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  1. Dejimasama

    Final- RotoSumo Standings (Kyushu 05)

    Finally got burned with my picking Tochiazuma the last few basho, ahh well always next basho (In a state of confusion...)
  2. Dejimasama

    Final- RotoSumo Standings (Aki 05)

    ;-) Looking forward to hopefully getting to test my luck in the top division next basho
  3. Dejimasama

    Hurricane Katrina

    Hi guys I am back and all is well here for me, been helping friends who lost much more than me. Thank you for all the well wishes. As for the construction question we do use a great deal of brick, mortar and concrete in our construction around wood frames often on the coast. Most houses can withstand 100 mph winds but when you see the insane destruction is from the storm surge, tornadoes spawned by the storm and winds in the 100+ range sustained for many hours. Well the majority of the houses built in the past 15 years are built strong on the coast, the older ones are lacking.
  4. Dejimasama

    Hurricane Katrina

    Hi guys, still down here with no power. We hooked up a generator so I got on line early this morning while it is only 85 degrees in this room to say hi and let some people know i am ok. We had a few trees down, one hit our house but no serious damage occured from it. They are hopeing that maybe today we can get power back but it may take another 6 days. We have a generator and hooked up the freezer, refrig and fans to it so all is as well as it can be expected I guess, we got phone back sometime over night. No real food though, just non pershiable stuff cause all the pershiable stuff well perished. I am pretty much out of work since the company i do the books for in Slidell was washed away and may take months to get it rebuilt so I have to find a new one sometime soon I guess.
  5. Dejimasama

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    Almost scared to say anything but Dejima is looking pretty good so far. He even had the upper hand in his Kaio match.
  6. Dejimasama

    Next Yokozuna

    I would be overjoyed just to see him get Ozeki.
  7. Dejimasama

    Are these Dejima's legs?

    :-( Gonna miss Musoyama. Thanks for the pictures.
  8. Dejimasama

    Final- RotoSumo Standings (Hatsu 05)

    I am hopeing my 4-3 at MS4w is enough to finally get me in Juryo.
  9. Dejimasama

    New RotoSumo Banzuke Hatsu 2005

    Slowly creeping up. I might make it to Juryo someday. :-S
  10. Dejimasama

    Dejima engaged

    Congrats for Dejima, hope he gets all that he wants
  11. Dejimasama

    Favorite Video Game Rikishi

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to say the same thing. Same boat
  12. Dejimasama

    Tochiazuma gone

    Ryu not all injuries are a point of just simply willing to not be injured anymore. Many a great have had thier careers cut short long before they were done in every sport. The spirit is willing but the body is not. Tochi in particular was running several miles everyday after his last injury to come back from it. He ran stairs and hit the weights vigorously. You will be hard pressed to find many in the sport willing to do that. Honestly I dont really question anyone's fighting spirit in the top ranks, one cant suceed on talent alone. To qoute the Hagakure "Having just wisdom and talent is the lowest tier of usefullness."
  13. Dejimasama

    Tochiazuma gone

    I have to disagree with this. I could hardly imagine someone questioning his fighting spirit with the injuries he has suffered. None of them have been minor, much like Dejima he has plowed through some of the worse injuries seen in the top ranks in the past years. I just dont understand how his fighting spirit can be questioned with the work ethic he has had in training in order to come back from these injuries.
  14. Dejimasama

    Noriko Fujita (Taka-Waka mum) speaks out

    Interesting read but cant say it surprises me at all.
  15. Dejimasama

    Fascist Takamisakari?

    You have to understand that the mon you see has been around in Japan for hundreds of years before the nazis gave it the meaning many have for it today.