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Adoptees with "Kofuji" in shikona:

Adoptees from Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken:

都富士 Miyakofuji jd13e at Natsu 2010 竜電 Ryuden ms29e at Natsu 2010 霧虎 Kiritora jd36e at Natsu 2010
椿富士 Tsubakifuji jd71e at Natsu 2010 霧虎 Shobushi jd78e at Natsu 2010 霧虎 Kairiki jk6w at Natsu 2010

While not being a game inventor or administrator, Kofuji automated Bench Sumo, Internet Sumo Pool, Sekitori Toto, Chain Gang, Roto Sumo and, most recently, Maegashira Game. He also redeveloped Juryo Game when Hoshifransu decided to discontinue that game after hosting it since its inception. Besides hosting these games, sumogames.com also hosts Sekitori Oracle, Sekitori Quad and Odd Sumo which were automated by Golynohana, and Guess the Banzuke and Hoshitori Game which were automated by Doitsuyama. In addition to games, sumogames.com also hosts the incredible Sumo Reference database developed by Doitsuyama now with its own URL of http://www.sumoreference.com.