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  1. nipponnate

    Tamanoi Blog

    "His real name is Toshimi Sato. He was born on November 29, 1984. His hometown is Namie in Fukushima Prefecture." 1984? Isnt he a little old to be just joining a heya?
  2. nipponnate

    New York Sumo?

    Well I just found out that the Classes are wednesday evenings, so I can't really go untill January, because I have classes wednesday night for the rest of the semester. So I'll try again then. on a side note, does anyone know the price range for attending?
  3. nipponnate

    LA in 08

    Yeah the arena is pretty old, but it IS cheap, plus it's across the street from USC, so I'd like to think it's in a bit more cultured part of town. It stinks it cant be held anymore closer to japantown, but it's not THAT far form downtown, hopefully it just gets good enough publicity.
  4. nipponnate

    LA in 08

    Hmmm, didnt know that the Honolulu Basho wasnt very well attended, what made it different than Tournaments held in Hawaii in the past? And why was the Vegas Basho so succesful? Was it just different promotion groups? Sorry for all the questions! But Yeah, I was really bummed that I couldn't make it to Hawaii this past summer, but did a 180 when I saw there was one going to be held in LA. Ah!! I just went to the website and they changed the ticket information date from October to November. I was wondering when they'd post it. Oh one more question for nobody in particular. I thought international jungyo's were only held every couple of years, but With this one there will have been 3 in America, 1 in Taiwan, and 1 in Israel all within just a couple of years. Any reasons? Or maybe I just thought wrong.
  5. nipponnate

    LA in 08

    This may have been posted somewhere else but couldn't find it, but looks like theres going to be another international tour to LA this summer. luckily Im go to california every summer, so looks like I can swing by, anybody else going? Or does anybody have any experience going to an exhibition? They havent put up the ticket prices yet, but hopefully I can make both days, and maybe get an autograph or 2.
  6. nipponnate

    New York Sumo?

    Bump. Ok, got back from Japan and now at college in Jersey,looked it up and am about ten minutes away from cranford. Has anybody on here ever been there before? yeah I noticed the page is a tad bit out of date, but will probably call sometime next week to find out. Well if anybody has had any personal experience here, Id be much obliged to read about it, either thanks again.
  7. nipponnate

    MTV True Life: "I'm a Sumo Wrestler" Jan 28

    Huzzah ;-) Though dont really think itll do too much to raise interest in Sumo, the show will probably just be watched by teenagrs and they may think "hmm...thats interesting" and thatll be that. But, if it gets at least 1 person interested in Sumo to contribute, that will mean something. Either way I get back in a month, so hopefully they will still be airing reruns, though it is Mtv, so Im sure itll be on daily for a year (I am not worthy...)
  8. nipponnate

    Hatsubasho day 4 videos and pictures (maezumo bouts)

    Yeah, I think I heard some of those, Next time right when Asa comes out SCREAM out something (preferably constructive) then just give the guy next to you the 'ol Gaijin Stare (Shaking head...)
  9. nipponnate

    The Kotooshu-Homasho bout

    Im sure that after slashing tires he succesfully venteeed his ager and will be godd as new ;-)
  10. nipponnate

    Bart Sez: "Ouch!"

    Wow, I guess that pic says it all, I understand the whole concept behind "going back to the dohyo even when injured" because God forbid these guys act acordingly to medical advice, but seeing how hes Baruto, if he skipped the next couple basho he could come back fine, and even quicker than before. Though if he was demoted, I doubt the other rikishi in his stable would play up the whole "abuse the lower ranked guy" ;-)
  11. nipponnate

    The Kotooshu-Homasho bout

    does anybody have a video of the bout, I missed it :-D
  12. nipponnate

    Hatsu 2007 hopes and wishes

    What everyone thought abot kotooshu 1 year ago to be proven and yokozuna Tociazuma, plus a few strong naitivess too, and while Im at it... Sumo to surge in popularity across Japan, tickets seeling out in minutes, and all just in time for the olypmics in 2008, but Id settle for just 1 or 2 of those (Band playing...)
  13. Hey all, so Thrusday and Friday my Host family and I are going down to Tkoyo for my first (and almost certainly only) time. So Im sure Im gonna have a blast, but the only thing that prevents it from being perfect it the darn Kyushu Bassho, otherwise we probably could have been able to go see actuall bouts for my first time. We still may go to Ryogoku (is that how you spell it?) for maybe a Chanko Nabe Resteraunt, but does anybody else know of anything sumo realated that would be there surring the Bassho in Kyushu? Thanks (Applauding...)
  14. nipponnate

    Tamanoi Blog

    Well Im glad to hear licking bait is erfectly fine (I am not worthy...)
  15. nipponnate

    Hakuhou preparations-Kyushu 2006

    Well he must've gotten his strength from somewhere, maybe his dear old grannie was no lightweight