stats page, as well. If you have ever wondered how many times that you have gone to the bench in a basho, this stat will answer that. I was shocked by the fact that I have had just one basho with no bench bouts. Pitinosato holds the record of most bench bouts in a basho at 12. Enjoy. PS- I may do the work for how many bench wins and losses per basho, as well
  9. Bench Sumo news

    I have a stat for that! Check out the Count of Ranks by Basho stat. It, indeed was a trickle, though we did drop 40+ in a two year period following the scandal. Maybe I should graph it for even more clarity.
  10. Bench Sumo news

    Legitimate oopsie. It is, indeed, Bench bashos, and not ICFs (we haven't hit 94 ICFs, yet). I must point out, however, that my banzuke commentary is many bashos old (The last being Nagoya 2015). The time-to-number of reads ratio just wasn't worth it to keep that feature it going. I was spending many hours preparing the commentary, and getting just a handful of reads. If there is a big enough outdry (or I get bored), I may update, occasionally.
  11. Bench Sumo news

    All fixed. In fact, I've done a bit of streamlining to my stats. I've eliminated the "All" vs "Current" files in all cases where it made sense, and I have installed a javascript that allows you to toggle intai'd BSers on/off, as you see fit. The checkbox eliminates having to have two separate files. A timesaver for me, and a bit more functional for you. There is also a search function on most stats, so you can look at whomever you want. Note that the search returns partial matches, so If your shikona is a subset of others, you will get all that match (sorry, Taka, et.al.) Everything is at the usual place (look for Misc. Bench Stats) at my site.
  12. Bench Sumo news

    It's tough to be on top. It looks like my range grabber started at row 2, instead of row 1. I'll get that corrected soon (along with some more search/active player control (I hope - still have a couple javascript bugs to work out).
  13. Bench Sumo news

    That will soon change unless he starts playing again.
  14. Bench Sumo news

    Hi, all! I've got too much time on my hands, so I updated the BS stats on my website: http://takanorappa.com/ichimons.htm I've cross-posted this from the BS list, as I know some tend to shy away from that list during non-basho times. Enjoy the numbers. You can go directly to the stats page here: http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/BSStatsMenu.htm All the stats have been updated, plus I added a few more (they were so simple, I don't know why I didn't have them years ago). - Tech Prize History: Shows the winners and pts for all Tech Prize winners - NCP Prize History: Shows the winners and pts for all NCP Prize winners - YB Prize History: Shows the winners and pts for all Yaocho Bum Prize winners - Fighting Sprit Prize winners: Shows the winners and PS count for all (you can guess it, right?) FS Prize winners I've also updated the salaries and basho paychecks for this basho (& added a special feature on that page, let's see if anyone finds it.) You can access directly here: http://takanorappa.com/BenchStats/PayExplain.htm
  15. Happy Birthday, Jejima!

    Happy Birthday, Jezz!