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    Retirees after Haru 2022

    IIRC, the expansion to the sewanin positions back in 2003 was partly motivated by needing more working hands during jungyo. Since then, they've drastically curtailed the size of the travelling party for those tours, so maybe the workload just isn't there anymore. I don't have any real idea about the wakaimonogashira. Have there been relevant changes at the sumo school, perhaps, such as using more external lecturers etc., or have some of their roles been shifted to the handful of oyakata who are assigned to the school? As for (late response) Shibatayama-beya's foreigner spot, unless there's already some under the table deal with whoever is going to absorb the stable in five years, I'm skeptical about seeing a new foreigner join a heya whose owner has that little time left and no in-house successor.
  2. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Only marginally related, but yesterday I tested how the new banzuke would work out if I treated it as one for Seki-Toto (I used to do that regularly, but not in a while now), and other than the unavoidable crunch at M1/2, my standard set of ground rules would have been sufficient to create a valid ranking all the way to J14 without a single spot that required manual intervention. That surprised even me, considering how awkward several areas of the real thing were when trying to do them Kyokai-style. (I hasten to add that I don't think it's a better ranking, since I'm accepting of a lot of things that would probably cause a ruckus in the real one. But it's definitely highly consistent.)
  3. Asashosakari

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Forking a copy of the Sumo Reference data has been done (without consent, AFAIK) quite a few times over the years - I think the most notable copy still up is the Japanese-only one at http://大相撲.jp/. The problem as always is that any new maintainer will have to invest the same effort into keeping the contents up to date as Doitsuyama does, with all the attendant side effects. (For instance, at the aforementioned site the rikishi IDs only match those of the DB up to the date of the forking.) Additionally the quality of the data will invariably diverge because error corrections are unlikely to be made on all forks.
  4. Asashosakari

    USA National Sumo Championships

    As a foreign-born ex-pro rikishi doing amasumo there was Byamba (ex-Daishochi), of course, and for a while his compatriot ex-Maenoyu was also active in amateur competitions, with them usually travelling together. (That was before Byamba became an entertainment personality in the US.)
  5. Asashosakari

    GTB Natsu 2022- Results!!

    A very flattering 53 here. Other than getting Kagayaki's non-demotion right there's not a lot in there that I'd be putting on a GTB resume.
  6. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Only the second shikona I recall seeing whose provided reading uses ー for vowel elongation; the other was current sewanin Ranbo (Kyokai profile).
  7. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Eek, you quoted my post with the two dumb errors still included in it.
  8. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Ishiura getting demoted half a rank more than Meisei with a record one win better. No way that's just a joi bonus for Meisei. Ishiura might as well not have bothered coming back to the basho if that's how they were going to treat his time missed. In a related note (because that's what Ishiura's demotion resulted in), I wonder how the heck Yutakayama got away as the only non-demoted 7-8 rikishi here, given the contortions they had to go through to give everybody else one.
  9. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Makushita Sandanme Jonidan Jonokuchi (New shikona in red.)
  10. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Makushita-joi Chiyonoumi Ms1 Nishikawa Hokuseiho Ms2 Tsushimanada Chiyosakae Ms3 Hakuyozan Roga Ms4 Kinbozan Kotoyusho Ms5 Kamito Kanno Ms6 Shiden Shishi Ms7 Asagyokusei Oshoma Ms8 Akiseyama Fukai Ms9 Shonannoumi Osanai Ms10 Tomokaze Fujiseiun Ms11 Tsukahara Hikarifuji Ms12 Kainoshima Ichiki Ms13 Tochikamiyama Tochinobori Ms14 Hatooka Hamayutaka Ms15 Wakatakamoto
  11. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Juryo Chiyomaru J1 Hidenoumi Chiyonokuni J2 Tsurugisho Mitoryu J3 Ryuden Akua J4 Tohakuryu Kitanowaka J5 Daishoho Daiamami J6 Nishikifuji Enho J7 Yago Tokushoryu J8 Asanowaka Kaisho J9 Kaisei Shimazuumi J10 Bushozan Hiradoumi J11 Daishomaru Shohozan J12 Atamifuji Chiyoarashi J13 Tochimaru Takakento J14 Churanoumi
  12. Asashosakari

    Aoiyama is properly Japanese

    Kasugano hasn't had any trouble securing kabu for his many sekitori over the last decade, so I doubt Aoiyama will be limited to in-house options.
  13. I think the comment was rather about the difference from Shohozan to the next guys, who are deep in the unsalaried ranks. Not that that's really a surprise. Most old rikishi are ranked far below where they were during their prime, so somebody in upper makushita would - in most cases - be somebody that was a steady sekitori at his best. Those guys don't tend to stick around for that long when the salary goes, so below juryo you'll often find (former) makushita journeymen making up such a list. Impressive though that Aozora is still hanging on so high. He's at 71 tournaments in makushita now; as far as I can tell that's fourth all-time for guys who turned pro after university, behind Tochinoyama (86), Yanagawa (77), and Kaonishiki (74).
  14. Asashosakari

    Games Bugs

    Sent, many thanks for taking care of it.
  15. Asashosakari

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Haru 2022

    Seki-Oracle (play): I'll have to quote last basho's update for relevant background to the Hatsu results: While Norizo narrowly escaped the rope cutters with an 8-7 record and is no longer in immediate danger, Choshu-yuki's fourth time flirting with disaster didn't see a happy ending. Her 6-9 score means she fell afoul of the 4-MK-in-6 rule, and her Oracle yokozuna career has thus come to an end after 19 appearances. In accordance with the standard procedures she has been moved to the bottom of the rankings, from where she will hopefully stage a quick return towards the top. Fellow yokozuna Pandaazuma posted 9 wins, which looks rather pedestrian at first glance, but was actually the sixth-best record on points. The scoring was clustered tightly in all divisions, with nobody managing to score better than 11-4 - and that resulted in the waiving of one of my most cherished banzuke-making guidelines, namely "no ozeki promotions on 8-7". Kaito (again!) moves up to the second-highest rank after this run: 2021.09 M2e 13-2 Y (1st place) 2021.11 Se 10-5 (3rd-4th place) 2022.01 S1e 8-7 (7th-11th place) Normally there are at least 10 players (from any division) who finish in front of somebody whose record converts to 8 wins in the joi, but the Hatsu results fell well short of that, so this 8-7 is a lot stronger than the typical one. As I'm also considering the combined placement of the three tournament results, and Kaito cleared that hurdle by a mile - the historical in/out line is around 20, and he totalled 13.5 - I felt compelled to approve the promotion. Congrats again! This is a return for Kaito; he only spent four basho out of the ozeki rank since he suffered demotion after last year's Natsu basho. We do have the same number of ozeki as before, however, as one of Hatsu's three kadoban ozeki wasn't able to clear his name. DeRosa's latest stint ends after 8 tournaments, but maybe he will bounce back once more, possibly as early as this month. For a change there are no kadoban ozeki for Haru basho now. Pandaazuma (Y1e 9-6) Y Norizo (Y2e 8-7) Gansekiiwa (O1e 8-7) O1 chishafuwaku (O1w 8-7) Oskahanada (O2w 8-7) O2 Kaito (S1e 8-7) Golynohana (S2w 11-4 Y) S DeRosa (O2e 7-8) Flohru (M5e 11-4 D) K1 ScreechingOwl (M6e 11-4) Oortael (M1w 8-7) K2 - Bill (S1w 7-8) M1 Taka (Kw kosho) Frinkanohana (M2w 8-7) M2 Andoreasu (Ke 7-8) GONZABUROW (M7w 11-4) M3 Wamahada (M2e 7-8) Asashosakari (M1e 6-9) M4 Oshirokita (M3w 7-8) Andrasoyama (M4e 7-8) M5 Unkonoyama (M8w 9-6) Ganzohnesushi (M6w 8-7) M6 Mariohana (M7e 8-7) Kishikaisei (M8e 8-7) M7 Susanoo (M12w 10-5) Torafujii (M4w 6-9) M8 Konosato (M3e 5-10) Athenayama (M13w 9-6) M9 Kitakachiyama (M5w 5-10) Saruyama (J1e 10-5) M10 Pitinosato (M9e 7-8) Sakura (M9w 7-8) M11 Tsuchinoninjin (J5e 11-4) joaoiyama (M11e 7-8) M12 Hakase (M15w 8-7) Kotononami (M11w 7-8) M13 Shatsume (M10e 6-9) Ruziklao (J2w 9-6) M14 Takanorappa (M14w kosho) Sukubidubidu (M14e 7-8) M15 Balon (M10w 5-10) Mmikasazuma (J6e 10-5) M16 - Profomisakari (M13e 6-9) J1 Netsuzakura (J6w 10-5) Holleshoryu (J3w 8-7) J2 Kasamatsuri (M12e 5-10) Jejima (J1w kosho) J3 Kaiowaka (M15e 6-9) Metzinowaka (J5w 8-7) J4 Kajiyanosho (J8e 9-6) Seki Haruaki (J7e 8-7) J5 Kurofuji (J4w kosho) Kobashi (J4e 7-8) J6 Hidenotora (J9e 6-9) Terarno (J2e 2-13) J7 Andonishiki (J7w kosho) Anjoboshi (J9w 5-10) J8 shimodahito (NR 5-10) Fujisan (J8w 3-12) J9 Nantonoyama (J3e 0-0-15) reeeen (J10e 2-13) J10 Doreikishi (J10w 0-15) bariihachibenson (NR 0-15) J11 Choshu-yuki (Y1w 6-9)
  16. Seki-Toto (play): Ozeki ScreechingOwl, on a tsunatori carried over from Kyushu basho, unfortunately only posted an 8-7 in Hatsu and will have to start over. That was still the best record among the three ozeki, however, and due to Athenayama and Konosato having been kadoban, they're now ozeki no more. Best of luck in the automatic repromotion opportunity this basho! Another disappointing result was provided by yokozuna Pandaazuma with his second straight 6-9 score. I've not had to affirm yokozuna retirement guidelines until now - Susanoo was kind enough to spare me the effort by retiring of his own volition after back-to-back MK last year. The standard intai rules of the other two games (three consecutive MK or four in a rolling six-basho period) are certainly in play, and considering the Toto upper-rankers are scoring significantly better overall than those in Oracle and Quad, I'm feeling compelled to require something more here. As the last KK record before the two 6-9's was also just an 8-7, I'm hereby declaring a target of at least 9-6 for Haru basho. Possible further requirements towards the maintenance of a credible enough six-basho record will be determined based on the Haru result. On a positive note, senior yokozuna Norizo had another strong outing to follow up on his Kyushu runner-up result with a third place finish in January. Moving on, the joi-jin players provided me with headscratching results for the second straight tournament. While their scoring wasn't that exceptional in pure W-L terms (8.0 wins on average, makuuchi as a whole had 7.8), the players ranked sekiwake to M8 somehow managed to produce a split of 18 KK against just 4 MK. Things weren't quite as horrible as last time, but an attempt at straight-up banzuke-making still resulted in rather ugly rankings. In particular I didn't like that the players with the least impressive KK records (i.e. the 8-7's) would have ended up with the best banzuke luck, so I decided to treat them as 7.5 wins with the possibility of demotion again. That resulted in something still ugly, but IMHO more fair than the straight alternative, so I went with it. Norizo (Ye 11-4) Y Pandaazuma (Yw 6-9) ScreechingOwl (O1e 8-7) O - Ganzohnesushi (K1e 12-3) S1 Kotononami (S1e 9-6) Athenayama (O1w 7-8) S2 Konosato (O2e 6-9) Chishafuwaku (K1w 9-6) K1 Chijanofuji (K2e 9-6) Kintamayama (K2w 9-6) K2 Bill (S1w 8-7) - K3 Oskahanada (M4e 10-5) Kishikaisei (M3e 9-6) M1 Joaoiyama (M1e 8-6-1) DeRosa (M1w 8-7) M2 Flohru (M4w 9-6) Oortael (M5e 9-6) M3 Toonoryu (M5w 9-6) Metzinowaka (M6e 9-6) M4 Golynohana (M6w 9-6) Unkonoyama (S2w 6-9) M5 Kaito (M8e 9-6) Gawasukotto (M7e 8-7) M6 Terarno (M7w 8-7) Achiyama (M12e 10-5) M7 Andoreasu (M2w 6-7-2) Frinkanohana (M11w 9-6) M8 Taka (M2e 5-10) Takanorappa (M12w 9-4-2) M9 Susanoo (M13e 9-6) Chankoyama (M8w kosho) M10 Kuroimori (M15w 9-6) Fujisan (M9w 7-8) M11 Gaanaa (M3w 4-11) Hana-ichi (M14e 8-7) M12 Herritarooo (M14w 8-7) Gernobono (M10w 7-8) M13 Asapedroryu (J1e 9-5-1) Kitakachiyama (M15e 8-7) M14 Jakusotsu (J2e 9-6) Asashosakari (M11e 5-10) M15 Andonishiki (M9e 4-11) Kaiowaka (J5w 9-6) J1 Ketsukai (J3w 8-7) Kajiyanosho (J7e 9-6) J2 Hidenotora (J9w 10-5) Kobashi (J6e 8-6-1) J3 Chelseayama (M10e 3-11-1) Jejima (J4e kosho) J4 Mmikasazuma (Ms4e 13-2 Y) Gansekiiwa (J11w 10-5) J5 Mariohana (M13w 4-11) Anjoboshi (J2w 6-6-3) J6 Netsuzakura (J11e 9-6) Atenzan (J3e 6-8-1) J7 Benihana (J1w 5-10) Andrasoyamawaka (J12e 9-6) J8 Sakura (J4w 6-9) Umigame (J5e 6-9) J9 Choshu-yuki (J14e 9-6) Kyoju (J14w 9-6) J10 Onakaderu (J9e 7-8) Ahokaina (Ms1w 9-6) J11 Oshirokita (Ms2e 9-6) Kashunowaka (J8e 6-9) J12 Getayukata (J8w 6-9) Tomisakae (J10e 6-9) J13 GONZABUROW (J10w 6-9) Nantonoyama (J6w 4-11) J14 Balon (J7w 4-11) Akishiki (J12w 6-9) Ms1 Dan Koloff (Ms6w 8-6-1) Rowitoro (Ms7e 8-6-1) Ms2 Profomisakari (Ms2w 7-8) Damimonay (Ms3e kosho) Ms3 Holleshoryu (Ms1e 6-9) Effinojo (J13e 4-10-1) Ms4 Neko (Ms4w kosho) Chudorj (J13w 4-9-2) Ms5 Ulishimaru (Ms3w 5-10) Aderechelseamaru (Ms10w 7-7-1) Ms6 Saruyama (Ms7w 6-6-3) Sutarokku (Ms5e 5-10) Ms7 Sherlockiama (Ms9w 6-4-5) Oyama (Ms5w 4-10-1) Ms8 Sukubidubidu (Ms8w kosho) WAKATAKE (Ms6e 4-11) Ms9 Unagiyutaka2 (Ms9e 4-7-4) Toyama (Ms8e 0-0-15) Ms10 Hakuryuho (Ms10e 0-0-15) Kuodorupuru (NR 0-1-14) Ms11 - The last time we had just three Y/O in Toto was for Nagoya 2019.
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    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Haru 2022

    Seki-Quadrumvirate (play): Ozeki Kobashi was soft kadoban for Hatsu but extracted himself with impressive 10 wins. Fellow ozeki Norizo kept his slate clean, albeit just with an 8-7. I'll have more to write about ozeki results next time as we're doubling their number for Haru basho. First up is Kaito, who excelled with his second straight yusho (and third in the last five tournaments!), which made this a no-brainer call. Purely in terms of his three-basho win count (30 via M3w 8-7 -> M2e 11-4 -> S1w 11-4) he's actually one short of the required standard of 31 for a run that includes two maegashira basho, but that's clearly irrelevant when the most recent two results are this strong. Matching the one-win-short-but-promoted-anyway outcome in a very different fashion is Jakusotsu, courtesy of this run: 2021.05 M7w 10-5 2021.07 M3w 9-6 2021.09 K3w 9-6 2021.11 K2e 9-6 2022.01 S2e 10-5 For all-sanyaku three-basho runs I'm normally asking for 29 wins, but this kind of consistently strong play across five tournaments was impossible to deny. Congrats to both of you! Despite pretty balanced scoring in makuuchi (20 KK, 22 MK, 7.4 wins average), I ran out of credible records to place as early as M8, so all KK players from there on will probably enjoy the rather huge promotions they have received. Kobashi (Ow 10-5) O1 Norizo (Oe 8-7) Kaito (S1w 11-4 Y) O2 Jakusotsu (S2e 10-5) Bill (S1e 8-7) S Kishikaisei (S2w 8-7) Ganzohnesushi (M1e 10-5) K1 Pandaazuma (M3w 10-5) Golynohana (M1w 9-6) K2 Athenayama (M3e 9-6) Flohru (M2w 8-7) M1 ScreechingOwl (K1e 7-8) Oskahanada (M4e 8-7) M2 Choshu-yuki (M5e 8-7) Konosato (K1w 6-9) M3 Hironoumi (K2e 6-8-1) Asapedroryu (M8w 9-6) M4 Kitakachiyama (M2e 6-9) chishafuwaku (M4w 7-8) M5 Kotononami (M9e 8-7) Andrasoyama (M17e 11-4 D) M6 Kashunowaka (M6e 7-8) Fujisan (M12w 9-5-1) M7 Asashosakari (M5w 6-9) Taka (M14e 8-7) M8 Ketsukai (M15e 8-7) joaoiyama (M7w 6-9) M9 Oortael (M16w 8-7) Susanoo (M6w 5-9-1) M10 Getayukata (M10w 7-8) DeRosa (M11e 7-8) M11 GONZABUROW (M7e 5-10) Kuroimori (M9w 6-9) M12 Jejima (M8e 5-10) Unkonoyama (M11w 6-9) M13 Gernobono (J5e 9-6) Nantonoyama (M10e 5-10) M14 Chankoyama (M14w 7-8) Metzinowaka (M13e 6-9) M15 Gansekiiwa (M15w 7-8) Balon (M16e 7-6-2) M16 Sakura (M13w 5-10) Andoreasu (M12e 4-9-2) J1 Achiyama (J2w 7-8) Hidenotora (J8w 8-7) J2 Chocshoporyu (J4w 7-6-2) Netsuzakura (J1e 6-9) J3 Anjoboshi (J6e 7-5-3) Kyoju (J2e 6-9) J4 Holleshoryu (J1w 5-10) Terarno (Ms2e 9-6) J5 Ruziklao (J13e 8-7) Andonishiki (J3e 5-8-2) J6 Sukubidubidu (J3w 5-9-1) Oshirokita (Ms2w 8-7) J7 Kaiowaka (Ms3e 8-7) Frinkanohana (J7w 6-9) J8 Kintamayama (J5w 5-9-1) Oyama (J4e 4-10-1) J9 Mariohana (J6w 5-10) Saruyama (J9e 6-6-3) J10 Rowitoro (J7e 5-9-1) reeeen (J9w 6-8-1) J11 Kajiyanosho (J14e 7-8) Hakase (J14w 7-8) J12 Profomisakari (J11w 6-9) Kasamatsuri (J10e 5-10) J13 Doreikishi (J12w 6-9) Hakushin (J10w 5-10) J14 Takanorappa (J13w 5-8-2) bariihachibenson (NR 7-8) Ms1 Hogashi (Ms4e 6-9) Kazejihi (J12e 3-12) Ms2 Chibiyama (Ms5w 6-9) Mmikasazuma (Ms6e 6-7-2) Ms3 Neko (Ms3w kosho) Unagiyutaka (Ms1w 4-7-4) Ms4 Fujiyama (J8e 0-0-15*) Kyodaitimu (Ms4w 4-10-1) Ms5 aderechelseamaru (NR 5-10) Furanohana (J11e 0-0-15) Ms6 kamogawa (Ms6w 4-6-5) McBugger (Ms1e 0-0-15) Ms7 Tsuchinoninjin (NR 2-6-7) Toyama (Ms5e 0-0-15) Ms8 -
  18. Asashosakari

    Games Bugs

    @Golynohana I've been trying to upload the Haru banzuke data for Quad and Oracle, but it keeps erroring on me. Is it fixable or should I mail the files to you?
  19. Asashosakari

    Retirements after Hatsu 2022

    A long, long list this time, comprising no less than 25 names including the previously announced Kyokushuho intai. (Although that wasn't actually acknowledged on the Kyokai site at the time, hmm. Edit: it's there now.) Asakishin (Takasago) Kiritsubasa (Michinoku) Wakanofuji (Hanaregoma) Hokutoki (Hakkaku) Kasugaryu (Tomozuna) Taketsukasa (Irumagawa) Hokutohomare (Hakkaku) Nogami (Oguruma) Hokutoiwami (Hakkaku) Mifuneyama (Kise) Akikaze (Oguruma) Toho (Otake) - known two months ago (1, 2) but only now official Mienosato (Kasugano) Yashiroumi (Kise) Hokutosora (Hakkaku) Ishihara (Hanaregoma) Arikawa (Hanaregoma) Shunpo (Shibatayama) Fujinokaze (Oguruma) Hanakaze (Tatsunami) - Link (and Yubinhaad called it in November) Asadaimon (Takasago) Wakayama (Onomatsu) Sadatsuyoshi (Sakaigawa) Imafuku (Hanaregoma) banzuke-gai So no less than four (ex-Nishonoseki) Hanaregoma rikishi won't be continuing under new shisho ex-Tamanoshima, and three Oguruma rikishi have also called it quits ahead of the heya's shuttering, including long-time makushita regular Nogami (Yubinhaad had an inkling here, too). Nogami was a standout competitor in his elementary to high school days, but struggled to stay healthy in the pro ranks. Asakishin caught the public's eyes on joining due to his unusual bodybuilding background, and has arguably had a career both better and longer than nearly anyone would have expected back then. Hokutoki came in from the collegiate circuit with a decent amount of fanfare, but had his left knee taped heavily pretty much from the start (e.g. here in his third basho, he's Ikegawa) and ended up not progressing beyond upper-mid makushita. Another former university wrestler on the list is Mifuneyama whose turning professional attracted much less attention, his subsequent career arguably having panned out about the way one would expect after a lack of truly significant collegiate results. He was recently on the road back from a left knee injury, perhaps somebody knows why the comeback has suddenly been aborted? Wakayama, absent from the dohyo for the last year, was a bit of a long ago cautionary tale about not putting too much stock into low-division results; he started his career 14-0 as a 19-year-old, but didn't have to beat anyone of competitive note for it, and proceeded to need a whole three years to leave sandanme behind him as well, taking off much of the prospect shine. Right as he was establishing himself as a makushita regular he ruptured his right knee ACL in 2015 and lost a year of his career for the first time. Initially not looking like his comeback was going to go very far, he slowly proceeded to progress through makushita again after all, to reach a one-time high rank in the single digits a year ago. Unfortunately the next tournament saw him re-injure his ACL and this time no comeback will happen. Joining Hanakaze and Toho on the way out is another of Ozumo's most veteran rikishi in 44-year-old Fujinokaze of the disbanding Oguruma-beya, the 6th-oldest rikishi on the Hatsu banzuke. I suspect other people are able to write about him in much more informed fashion than I could, so I'll yield here. Lastly, and also a member of the sumo world for 20+ years: 37-year-old Kasugaryu. A career that peaked with just a couple of cups of coffee in makushita, he is nonetheless notable for having competed out of four different heya (and for, umm, some other thing, see below), as a result of the protracted Kasugayama-beya shutdown five years ago and the not much less messy closure of the quasi-successor Nakagawa-beya a few years later. (I'm sure there's stuff to note about all the others as well, but that's what I'm able to muster at this time.)
  20. Asashosakari

    Trivia bits

    Futagoyama-beya's Koga was 3-4 at Jk12e in January, and has been promoted to jonidan. Outside of March tournaments and the 2011 May tournament (effectively that year's stand-in for March with lots of rookies), that's the lowest Jk -> Jd promotion with a makekoshi since 1981.
  21. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Haru 2022 Makuuchi Terunofuji Y --- Shodai O Takakeisho --- O Mitakeumi Wakatakakage S Abi Takanosho K Hoshoryu Daieisho M1 Ura Ichinojo M2 Tamawashi Onosho M3 Meisei Kiribayama M4 Endo Takarafuji M5 Ishiura Hokutofuji M6 Kotonowaka Takayasu M7 Okinoumi Chiyoshoma M8 Sadanoumi Tobizaru M9 Wakamotoharu Shimanoumi M10 Aoiyama Myogiryu M11 Terutsuyoshi Kotoeko M12 Chiyotairyu Chiyomaru M13 Chiyonokuni Kotoshoho M14 Yutakayama Akua M15 Tochinoshin Nishikigi M16 Kotokuzan Kagayaki M17 Ichiyamamoto
  22. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Haru 2022

    The danger of adding tags manually in a hurry. Both guys named K*ryu, ranks 3 and 13... Fixed now, thanks. It was relatively stable until last May, but yeah, in the five post-basho retirement lists since then, the only one with fewer exits than average was November, and the one after the most recent basho was among the largest in many years. I was convinced we'd be seeing 94 or so jonidan ranks this time, but evidently they didn't want to drop below 100 for just one basho with the big Haru intake of new deshi around the corner. (I doubt they'll be able to put it off for much longer, though.)
  23. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Haru 2022

    Now that's a desperate size split between jonidan and jonokuchi.
  24. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Haru 2022

    Makushita Sandanme Jonidan Jonokuchi (New shikona in red.)
  25. Asashosakari

    Banzuke for Haru 2022

    Makushita-joi Chiyoarashi Ms1 Tochimaru Kanno Ms2 Asanoyama Nishikawa Ms3 Dewanoryu Tsushimanada Ms4 Oshoma Fukai Ms5 Hokuseiho Chiyonoumi Ms6 Chiyosakae Jokoryu Ms7 Kairyu Tomokaze Ms8 Fujiseiun Chiyonoo Ms9 Kamito Asashiyu Ms10 Asagyokusei Akiseyama Ms11 Shiden Roga Ms12 Hokaho Tamashoho Ms13 Wakatakamoto Shonannoumi Ms14 Osanai Kotoozutsu Ms15 Tanabe