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    Asa's opponents - Day 14 / 15

    Day 13: Met Kaio!!!! Maybe Kaio really deserves two more chances (Bleh!) !!!!
  2. Cavewoman

    Some more details on Asashouryuu's problems

    (Whistling...) Asashoryu is a human being and not a Sumo-Robot. But people like Kintamayama will probably never understand that.
  3. Cavewoman


    (In a state of confusion...) Oh, the poor, poor men! Women can be so cruel.
  4. Cavewoman

    That Extra Push..

    Well there are dull people who want dull sumo and there are others and they are the fans of Asashoryu. GO ASA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In a state of confusion...)
  5. Cavewoman

    The Fable of the foxes

    That same evening, Asashoryu and Kyokushuzan probably had a beer or two together and laughed their heads off. It is really amazing to me how much time and deep thoughts people devote to this issue. Of course, if anyone can beat Asashoryu, it is the other Mongolians!!! It had to happen sooner or later, but I doubt that it will happen again soon. (In a state of confusion...)
  6. Cavewoman

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    (In a state of confusion...) I am so happy for Buyuzan. He is my favourite Rikishi.
  7. Cavewoman

    just an introduction

    (Heart) That is so romantic... meeting the man of your life in a Sumo chatroom.