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  1. Asashoryu is really past his prime! And this great new talent Kisenosato... I am so impressed. When will we see his first fight against the Yokozuna? I can hardly wait! (Licking lips...) Asashoryu must be trembling with fear. (Showing respect...) So, Asa, please listen to this great expert from the Northpole, from now on it is downhill for you! :-P
  2. Cavewoman

    asa won

    One down, five to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Showing respect...)
  3. Cavewoman

    who thinks hakuho is DA MAAAAN

    "I hate Hakuho forever"... How old is that girl? 12 years? Wouldn`t it be more appropriate at her age to cheer for some Boy Group or something? (Sign of disapproval)
  4. Cavewoman

    Tomorow day 7, the Yokozuna and the Ozeki all lose

    Miracles don`t happen... or was this prediction that Kotooshu will beat Asa the result of too much beer?
  5. Cavewoman

    Asashouryuu status..

    Don`t worry too much, Kintaamyaama, let Asa do his thing. ;-)
  6. Cavewoman

    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    Why is this hate-monger Qttp allowed to post in this Forum? Because you support his racist views, I guess?
  7. Cavewoman

    Hakuho vs. Kokkai

    Q-Tipp hates all Mongolians because he is an racist idiot. Period. Nothing more to say about this jerk.
  8. Cavewoman

    Homosexuality in Ozumo

    Guys, don`t you think you are a little to obsessed with Sumo? What kind of discussion is this??? I like Sumo but this is going to far. Please keep to the sport and the actions on the Dohyo. (Sigh...)
  9. Cavewoman

    Day 1 things

    Anybody who likes to read accurate und unbiased reports about the basho and can do without expressions like "old dog`s pee" should subscribe to Ken Collers "SumoNow".
  10. Cavewoman

    Rage at Eurosport

    Eurosport is exactly the same as before. They have never shown every bout up from M16. NEVER. I have more than enough videotapes to prove this. (Proverbial apple...)
  11. Cavewoman

    Banzuke Naogya Basho 2004

    Kintamaayaamaou ist obviously obsessed with this issue of smoking... a little cigarette smoke will not kill you! (Blinking...)
  12. Cavewoman

    Pick your winner

    Chiyotaikai has a chance like a snowball in hell. NEVER!!!!! (Neener, neener...)
  13. Cavewoman

    Kensho limitations?

    There was no hampering of pre-fight rituals at all. They just don`t want Asashoryu to have all this money. That is all. (Protesting...)
  14. Cavewoman

    Mother of all bouts

    Yes, this was the best fight I saw at the Kokugikan. At least Kaio is putting in some effort and still trying to find a way to beat Asashoryu. It showed on his face that he was very, very disappointed. B-)
  15. Cavewoman


    Asasekiryu will be back with a strong Basho. B-) People who write him off know nothing about Sumo.