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  1. 10 hours ago, Wakawakawaka said:

    I believe there has been a mistake, it states I have a respectable 52 points, but from my entry I'm counting a whopping 26?

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    Yokozuna E: Terunofuji Y1e (0-0-15)
    Yokozuna W: None
    Yokozuna E2: None
    Yokozuna W2: None
    Ozeki E: None
    Ozeki W: Takakeisho O1e (12-3)
    Ozeki E2: None
    Ozeki W2: None
    Ozeki E3: None
    Ozeki W3: None
    Sekiwake E: Wakatakakage S1e (8-7)
    Sekiwake W: Hoshoryu S1w (11-4)
    Sekiwake E2: None
    Sekiwake W2: Shodai O1w (6-9)
    Komusubi E: Takayasu M1e (12-3)
    Komusubi W: Kiribayama K1w (8-7)
    Komusubi E2: Kotonowaka M1w (9-6)
    Komusubi W2: Meisei M2e (9-6)
    Maegashira E: Wakamotoharu M4e (10-5)
    Maegashira W: Mitakeumi S2w (6-9)
    Maegashira E2: Tobizaru K2e (7-8)
    Maegashira W2: Daieisho K2w (7-8)
    Maegashira E3: Abi M9w (12-3)
    Maegashira W3: Midorifuji M3w (8-7)
    Maegashira E4: Tamawashi K1e (6-9)
    Maegashira W4: Sadanoumi M4w (8-7)
    Maegashira E5: Nishikifuji M5w (9-6)
    Maegashira W5: Ryuden M6w (9-6)
    Maegashira E6: Nishikigi M6e (8-7)
    Maegashira W6: Hokutofuji M5e (7-8)
    Maegashira E7: Myogiryu M7w (8-7)
    Maegashira W7: Onosho M11e (9-6)
    Maegashira E8: Oho M13w (10-5)
    Maegashira W8: Ichinojo M2w (4-11)
    Maegashira E9: Ura M3e (4-11)
    Maegashira W9: Endo M7e (6-9)
    Maegashira E10: Takanosho M9e (7-8)
    Maegashira W10: Hiradoumi M16w (10-5)
    Maegashira E11: Kagayaki M15e (9-6)
    Maegashira W11: Aoiyama M10e (7-8)
    Maegashira E12: Tochinoshin M8w (6-9)
    Maegashira W12: Chiyoshoma M10w (7-8)
    Maegashira E13: Okinoumi M13e (8-7)
    Maegashira W13: Kotoshoho M11w (7-8)
    Maegashira E14: Kotoeko M12e (7-8)
    Maegashira W14: Tsurugisho J3e (10-5)
    Maegashira E15: Ichiyamamoto M14e (7-8)
    Maegashira W15: Azumaryu M14w (7-8)
    Maegashira E16: Akua J5e (10-5)
    Maegashira W16: Mitoryu J3w (9-6)
    Maegashira E17: Chiyomaru J1w (8-7)

    I'm counting a whopping 26?

    Apparently there are two players who use the same Shikona. In the entry list only the latest entry is shown. I will try to fix it.