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    Asa in hot water-thread 2

    Today there was held Yokozuna Deliberation Council meeting and decided to watch over the situation for the time being. But, there were several members who mentioned about giving Asa "retirement advice

    Hakuho would want Asa to stay on

    I take it just stupid gossip from Mongolian yellow papers which journalists just write their stupid, weird calumniation as a definite source. I have looked over Japanese news about this topic, even could not find a single word releted this gossip. Do not trust these yellow papers (including Japanese too), my friend, they are not even worth of toilet paper.

    Mongolians, their character, their views...

    I know I am liitle late on this topic, but.. Calm down Coo-Cook. I understand your feeling. Being poor and experiencing hardness of being poor country citizen, we become too sensitive to the word "poor". I am not sure about Kakitsune's other "racist" comments about Mongolia, but at least this time I do not see any offensive comment about Mongolia. Let's just talk about Sumo here. As a same Mongolian, My point is little strict to "My hero" this time. He is not being punished for playing soccer (as most Mongolians think) but for wagging off his duty. Past misbehaviours like fighting with Shoes-on etc might have weigtht in this punishment too. At least I do not want him to show such mental weakness, instead I would like to see him to apologize for all sumo fans and take 3 yushos in row from next year. (Nodding yes...)

    Rikishi Salary Question...

    Here's information about salary and other compensations of wresters in each level. Sorry it's in Japanese.

    Miyabiyama, Hakuho NOT promoted: NHK

    Kyokai's decision not to promote Hakuho was because Hakuho let Asashoryu to dominate whole basho with no much competition. They told that Hakuho could not actively compete for yusho, and Shoryu's yusho was decided before Hakuho and Shoryu match. This was exactly the point which made Mainoumi so disappointed. Mainoumi was saying that if so, why not to set Hakuho VS Shoryu bout on the 14th day. Mainoumi was the one who was for Hakuho, even he mentioned that there should be no reason not to promote him and Kyokai does not have wish to promote Hakuho. Kitanofuji, who was attending as caster today, was against Mainoumi and even told him "That is not our problem , the people in shinpanbu will decide that".

    Miyabiyama, Hakuho NOT promoted: NHK

    There will be no promotion for both Hakuho and Miyabiyama according to NHK. (I am not worthy...)

    Day 14. No reigi again,

    But he punched the wall when he returned by hanamichi.

    Day 14. No reigi again,

    It seems no one listened to Rijicho's warning on being Reigi-tadashii , after match. Today I saw Tamanoshima and Hokutoriki were looked so pissed-off for their opponents henka, and they did not even bow properly. (Sign of disapproval) I personally hate henka, but it is still their mistake to loose by henka. They should keep in the mind that there is always henka possibility even from AMA or ASA.


    Kitanoumi rijicho said that there is so still low possibility for Hakuho's yokozuna promotion even he wins tomorrow against Shoryu. Since 1990's yokozuna promotion has become severe due to criticisms on "weak" yokozunas. Last 6 yokozunas were all promoted with 2 consecutive yusho, therefore they are gonna be strict on Hakuho too. (Rijicho also expressed that tomorrow's bout is not related to yusho, therefore win over Asa is not gonna be highly valued. ) I must admit that time is changed and NSK needed more yokozuna (Japanese yokozuna is most needed), so personally I hope they might have lower their requirement on this. Anyway, Cheer on Hakuho for last day.
  10. AOZORA

    ASASHORYU 17th Yusho

    (Applauding...) . Perfect sumo so far. Congrat to ASA (Poking the other guy...)
  11. AOZORA

    Quotes from Day 7 - Nagoya 2006

    From a Japanese source Shoryu did not mean that he yelled out "Stop that". What Shoryu said was "I can not say much on this, cause I had same experience in the past" means "I have no right to blame them in bigger voice"
  12. AOZORA


    I am very doubt that Taikai said "Daijobuka", Are you OK?. He said more aggressive word to Roho, which is "nan da omae" or can be "Nanda teme" which can be translated as What is your fucking problem, or What the hell is your problem. It may sound unpolite , but from Chiotaikai's position it is just usual expression to say to your kohai for his disrespect. He is a senpai and Ozeki. Roho should not stare him even it was Taikai's fault. But if there was other cool-headed guy instead of taikai, he could solve the problem not in front of the fans.
  13. AOZORA

    Kaio crucial week-end : "more message please"

    (In a state of confusion...) KAIO GANBARE!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Atsui Seien from Mongolia
  14. AOZORA

    sansho predictions

    I think Shukun-sho usually goes to Rikishi who won against yokozuna(Remember Shuzan's Shukun-sho with only 8 wins), or below ozeki rank rikishi Superperformanced to win a title. My guess is: Shukun-sho: Hakuho Kanto -sho: Tokitsuumi, Hokutoriki, Kokkai (if he wins tomorrow) Gino-sho: Ama
  15. AOZORA

    No mono-ii?

    NHK commentators agreed that it was so close bout, however they explained no-monoii because the bout was Tochi's Nagare.