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    Kyokai elections 2022

    So the third fuku-riji spot has stayed with Nishonoseki-ichimon after all (Kumegawa), and just like their new riji it's somebody from Sadogatake-beya. Takadagawa out as surmised by Shukan Post the other day.
  2. Asashosakari

    Next Ozeki?

    I've added a few more notes about the ozeki particularly.
  3. Asashosakari

    Next Ozeki?

    I don't know about that, I recall the contemporary opinions being more that Abi was one of the beneficiaries of the high rankers beginning to fall apart. If we look at his big joi run from Natsu to Kyushu 2019 (10-5, 8-7, 9-6, 9-6), then his results by opponent were (W-L-no meeting): 1-2-1 vs Hakuho (the sole win was by fusensho) 0-2-2 vs Kakuryu 1-2-1 vs Goeido (retired one basho after this stretch) 2-1-1 vs Takayasu (lost his ozeki rank at the end of this stretch) 3-0-1 vs Tochinoshin (one win by fusensho, Tochinoshin lost his ozeki rank during this stretch) 1-0-3 vs Takakeisho 2-1-1 vs Mitakeumi 1-2-1 vs Asanoyama (just starting to gear up for his ozeki run) Excluding the non-meetings against Mitakeumi and Asanoyama (both in Natsu) which were a function of rank and not absence, that's still 11 matches Abi didn't get to have against top-rankers in just four tournaments, including two which outright resulted in free wins, not just weaker replacement opponents.
  4. Asashosakari

    Kyokai elections 2022

    Merge into please? The article is going over a lot of what we already discussed there last month. Cliff notes: Generally covering the large-scale generational change soon to come that we talked about, Shukan Post says that there's a push to shuttle Nishonoseki (ex-Kisenosato) into real positions of power - i.e. not just within his ichimon - as soon as possible. He is said to be likely to become an appointed executive (yakuin taigu) after the upcoming election, and is supposedly already in line to move up to elected director when the Nishonoseki group's next spot on the board becomes available in two years. Takadagawa-oyakata (ex-Akinoshima), currently the group's top-ranked man after their directors and so far largely assumed to be making the step up to the board soon himself, is said to be getting sidelined in the process and is supposedly not even being renominated to his current post as deputy director this year. (We'll know that part for sure soon as the candidacies will have to be finalized tomorrow. It prompts the question of which other ichimon would be taking the slot...) It's claimed that Takadagawa's position has deteriorated since his role as quasi-leader of the informal anti-Takanohana opposition stopped being relevant after the latter was ousted, exacerbated further by the fact that a bunch of former Takanohana sympathizers are now part of Nishonoseki's membership and voting base. Observing that the big two, Dewanoumi and Nishonoseki, hold a combined majority of the 10 board spots with 3 apiece, the Post's writer buries the lede big-time and finally brings up Fujishima's (ex-Musoyama) name after a whole lot of Kisenosato talk. Described as Dewanoumi's natural choice to succeed Hakkaku as chairman, the article closes by quoting an unnamed Dewanoumi-ichimon member to the effect that the two groups would be well served to cooperate in order to first make Fujishima the chairman, and then Nishonoseki.
  5. Asashosakari

    Corona and sumo

    Kakuryu-oyakata and one unnamed gyoji have tested positive for corona (link). Michinoku-beya is deemed to be in the clear due to no recent close contact to the oyakata, while the gyoji's heya, in which he lives, is quarantined until full testing of all members can be conducted. Both of them found themselves with fever and other cold symptoms this morning.
  6. Asashosakari

    Retirements after Hatsu 2022

    *facepalm* Of course! That's some brainfart on my part.
  7. Asashosakari

    New Juryo for Haru 2022

    I'll put it this way: I was more surprised by that tweet than by the Kyokai's just now.
  8. Ugh, I went down the toshiyori rabbit hole... In trying to figure out how long the Chiganoura share has been a Dewanoumi property, one ends up going back to the first holder listed on the DB, the first of two Ayagawa Goroji - who is listed as having competed out of (and eventually branched out of) Irumagawa-beya. The problem here: There's no corresponding Irumagawa-beya listed for that time period. According to the article about the stable, the DB data about one of the several Ryogoku Kajinosuke is currently wrong in that he didn't stay affiliated to Dewanoumi-beya when he retired from active competition in January 1912, but rather set out immediately and created Irumagawa-beya. What's correct is that he took over Dewanoumi-beya in 1923 after the death of Hitachiyama, but he did so by merging his Irumagawa-beya into it, not from a position as already-affiliated oyakata. (Customary @Tamanaogijima ping. Small addendum: Should the first vacancy period for the Irumagawa kabu start at 01.1923 rather than 02.1923?)
  9. That was a bit different, I think, in that somebody - either ex-Masudayama himself or the Dewanoumi group as a whole - didn't appear willing to let the Chiganoura share become part of a different ichimon permanently. Back when the Chiganoura-beya succession happened, there was widespread confusion over whether it meant the new owner (ex-Takamisugi) moving to Dewanoumi, or the stable moving to Takanohana's bunch (the eventual outcome). And even in later years it was never quite clear which group ex-Masudayama should be counted to, despite his continued official affiliation to the Takanohana(and later Nishonoseki)-based stable. This Tomozuna/Oshima thing should be much more benign in nature.
  10. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    I think the distinction is intended to be that abisetaoshi means that the losing rikishi got tipped over on his heels with his body coming down along its full length, and the winner likewise crashing down on him the same way (the "force down" part of the English naming, i.e. forced down mainly by the winner's weight, not the grip etc.). The line between both is very blurry though, and e.g. the second win shown in the yoritaoshi video from 0:06 to 0:11 has nearly all the hallmarks of an abisetaoshi except that the winner didn't quite land directly on top of his aite.
  11. For clarity, these appear to be the penalties suggested by the Kyokai's compliance committee in a report that was submitted to the board of directors today. The board will still only decide officially on Thursday and may deviate from these suggestions, although it sounds very likely that they'll sign off on them as-is.
  12. Asashosakari

    Next Ozeki?

    I almost made that same joke, but Kotonowaka père was basically the exact opposite in his sumo - calm to the point of seeming lethargic - so that didn't quite fit the argument I was going for.
  13. Asashosakari

    Next Ozeki?

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Used as part of the justification by whom?
  14. Asashosakari

    Hatsu 2022 Promotion & Yusho blather

    A small blessing in disguise of not getting to write for this thread was that I didn't have to comment on Yago's quest for the yusho as it was happening. People with a memory for irrelevant information may recall that I was never enamoured with Yago's sumo prowess, not even when he was briefly doing his thing successfully up in makuuchi, but this basho really took the cake. 11 wins, of which maybe three were the result of actually good sumo. The rest looked as though he was projecting some kind of force field of suck that made his opponents forget how to wrestle. I can't remember the last time that I found myself actively rooting against somebody in a lower division yusho race, but this did it. As for the Kotoyusho-or-Tochimaru question, I'll throw Nagoya 2016 with Kitataiki vs Daishoho onto the (relatively limited) pile of precedents. While the Nagoya 2018 Kizenryu vs Akua case looks compelling, that's also the only recent case of a demoted J13e where the replacement rikishi was as low as Tochimaru is now, and it may well have been relevant that Kizenryu was a perennial failure at the juryo level, that having been his 9th unsuccessful attempt. That said, while I enjoyed Kotoyusho's work this basho I'm hoping that Tochimaru will finally get his chance to shine after the multiple near misses last year (and more even earlier in his career).
  15. Asashosakari

    Next Ozeki?

    Right now I still don't buy Abi as anything more than the same 8-7 to 9-6 sanyaku regular he had worked up to be before everything went off the rails. (Of course, that alone might well make him the 5th-best rikishi in sumo at this point in time.) Perhaps there's ozeki potential in there with even further development, but an immediate breakout would majorly surprise me. So, Hoshoryu for now clearly, and maaaybe Kiribayama and Meisei if they can actually expand their occasional moments of brilliance into something steady. I'm reasonably confident that every other upper makuuchi regular besides those four can be discounted as ozeki altogether, not just "next". Daieisho doesn't look like he'll ever come close to the required consistency, Hokutofuji has amassed enough evidence that he definitely won't, and while Takanosho and Wakatakakage have been doing an excellent job by joi standards of late, I just don't see what else they can add to their existing make-up to turn themselves into 11-win rikishi. Kotonowaka...I can't quite put my finger on what kind of trajectory I expect for him, but it's not Kisenosato. He doesn't have Kise's calm, composed approach to sumo at all, and I don't really see him develop something like that. I'm not even sure that I would support the notion that there's ozeki caliber talent there. I'm kind of getting Kokkai/Tamawashi vibes instead, somebody who will be able to hang with the joi (eventually) but who will have to do it with a bit of a brawler style that will always be at risk of getting outwrestled by more technically adept opponents. And I don't really feel that Kotonowaka will be developing an imposing enough physique that could take that kind of style to ozeki.
  16. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

  17. Asashosakari

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Heads-up for anyone that might care: I was hoping to have time to do the Promotion/Demotion thread at least from Day 10 onwards this basho, but sadly I don't. Go right ahead if somebody wants to get a separate discussion rolling.
  18. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    Not a particularly surprising match-up considering the M20 came into the bout with a 7-1 record.
  19. Asashosakari

    2022 World Games

    So there are no continental federation selections from Oceania in the women's divisions, but there's an IFS-selected replacement from Australia in women's lightweight? A bit puzzling at first glance.
  20. I wonder what kind of punishment their bets are on.
  21. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Yes, it's equivalent to the "Highest Rank" checkbox on the banzuke pages, not the "Career Highest Rank" one.
  22. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Specifically, it's based on the data of the first basho for which you've set a restriction as part of the query. Compare this and this.
  23. It honestly sounds like they just might be letting the rikishi quietly choose where they want to go. (Excepting those who were recruited as uchi-deshi, of course. Do we have a list for both Oshiogawa and Nakamura?) So I'm not sure it makes sense to expect the mover breakdown to be dictated by the political background of this split, i.e. ex-Takekaze being the driving force. Some of the older guys may well decide to retire after Hatsu anyway.
  24. I mean, they could have changed Oguruma to Nakamura and just have Oshiogawa branch out, if the goal was merely to separate the two. I can't help but think that it's not just Nakamura's own financial situation precluding running a heya here at this time (not even as direct successor to an existing one), but that Oguruma-beya's main supporters might be inclined to bolt with Oshiogawa, too. Anyway...Tomokaze, eh? Kise might be getting his first sekitori in record time.
  25. Asashosakari

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2022

    13 Terunofuji - Kotoyusho 10 Mitakeumi + Atamifuji + Abi + Asanowaka - Kanno + Tomokaze - Kaishinmaru - Tanji - Nagata 9 Shodai + Bushozan TB 14