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    Kaio vs. Asashoryu

    just an idea... Kotooshu gives to Chiotaikai Asashoryu gives to Kaio Hakuho gives to both Koto's nobody loses nothing from today, but everyone gains given favors...
  2. stunny

    Rikishi Talk - Day 9 2009 Nagoya Basho

    as i know, in japanese 'arigato' is 'thank you' and 'domo arigato' is 'thank you very much', so, let me tell you 'domo arigato, Jonosuke san!' it's the music i liked, it seems too close to the band named TOTO i used to like, and no, i dont think Ama or myself are 'sissy men', but as you said, the wisdom comes with the age. An year ago, or maybe two, i read that Hakuho wanted to invite a famous japanese singing star on his wedding, and Asashoryu has favorite singing star too. Its good to see, that the sumo wrestlers are not just brutal fat men without any sense of human beings, and that they like music too. Music is good, isnt it? Thank you again for the time you shared translating love poetry at midnight, something that is indeed rare for a sumo forum (Sign of approval...) I'm in your debt not only for the translation above, but also for the very interesting rikishi comments you do translate daily. If you tell me the favorite bulgarian song of Kotooshu, i will translate it for you :-) one last question: what does 'Jonosuke' mean?
  3. stunny

    Rikishi Talk - Day 9 2009 Nagoya Basho

    I know, I know, its offtopic, but please translate for me that pretty song Sayonara from Off Course, which Ama liked. I found just the english letters of the japanese words, so its impossible for me to translate whatever. Mou owari da ne kimi ga chiisaku mieru Boku wa omowazu kimi wo dakishimetakunaru "watashi wa nakanai kara konomama hitori ni shite" Kimi no hoho wo namida ga nagarete wa ochiru "bokura wa jiyuu da ne" itsuka sou hanashita ne Marude kyou no koto nante omoi mo shinaide * sayonara sayonara sayonara Mou sugu soto wa shiroi fuyu Aishita no wa tashika ni kimi dake Sonomama no kimi dake Ai wa kanashii ne boku no kawari ni kimi ga Kyou wa dareka no mune ni nemuru kamoshirenai Boku ga tereru kara daremo miteinai michi wo Yorisoi arukeru samui hi ga kimi wa suki datta * repeat Soto wa kyou mo ame yagate yuki ni natte Bokura no kokoro no naka ni furitsumoru darou Furitsumoru darou Thank you in advance, Jonosuke.
  4. stunny

    Fan-made Natsu Basho Ending Video Clip

    yes, it works now. may be my fault.
  5. stunny

    Fan-made Natsu Basho Ending Video Clip

    the links doesnt work. can you fix it please?
  6. stunny

    Asa and Hakuho

    asa and hakuho playing for kotooshu, like in the old roman empire a show infront of the imperor... sounds interesting... who could expect this?
  7. stunny


    Greetings to all Kotooshu fans!! It was long wait, but it finnished with happy end. Well, with 2 almost henkas, but that is acceptable. I do not expect an yokozuna run next basho, i just expect nice sumo. Congratulations, Kotooshu! Честито, Калояне !! :-(
  8. stunny


    well, kotooshu completely controled the bout, he had two hands grip, but he just screw it up on the end, not being able to throw dejima. it was not dejima's win, but more than kotooshu's lost. he beated himself. sad, but true. he always screw it up on the first week. ;-) kotooshu seems to me like giant, who afraid mices. he can beat everybody, but still lurks like mediokre ozeki.
  9. stunny

    Rikishi Talk Day 10 Nagoya basho 2007

    is there something wrong with kotooshu and chiotaikai in the comments? "I find some oppoenents much easier to deal with." does he mean kotooshu? i wonder, coz i do believe kotooshu deserved to win that bout.
  10. stunny

    Kotooshu Henka

    I am Bulgarian, and of course, i am Kotooshu supporter. Yet, i am ashamed and mad of that waste of strenght and power. Maybe Ama needs henka. Maybe Hakurozan too. But why Kotooshu? I do believe he can beat all the guys there with no exclusions. Yet he acts like skirty schoolgirl. Maybe he needs good psychologyst. Or someone to piss him off... Stopped posting for a while, just to watch him today against asasekiryu. Man! That was it !! Just do it always, every day... (Sign of approval...)
  11. stunny

    Kotooshu loses tamely to the Yokozuna

    hello, all... i am a Kotooshu fan. yes, i am. and being such, i would like to tell that i am ashamed of what he did this basho. the whole last year he was unable to fight normally, coz he was struggling injuries. it was long hard time. many weaker rikishi used that to get easy victories over him. and when finally, in the beginning of this basho the cameras did show his legs free of any bandages, i told to myself 'look, he will now fight them all' as in the good old time. but guess what... only a minute after showing his legs free of any bandages, he did henka to kisenosato. oh my, oh my.... why so, kotooshu, why so? then it was a long empty basho for him. he lack 2 things. first he lacks the desire to win. just take a look at Ama. he never gives up, he never steps inside the ring without determination to win or die trying. second Kotooshu lacks agressiveness. look at his lost from Tokitenku. look at the fight Chiyotaikai Asashoryu last basho. did kotooshu ever fought that way? maybe he is too soft. maybe he afraids to bite someone like Ivender Hollyfeeld. (well, dont take me he should bite someone's nose or ear) well, i really would like to see my favorite Kotooshu as he could be. fighting everyone the way he can. of course he can. the question is 'when?' coz in the near future, i dotn see nor new Ozeki, nor new Yokozuna. the sumo became without any intrigue. Asa gains basho after basho, and there is no one to stop him. sad, but true.
  12. After the retirement of Kaio, Chio and Tochiazuma, who do you think will take their places? Do you believe the current Ozeki group is performing below their supposed level as an Ozeki?
  13. if Baruto can make it..... he need to survive first...
  14. well, honestly, i dont see any new Ozeki candidates. nor i see any Yokozuna candidates. seems the current rikishi are in a black hole. no one really is a danger for Asashoryu. pity, that if someone beats him once in a blue moon that is accepted as we have seen the Halee's comet (once in every 76 years it passes close enough). i wonder what if Kotooshu had the fighting spirit and desire to chase the victory as Ama does. i wonder what if Ama had a bit bigger body. pity for Baruto too. it was a short hope we all dreamed for...
  15. stunny

    The Kotooshu-Homasho bout

    after watching the movie on, it is so clear, that the initiative was totally kotooshu's. he went for a throw, and he did it. the elbow of homasho touches first the tawara. it was totally kotooshu's victory, and it was robbed. it doesnt mean, that kotooshu should have done that senseless henka on day 1. the cameras were showing his knees without any bandages for half an hour, meaning he is healthy now. and yet he did a stupid henka. shame indeed, but on day 3 he was robbed. ;-)
  16. stunny

    I couldn't believe my eyes!

    if asashoryu can do it, why the ozeki cant do it? i dont believe kotooshu afraid kisenosato. i tend to believe it was more a revenge than anything else.
  17. stunny

    Asashoryu vs Kotooshu?

    Well, show me just one Ozeki who has good performance... Chiotaikai? Come on... Hakuho? We saw him already... Kotooshu was injured, thats it. When Hakuho pass over the depression of this unsuccesful Yokozuna run mentaly, and when Kotooshu get healed completely, we will have 2 real Ozeki gunning. Chiotaikai is a joke, Kaio is just tired, and Tochiazuma is injured too. Well, waiting for the good bashos to come...
  18. stunny

    Asashoryu vs Kotooshu?

    the first case was the same for everyone ... and the second is just unbased speculation. or maybe you don't think that Hakuho can beat the yokozuna .... I do believe Hakuho can beat the Yokozuna. As Kotooshu can too... I just dont agree Hakuho deserved to be an Yokozuna. Not now.
  19. stunny

    Asashoryu vs Kotooshu?

    Ryukaze, I am really teased by your [Certified "Tochiazuma, Kotooshu and Hokutoriki hater"] (Sign of disapproval) And why are you hating them? Anyway, i also would like, if they pair the Yokozuna with Kotooshu. His injury seems to fade away, so in the next few bashos, if he gets completely healthy, i would expect Yokozuna run. Hakuho got his chance, and almost had it. However, he did it in the absense of the Yokozuna once, then one thrown bout from Asashoryu, and all that time without healthy Kotooshu. As Baruto is on the scene now too, i doubt anyone could get Yokozuna soon.
  20. stunny

  21. stunny

    Kotooshu dodges a bullet again

    I would like to see what does rampage means in terms of Kotooshu. If only he had a piece of the fighting spirit of Ama... Anyway, Kotooshu often is henka-ed, so he is afraid to just buldoze at the tachi-ai...
  22. stunny

    Kotooshu dodges a bullet again

    I really wonder, if i am more mad, than Kotooshu for his loses. For sure he doesnt fight as he used to. I see him being completely dumb in few bouts, loosing from weaker rikishi. Making his kachi koshi in a struggle is a pain for me. I just hope, this Aki basho will be the last of the struggle. I do remember the time no longer than an year ago, when he was throwing his oponents left and right, with powerful uwatenages. The best uwatenage this basho was vs Tokitenku, but i wonder what is going on with the real Kotooshu. Maybe the trainer, maybe the injury, maybe just psychic. But dont follow your illusions, that it will last forever. He does belong to the sumo top fighters, along with Hakuho and Baruto. Yes, Baruto is in a black hole too. I was wondering what the heck is he waiting for and not throwing Ama in the 3rd row. Things like that happen. Waiting for the previous Kotooshu to return... (Nodding yes...)