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  1. Gunterao

    What are your professions?

    I am designing and commissioning control systems for power stations all over the world. Since a couple of years my job has concentrated to control systems for steam turbines in oil- or coal-fired power stations. If new power plants are build or old-fashioned control systems need to be exchanged then it smells like work for me. Control systems enable the operators of power stations to monitor and navigate all processes there. Depending on what degree of automation is wanted, a power plant unit can be even started up by few mouse-click! But first of all the operators and electricians have to be skilled to use the control system's software and hardware. So that's why i have one more job within my job - a trainer. The training sessions are usually done on site when the control system is installed and run. So if i do the commissioning, then the chances will be high to carry out training sessions for the customer's personnel. The utilizsation of IT in PPs has become even more necessary in the last years. So the knowledge about computer hardware, software and networks is also necessary in my job. And that kind of work I like more than anything else - though my boss don't like to hear/see that! (Holiday feeling...)
  2. Gunterao

    Promotion/Demotion watch Nagoya 2007

    Makuuchi-Juryo: There will be 5 demotions to Juryo with Baruto, Satoyama, Kakizoe, Hochiyama and Otsukasa. So Iwakiyama, Kyokutenho, Goeido, Kasuganishiki and Wakanoho will be promoted to Makuuchi.
  3. Gunterao


    U.S.A. --- OK, that might be right! (Sign of approval...) .... but Thailand (Sign of approval...) ey, come on! I believe, that this is the correct answer. ... Let's see - at least it sounds quite convincing, doesn't it? (Nodding yes...)
  4. Gunterao

    Mongolian Kyrillic Script

    САЙН БАЙН УУ? Ее Щщ Фф Цц Уу Жж Ээ Нн Гг Шш Үү Зз Кк Ъъ Йй Ыы Бб Өө Аа Хх Рр Оо Лл Дд Пп Яя Чч Ёё Сс Мм Ии Тт Ьь Вв Юю Mmmmh ... 2 letters are not possible. They shall look like Y and O ... changing the font to "Times New Roman" ... Үү Өө Another test with font "Arial": Ее Щщ Фф Цц Уу Жж Ээ Нн Гг Шш Үү Зз Кк Ъъ Йй Ыы Бб Өө Аа Хх Рр Оо Лл Дд Пп Яя Чч Ёё Сс Мм Ии Тт Ьь Вв Юю ... OK now! Changing the size... УЛААНБААТАР (Sign of approval...) ... and colour: ХӨВСГӨЛ (Sign of approval...)
  5. Gunterao


    I'm English - and me too. Tired but excited - and to be presented with that performance on a plate didn't fill this belly on a Saturday night in Tokyo. Personally it went exactly how I expected,I said to my big England fan mate that it would either be a draw or a small victory with disappointing performance. It will get better but if we actually win the world cup I will eat my computer. You won't eat your computer, 'cause there are other teams being much better than England.
  6. Gunterao


    ... And Finland takes the Yusho with 292 points! :'-( (Being unsure...) (Yusho winner...) The Jun-Yusho goes to Russia with 248 points! (Applauding...) The host song of Greece has made kachi-koshi (about 9-6). The German song has made make-koshi (5-10 or even worse). Yeah, the Finnish song absolutely rocks!! Their costumes also deserve a Yusho!! Waaa!!! (Sign of approval) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...)
  7. Gunterao


    You seem to be on to something. They look like clear winners after half of the votes are in. Yeees, they will certainly win!!! (After the Belarus vote)
  8. Gunterao


    Another question: which song will be the worst? Just now the German song got its first points (3) from neighbour Danmark, and also from Latvia!! That's already more than i have expected - exactly 6 too much! :'-( (Being unsure...)
  9. Gunterao

    Senshuraku Trivia Question

    HMMMM ... that must have been Aki Basho 2001. Kotomitsuki won it, and after his bout (against Tokitsuumi) there were still 5 bouts left. Right? (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...)
  10. Gunterao

    The longest bout

    That's awesome!!!! (Sign of approval) Searching in the sumo movies archive, I finally found that bout. It took place at the sixth day of the Natsu Basho 2001. Natsu Basho Day 6 Movies The file size of the movie (.rm-format) is nearly 27 MB! It is divided in seven parts. The seventh part is the tori-naoshi - "only" about 1 MB big. For freaks, who want to download the whole "story" better should not have a 56k modem or else they need goooood patience.
  11. Gunterao

    The longest bout

    After the nearly neverending bout between Asasekiryu and Hayateumi, there is only one question going around in my mind: (Pulling hair...) What was the longest bout ever been in sumo? .... or .... Have I already seen it?? Interesting question, isn't it? Gunterao