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    Oshoma Accused of Harassment

    Considering Naruto rikishi have been demonstrating an uncanny ability to get injured over the last several years, maybe people shouldn't be so quick to assume that Anzai is just whining about practice matters that are business as usual for sumo or that Shincho is just out to gotcha a bunch of foreigners.
  2. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Well, that was quick and definitive. Many thanks! Time to fix a couple of chronology issues in his article.
  3. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    @Tamanaogijima Do we have a source for Dewanohana having been Musashigawa until 1976? His retirement date will have been 1974/02/28, and while his article indicates that he continued being part of the NSK in a sodan yaku role until January 1976, I'm not sure if this entailed his continued use of the kabu as well. Their Musashigawa toshiyori page has him only to 1974, but of course that's not sourced either.
  4. Asashosakari

    101st Student Championships 2023

    A rather puzzling way of making drawsheets available, but gift horses and all that - it's not like the Federation itself is bothering to make them accessible to outsiders, as usual.
  5. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    An amusing fact from the Banzuke Topics (English version not up yet): With Daieisho, Abi and Hokutofuji this banzuke features three lower sanyaku who hail from the same prefecture, namely Saitama. The last time that had happened was exactly 20 years ago when an Aomori trio did it.
  6. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023 Makuuchi Terunofuji (Y1e 0-0-15) Y - Takakeisho (O1w 11-4 Y) O Kirishima (O1e 9-6) - O Hoshoryu (O2w 8-7) Daieisho (S1e 10-5) S Wakamotoharu (S1w 9-6) Kotonowaka (S2e 9-6) S - Abi (M2e 9-6) K Hokutofuji (M1e 8-7) Asanoyama (M2w 9-6) M1 Ura (M4w 9-6) Shodai (M3e 8-7) M2 Meisei (M1w 7-8) Takayasu (M7e 10-5) M3 Tobizaru (K1w 6-9) Gonoyama (M5e 9-6) M4 Nishikigi (K1e 5-10) Onosho (M6e 9-6) M5 Midorifuji (M9e 10-5) Shonannoumi (M5w 7-8) M6 Takanosho (M4e 6-9) Hokuseiho (M11w 10-5) M7 Kinbozan (M10e 9-6) Endo (M10w 9-6) M8 Atamifuji (M15e 11-4 D) Myogiryu (M13e 10-5) M9 Mitakeumi (M11e 9-6) Ryuden (M6w 6-9) M10 Kotoeko (M8e 6-9) Sadanoumi (M12w 8-7) M11 Hiradoumi (M8w 6-9) Oho (M7w 5-10) M12 Tamawashi (M3w 2-13) Takarafuji (M12e 7-8) M13 Tsurugisho (M16w 8-7) Tomokaze (J3e 11-4) M14 Ichiyamamoto (J7w 13-2 Y) Tohakuryu (J4w 10-5) M15 Churanoumi (J5e 10-5) Roga (J1e 8-7) M16 Nishikifuji (M13w 5-10) Kitanowaka (J2e 8-7) M17 - Simple style full banzuke:
  7. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Credit where credit is due - they actually handed out appropriate demotions here this time. I was afraid they'd put Chiyosakae and Azumaryu at J11 or something... Also the first basho in over 10 years with four top division rookies.
  8. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Aki 2023 Makuuchi Terunofuji (Y1e 1-3-11) Y - Kirishima (O1w 6-7-2) O Takakeisho (O1e 0-0-15) - O Hoshoryu (S1e 12-3 Y) Daieisho (S1w 9-6) S Wakamotoharu (S2w 9-6) Kotonowaka (K1e 11-4) S - Nishikigi (M1e 10-5) K Tobizaru (M1w 9-6) Hokutofuji (M9w 12-3 D) M1 Meisei (M3w 8-7) Abi (K1w 6-9) M2 Asanoyama (M4e 8-4-3) Shodai (M2e 6-9) M3 Tamawashi (M7w 8-7) Takanosho (M9e 8-7) M4 Ura (M4w 7-8) Gonoyama (M13e 10-5) M5 Shonannoumi (M14w 10-5) Onosho (M5w 6-9) M6 Ryuden (M15e 10-5) Takayasu (M7e 7-8) M7 Oho (M6w 6-9) Kotoeko (M11e 8-7) M8 Hiradoumi (M5e 5-10) Midorifuji (M3e 4-11) M9 Hakuoho (M17w 11-4) Kinbozan (M10e 7-8) M10 Endo (M16e 10-5) Mitakeumi (M2w 3-12) M11 Hokuseiho (M6e 5-10) Takarafuji (M15w 9-6) M12 Sadanoumi (M8e 5-10) Myogiryu (M10w 6-9) M13 Nishikifuji (M8w 5-10) Aoiyama (M17e 9-6) M14 Kotoshoho (M13w 7-8) Atamifuji (J1w 11-4 Y) M15 Chiyoshoma (M12e 6-9) Kagayaki (J1e 9-6) M16 Tsurugisho (M11w 5-10) Daishoho (M14e 6-9) M17 - no frills:
  9. Asashosakari

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    67 points despite some very obvious missed stuff, so surely the winning score will be 70+. 74-ish wouldn't surprise me, maybe even higher. 2/10 on M3e-M5e (only Tobizaru correct, rest busted) 1/6 on M8w-M9w 2/4 on M11e/w 0/2 on M17e Especially aggravating are the 5 points lost on not expecting them to do the straight solution with Atamifuji/Myogiryu/Mitakeumi. Aoiyama at M17e was a gamble that didn't work out; it happens. The Sakaigawa duo at M11 is just a coin toss gone wrong, so that one's okay despite the missed points. But the less said about the joi, the better.
  10. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    It was Itoigawa-shi when the shindeshi list was announced at the start of 2019.03. Unfortunately post-2019.03 is exactly my only missing data export from the last several years, but in the post-2019.05 data it was already Niigata-shi, so I suspect that this was an initial clerical error by the Kyokai that got fixed with the shusse announcement already, not a real change of hometown after just one basho. Impossible to be sure though unless somebody else grabbed the later 2019.03 data.
  11. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Soseizan (Jd96e 0-0-7) Jk14 Aonishiki (Mz 3-0) Ryubumaru (Mz 2-1) Jk15 Yamane (Mz 0-1) Daikinryu (Mz 1-2) Jk16 Fujihara (Jk10e 0-1-6) Sadanojo (Jk19e 0-1-6) Jk17 Higohikari (Jk19w 0-7) Yamada (Mz 0-3) Jk18 Chiyorozan (Mz 1-0) @Doitsuyama I believe the DB's maezumo results for Yamane and Chiyorozan are the wrong way around from what was reported, including their Day 3 head to head bout. And I think for consistency with past results it should be 1-0-2 for Yamane and 0-1-2 for Chiyorozan. (On another note - wouldn't we normally expect Yamane to be behind Daikinryu? Full participation typically goes in front of partial absences at the same win total, even if the partially absent guy won first... Most recent example: Kiryuko behind Shunrai two years ago.)
  12. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Harsh that they've put him at Ms6e.
  13. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Sandanme Jonidan Jonokuchi (New shikona in red.)
  14. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Makushita Hakuyozan (J10w 4-11) Ms1 Takerufuji (Ms6e 5-2) Kiho (J13e 4-8-3) Ms2 Oshoumi (Ms11w 5-2) Tochimusashi (Ms7w 4-3) Ms3 Kitadaichi (Ms17w 6-1 D) Fukai (Ms8w 4-3) Ms4 Tsushimanada (Ms2w 3-4) Kototebakari (Ms9e 4-3) Ms5 Otsuji (Ms17e 5-2) Wakatakakage (J7e 0-0-15) Ms6 Kayo (Ms23w 6-1 D) Chiyonoumi (Ms4e 3-4) Ms7 Tochikamiyama (Ms12e 4-3) Kiryuko (Ms5w 3-4) Ms8 Kairyu (Ms18w 5-2) Yago (Ms19e 5-2) Ms9 Asagyokusei (Ms13e 4-3) Kaisho (Ms3e 2-5) Ms10 Dewanoryu (Ms20w 5-2) Kitaharima (Sd2w 7-0 Y) Ms11 Asahakuryu (Ms27w 6-1 D) Asashiyu (Ms21e 5-2) Ms12 Kamito (Ms4w 2-5) Mudoho (Ms15w 4-3) Ms13 Hatsuyama (Ms9w 3-4) Kotokuzan (Ms10e 3-4) Ms14 Kazekeno (Ms10w 3-4) Tsukahara (Ms1e 1-6) Ms15 Hokutenkai (Ms22e 4-3)
  15. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Kyushu 2023

    Juryo Aoiyama (M14e 5-10) J1 Kotoshoho (M14w 5-10) Bushozan (J5w 9-6) J2 Shimazuumi (J6e 9-6) Kagayaki (M16e 5-10) J3 Oshoma (J4e 8-7) Daiamami (J2w 7-8) J4 Mitoryu (J3w 7-8) Onosato (J14e 12-3) J5 Shishi (J8e 9-6) Chiyoshoma (M15w 3-12) J6 Hakuoho (M9w 0-0-15) Daishoho (M17e 3-12) J7 Tamashoho (J1w 4-11) Chiyomaru (J10e 8-7) J8 Tokihayate (J11w 8-7) Takahashi (J12w 8-7) J9 Takakento (J9e 6-9) Akua (J9w 6-9) J10 Tenshoho (J14w 8-7) Hitoshi (Ms3w 6-1 Y) J11 Hidenoumi (Ms2e 5-2) Shimanoumi (J12e 7-8) J12 Shiden (J11e 6-9) Yuma (Ms1w 4-3) J13 Asakoryu (J13w 7-8) Chiyosakae (J8w 4-11) J14 Azumaryu (J6w 3-12)
  16. Asashosakari

    Preferred style for banzuke release threads

    It's a landslide. Out of 16 members who provided an order of preference, 12 voted strictly preferring option 1, only 2 each for options 2 or 3. In pairwise comparisons it's 13:3 for both option 1 against 2 and 1 against 3, and 9:7 for 3 against 2. Thanks for your interest and participation!
  17. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Aki 2023

  18. Asashosakari

    New recruits Kyushu 2023

    I can only imagine that the Inter-High might not be considered by the Kyokai because it took place before the rule change. Dick move, if so.
  19. Asashosakari

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    Probably Tobizaru/Nishikigi.
  20. Asashosakari

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    Terunofuji (Ye 0-0-15) Y --- Takakeisho (o1w 11-4 Y) O1 Kirishima (O1e 9-6) --- O2 Hoshoryu (O2w 8-7) Daieisho (S1e 10-5) S1 Wakamotoharu (S1w 9-6) Kotonowaka (S2e 9-6) S2 --- Abi (M2e 9-6) K Hokutofuji (M1e 8-7) Asanoyama (M2w 9-6) M1 Ura (M4w 9-6) Shodai (M3e 8-7) M2 Meisei (M1w 7-8) Gonoyama (M5e 9-6) M3 Tobizaru (Kw 6-9) Takayasu (M7e 10-5) M4 Onosho (M6e 9-6) Nishikigi (Ke 5-10) M5 Midorifuji (M9e 10-5) Shonannoumi (M5w 7-8) M6 Takanosho (M4e 6-9) Hokuseiho (M11w 10-5) M7 Kinbozan (M10e 9-6) Endo (M10w 9-6) M8 Mitakeumi (M11e 9-6) Atamifuji (M15e 11-4 D) M9 Myogiryu (M13e 10-5) Ryuden (M6w 6-9) M10 Kotoeko (M8e 6-9) Hiradoumi (M8w 6-9) M11 Sadanoumi (M12w 8-7) Oho (M7w 5-10) M12 Tamawashi (M3w 2-13) Takarafuji (M12e 7-8) M13 Tsurugisho (M16w 8-7) Tomokaze (J3e 11-4) M14 Ichiyamamoto (J7w 13-2 Y) Tohakuryu (J4w 10-5) M15 Churanoumi (J5e 10-5) Roga (J1e 8-7) M16 Nishikifuji (M13w 5-10) Aoiyama (M14e 5-10) M17 ---
  21. Asashosakari

    Sumo at the 2023 World Combat Games

    Considering the promoting organization GAISF has just voluntarily dissolved itself this year - the reasons being summarized broadly as "lots of useful stuff we used to do has been taken over by other entities, and the stuff we're still doing has been making losses all over the place" - I'm not so sure the IFS/amateur sumo should be betting on the continuation of the World Combat Games by the entities that are supposed to succeed to what remained of GAISF's business efforts. Although it's probably safe to say this WCG edition hasn't been a financial loss for GAISF, Saudi sportswashing being what it is. Nevertheless, this was supposed to be a spectator event. I'll never criticize the sumo world championship for having next to no attendance (they're usually not charging for tickets anyway). That just comes with the territory of being a niche amateur sport; the world championship is primarily organized for the benefit of the athletes. Events like the WCG (and the World Games), on the other hand, are specifically designed to have public appeal, to give the participating sports public and media exposure. It's hard to say that that's being accomplished this week.
  22. Asashosakari

    Sumo at the 2023 World Combat Games is the livescore link for the second day as well. is really flaky for me right now, but it probably doesn't matter as they're only meant to carry the main broadcast on there again, while there's actually a dedicated stream from the sumo session today: Open tournaments today with all 37 women / 38 men from yesterday's weight class events included in the draws. Normally a bunch end up not bothering, let's see how it goes this time. Apparently they turned on the stream so late that the five matches of the women's prelim round were all missed...or maybe three, as the other two have no kimarite listed, which might have been the first two absences already. Indeed they were a pair of absences, followed by another three in the first round proper, so only 32 out of 37 are competing. Pretty low quality of sumo by most of those who are actually there as well, though, to be honest. Not sure if it's just a lackluster field or a lack of interest in this extra competition. Even Katrina Watts' officiating comes across as subpar by her usual standards. Maybe it'll all get better in the later rounds. Ridiculous scenes in the men's with no less than 9 no-shows including a double absence in the last prelim match which then resulted in a tenth fusensho in the next round. One wrestler was the beneficiary of three fusensho, even. (Last 64, Last 32, then also in the first repechage round because the quarterfinalist he lost to had also had a fusensho in an earlier round, transferring that absent competitor into the repechage bracket.) 10-minute break announced at the end of the preliminary session. Currently 35 minutes and counting, with no further updates... Oh, there's an announcement: They'll stick to the pre-scheduled time for the final session after all, which means we'll be on break for 70 or so minutes in the end. Good thing they finished the first session 40 minutes early...
  23. I wouldn't expect a writer for a local paper to be up to date on these things. He probably just wrote it the way he has always written it whenever some local kid turned pro.
  24. Asashosakari


    Bump, as I just ran into this guy again. @Doitsuyama, any chance for a possible resolution here?
  25. Asashosakari

    Sumo at the 2023 World Combat Games

    I had to skip out yesterday before the stream ever went back from karate to sumo for the finals; the last thing I "saw" (via the live scoring) was that they had stopped the competition after the two lightweight categories seemingly waiting to be put back on coverage. The stream eventually started, surprisingly, with a tape-delayed broadcast of all the lightweight matches before it went into what was apparently live coverage of the remaining categories (which must have been held up for at least an hour by that point, I'm sure the sparse live audience enjoyed that), missing out on the first women's middleweight semifinal for good measure anyway. All that aside, if you're interested in watching what was actually watchable yesterday: The brief coverage of some men's middleweight prelims can be found from 5h33m to to 5h40m, then the women's heavyweight (and the abortive look at the men's) from 5h58m to 6h27m, and the finals of all the categories from 8h09m to the end of the stream. The broadcast centre didn't bother to stick around for the medal ceremonies even though they had nothing else to show, contrary to the commentator's expectations (which seems to be a recurring pattern already). Unfortunately the Olympic Channel video player isn't set up to navigate through a 9 hour recording easily at all, so good luck with that. The alternate version of the recorded stream at the Riyadh2023 site (hosted through Youtube) was taken down already, probably by the organizers themselves because they'd gotten a background music copyright strike on one of their Friday recordings and they didn't want to risk getting any more. All in all, pretty third-rate from an organizational point of view, but then I didn't really expect anything better from a SportAccord/GAISF-promoted multisport event... BTW, I really think we should be splitting this off to a thread of its own. Kind of a shame to pollute the previous World Championship coverage like this.