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    Makushita/Juryo movies

    It still doesn't work. The links for every particular movie seems incorrect I'm afraid. I can't find any way of playing them still... (You are going off-topic...) Yep, the URLs for the .asf's say /juryoika/ instead of /~juryoika/ still. FWIW, what I need to do to play them (in WMP 7.something): Copy the URL to clipboard, then open it directly in WMP, fixing up the ~ of course, and converting the %20 (between bout number and East rikishi) back into a space character. It seems at least my old-ish version of WMP can't handle the URL transcription for non-allowed characters, so fixing it back manually is needed. Oops, edit: This also goes for any other spaces in the filename of course, should there be more than one.
  2. Asashosakari

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    Now there's somebody who probably never expected to have a bout after the Juryo dohyo-iri this basho. (You are going off-topic...)
  3. Asashosakari

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    Yup. Assuming the Kyokai keeps some semblance of the usual 4-man tourney on Days 13-15, Tokitsuumi should be getting Kaio on Day 13. Whether he'll also be scheduled to face Chiyotaikai on Day 14 probably depends on whether he beats Musoyama tomorrow and continues to lead...
  4. Asashosakari

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    Not that it's a particularly meaningful statistic, but that has to be some kind of record...yesterday's opponent was M15w Kinkaiyama and today's an Ozeki. If Tokitsuumi really wins the yusho, he can certainly say he's seen it all this time. (Clapping wildly...)
  5. Asashosakari


    Are you sure about sansho? Akinomaki's site seems to say differently...
  6. Asashosakari

    To Zenjimoto

    Sounds like an interesting idea. (Applauding...) Right now, if you're a good German or US player, you don't need to worry much about player #19 (or any other) having a bad basho as s/he'll just fall out of the nation ranking, whereas the three Finns depend a lot more on each other's good performance. Again, I don't know how much people from the bigger nations care about the nations' prizes, but I guess at least their middle-ranked guys should like this change, too. (After all, it would give, say, Germany VI the chance to beat out all higher-ranked German teams with a good team effort, whereas the current nations' prize favours players who are individually good.) Now, as for the actual implementation on the server, yeah, that might be the stumbling block... (In a state of confusion...) It's not quite so bad. :-) 28 players taking part from both the US and Germany, so that would be 9 or 10 teams each (depending on what's done with the left-over player).
  7. Asashosakari

    To Zenjimoto

    I'm not Zenjimoto, but as I've had a bit of time to look into this... I suspect the best average score would almost always be obtained by a country with one or at most two competitors after such a change. Sure it would increase nations competition for the prize, but simultaneously you'd end up with a lot less player competition for it, as pretty much every nation with some 3 players or more would be falling victim to the laws of averages and be without a snowball's chance in hell of winning the prizes, unless they're surprisingly good (in which case they'd already be having a chance at the Nations' prizes). So instead of always having the same 4 or 5 big nations on top (which I agree isn't the greatest solution), you'd have random winner countries represented by only one or two players. Case in point about the nations' yusho (just a quick'n'dirty check, so this may not be completely accurate): Currently there are 3 nations represented by only one player who each is 8-2 (Iran, EU, Poland). Compared to that, the best two-player nation (Taiwan) is only 7.5-2.5 on average (9-1, 6-4), while the best three-player nation (Finland) is only 7-3 (9-1, 6-4, 6-4), with most other two- and three-player countries being lower. The mid-sized nations with four or five players don't seem to fare too well, either (like Canada - currently 4.5-5.5 with 4 players). I suspect the big nations (Japan, Austria, Germany, France, USA) are also somewhere around 5-5, but probably closer to 4-6, as they don't only have some really good players, but usually also a whole lot of bad ones. (Applauding...) So changing to averages would certainly get most of the nations closer together in terms of results, but it won't quite do anything about the winners problem. I don't know how much people care about winning the nations prizes (I must admit, I don't care really) - if they do care, they'd likely just pick a country at random to get rid of potential other players who might ruin their winning chances. And with ~130 players and about 200 countries to choose from, that could get pointless quickly. Besides, if every player's result goes into their nation's average, it's easy to sabotage strong nations by putting a few 0-15's on their team. Not that I'm suggesting people might actually do that, but stranger things have happened, so it's certainly a possibility. EDIT to follow: Just noticed this part upon re-reading. The nations scores are not overall scores, they're simply each nation's best three players taken together. The bigger nations' scores aren't higher simply because they have more players - the "problem" is that it's easier to come up with 3 good results among 20 German players than among 3 Finnish players, for instance. (Blushing...) And next basho, it might be 3 completely different Germans, while it would still be the same 3 Finnish ones. That "round-robin" effect is the advantage of bigger nations, not their size per se.
  8. Asashosakari


    Especially as the time period in which they're able to earn kinboshi isn't all that long for most rikishi. Guys who go on to bigger things (like Takanonami, who didn't earn his first kinboshi until 8 months ago) are moving into sanyaku too quickly, while only long-time elevator rikishi actually spend enough time at high maegashira ranks to have the chance at several kinboshi. Many Maegashira never even get that far up the banzuke (e.g. Jumonji, Gojoro), or only once or a few times (e.g. Buyuzan, so far in his career). Why would it be off-topic - even the topic description contains the word "kinboshi". (Laughing...)
  9. Asashosakari

    The inevitable poll...

    I'm also inclined to go with Musoyama now (I was thinking Kaio, until his loss against Tosanoumi...grumble grumble). As for Miyabiyama and/or Takamisakari, everything hinges on their bout against each other tomorrow. If Miyabiyama wins it, everything's possible for him, considering he has already faced all possible sanyaku opposition, and he'd possibly be only one win behind heya-mate Musoyama, who still has two Ozeki opponents to go. On the other hand, 'sakari may still meet both Wakanosato and Kyokutenho, but if he's really beating Miyabiyama tomorrow to go 7-3, the sky's the limit. (Applauding...) Heck, maybe it'll be Tosanoumi, after all he's the first one to definitely secure his KK tomorrow thanks to a fusen-sho (assuming Asa doesn't reconsider and actually stays in the tournament).
  10. Asashosakari

    Day 9 results and day 10 pairings

    And ironically, the group of leaders now is the same as it was two days ago (before yesterday's 10-men free-for-all), just with the addition of Kotomitsuki...
  11. Asashosakari

    Sekitori Toto

  12. Asashosakari

    Day 8 results and day 9 pairings

    Maybe I'm insane, but looking at the video clip, didn't Tokitsuumi win that bout...? :'-( :-P (In a state of confusion...)
  13. Asashosakari

    Day 7 results and day 8 pairings

    Don't forget that he beat both Kaio and Chiyotaikai last basho... :-) Well, yeah, he stills needs 2 wins for his KK this time, too... (Applauding...) Seriously though, I really hope Musoyama won't fall prey to his occasional lethargy this basho, and actually be in the yusho race until senshuraku.
  14. Suspiciously, nobody seems to be taking credit for providing them. :-S A huge round of thanks, whoever you might be! (Protesting...) (Sign of approval) (Annoyed...)
  15. Asashosakari

    Day 7 results and day 8 pairings

    I guess the fourth one is Kasuganishiki, not Musoyama again (you named him twice) ;). C'mon, Musoyama needs all the support he can get if he is to ever win another yusho. :-) This basho really calls for a yusho poll on nakabi...
  16. Asashosakari

    hmm, Juryo and Makushita bout videos

    Well, thank YOU! :-S (Protesting...) I had figured as much, but I wasn't 100% sure, so I tried to played it safe in my first post. Nothing worse than showering somebody with praise, only to find out you picked the wrong guy and just put him into the embarrassing situation of having to explain that to you. (Annoyed...) The missing sound (or rather, the beeeeeeeeep that substitutes it during Makushita matches, and even into the Juryo dohyo-iri) has been my main gripe with the webfeed of late. Maybe I was just lucky, but when I first used the feed during Haru, there was decent sound all throughout the Makushita bouts, but not anymore since Natsu. Makes it a bit difficult for guys like me who aren't quite able to identify anybody without the yobidashi's announcements... But that's a thing of the past with your clips available now. :-O
  17. Asashosakari

    Forum chat?

    I wouldn't be bothered too much, but that's mainly because I'm already a relatively frequent IRC user. (I am not worthy...) There does seem to be a higher barrier of entry with IRC clients though, as compared to something like web chat or instant messenger programs. Been there, done that, myself, before somebody finally convinced me to try it a few years back. They only look difficult to use, really. (I am not worthy...) And on the note of instant messenger programs...yeesh, please no YIM or AIM or whatever-IM based chat room. (Whistling...) While I like and use the one-to-one features of those programs, I hate their multi-person functions with a passion. So, for general ease of use and accessibility, I guess I'll throw my two cents behind something www-based.
  18. Asashosakari

    Asashoryu vs Kyokushuzan

    Day 4 of Kyushu 1997, also called "default" there, for what that's worth...
  19. Asashosakari

    intai watch

    I think this thread would be better suited for 'Honbasho Talk', no...?
  20. Asashosakari

    odd statistics question

    Does anyone know what the highest-ever number of Juryo-ranked rikishi with prior Makuuchi experience was? I'm counting 15 in the current tournament, which seems to be on the high side to me...emphasis on "seems", because I don't have any idea where to start searching for such data...
  21. Asashosakari

    odd statistics question

    Wow, that was quick...thanks! (Being unsure...) I didn't think of Juryo being larger some decades ago, so I guess even though the absolute number of former Makuuchi rikishi might have been higher then, 18 is pretty much the number I was looking for, i.e. one that can be compared to the current situation. Thanks again. (In a state of confusion...)
  22. Asashosakari


    This may be a silly question was the yusho winner decided among same-result rikishi before the introduction of play-offs? Rikishi from the overall winning side got it by default or...? (And if so, what about two rikishi from the same side with the same result...)
  23. Asashosakari

    Super Banzuke

    Heh. (Eh?) I only play four, and that's plenty enough for me, so I intend to keep it at that level. Cuts down on the potential disappointments, too. :-)
  24. Asashosakari

    final match

    Also, on odd days, the name of the rikishi on the East side will be called out first by the yobidashi, on even days it's the name of the West rikishi. (Just in case somebody else was interested in knowing that additional detail...I know you know, Yubi. (Clapping wildly...) )