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  1. Mysko

    Salarycap Sumo Aki 2012 Invitation

    Hi, I entered my picks, but did not receive the usual confirmation mail... Can you confirm you received it all right ?
  2. Mysko

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    Great report indeed. Thanks a lot Nishinoshima ! I guess it's even better for people who understand japanese, which is not my case (too bad for me !). I was wondering, at 15 minutes into the video, was he being lectured by his oyakata for putting down his aite, who had already stepped out of the tawara and lost ?
  3. Mysko

    Pick The Yusho Winners, Nagoya 2012

    I did the very same : but you're still luckier than I am, because on the results after Day 4, Wakamisho gives you 1 point, whereas Wakamisho gives me 0 point ! :-D
  4. Mysko

    Rikishi Status - Nagoya 2012 FINAL

    Hadn't realized : poor guy !
  5. Mysko

    Rikishi Status - Nagoya 2012 FINAL

    What about Chiyozakura ? Anybody knows ? He is not reported as kuyjo, but he did not appear on the torikumi of Day 1, nor Day 2, nor Day 3 ?!...
  6. Mysko

    Is Sumo Game down?

    I was able to connect and subscribe yesterday, but today I can't connect to the site either... Certainly an issue with the server.
  7. Mysko

    Nagoya 2012 sanyaku

    Yes, but If you look at the last five 9-6 at M2 (east + west), only one didn't make it to komusubi (and none of them had a sansho)... In fact, If you look at all the M2 with a 9-6 score, an overall 50 out of 60 cases got the nod for san'yaku, so more than 80% ! I am still not saying that Myogiryu will make it to komusubi, but this is indeed a very close call ! In my heart, I feel like Myogiryu does deserve it more than Kyokutenho because of the rikishi he had to face to achieve his score ; however I have regularly observed that the Kyokai officials do not always take my feelings into account when they make the Banzuke !!
  8. Mysko

    Nagoya 2012 sanyaku

    On the other hand, all the M2 who ever got 9/6 AND a sansho (20 occurences) always achieved a sanyaku spot...
  9. Mysko

    S - Quad problem

    FYI : I have not been receiving the usual confirmation mails for my S4 and Odd picks since Day 11. No big issue of course, as it doesn't prevent me from playing, but as I understand you were looking into some issues, I just wanted to let you know... Cheers
  10. Mysko

    Pick The Yusho Winners Natsu 2012, Final standings

    I would love that, but sadly Tochinoshin doesn't have 7 victories after Day 8, so I will lose some points/places here... By the way, Hakuho and Baruto do not have 6 wins either ! ;-)
  11. Mysko

    Pick The Yusho Winners Natsu 2012, Final standings

    Hi, I saw an error in the tabel of results after Day 6 : Watanabe really has 1 win (instead of 0)
  12. Mysko

    UDH Haru Basho 2012

    Or it would have been a perfect example If I had been promoted... :-D I now understand that it's all my own fault : I should have been aware that there had been several precedents, I should have known that rules can be bent, I should have been less shy, and I should have asked for leniency... ;-) Or more simply I sould stop here and forget about it all ! :-P Cheers mates, and thanks for your comments.
  13. Mysko

    UDH Haru Basho 2012

    Who and where did you ask? Certainly not me, as I would have given you the nod back then... But I will refrain from changing standings retroactively now.* This would establish a precedent. A bad precendent that would let look Pandora's Box like a minor hiccup. Some general advice for all players on this promotion topic: First of all, it's a game. Second, it's a game about Sumo. Just think about the hundreds of rikishi who have been unlucky at promotion cases. But third, I am not a bad person. Whenever you think you have a case about a forgotten promotion, just tell me. Do it in the respective UDH thread, by PM, or via the website -- WHEN it happens, not two months later. I'll hear your case and decide upon it. I'm pretty lenient with borderline promotions to ozeki (usually deliberately "forgetting" the grid and just summing up the last three bashos (wins, ranks) of all kk sekiwake) as I see no reason to try and make a balanced banzuke -- that's virtually impossible in UDH and TH, given the promotion grid. Those banzuke will always be very top-heavy. * barring some serious errors made by a scoring sheet etc. but they will be spotted during a basho anyway Hi Tamanaogijima, First, let me state that I never though you were a bad person of course. Then, I certainly understand that running a game is a difficult and time-consumming task ; this is why I am very thanksful for all the hard work you do for our entertainment ! On top of that, you're absolutely right that I didn't contact you 2 months ago ; and there are at least 4 reasons why I didn't : 1 - As you mentionned, this is just a game ; 2 - I didn't want to bother you for no good reason, as I know you are having already much to deal with just to run the game for us ; 3 - The rule clearly states that the 3 rules (34 wins, KK in all 3 bashos, K or S in all 3 bashos) are ADDITIONAL requirements, meaning ON TOP of the grid above which shows you must have 11 wins as Se in the last basho (or even more If you're only Sw or Sh) =&--#62; so why should I have bothered you : you were absolutely right to follow the rule and not give me the promotion I didn't deserve ; 4 - I had the very same discussion with Doitsuyama about Hoshitori Game last year : not the same game of course, but the very same kind of rule obviously : a grid + an EXTRA rule = 34 wins over 3 basho... At that time, I hadn't pay attention to the fact that it was an EXTRA rule, and Doitsuyama explained rightfully that I couldn't be promoted with my 34 wins because I didn't comply with the grid requirement... Saying that, I now feel really stupid when you say that I should have chased you 2 months ago, in order to explain to you that you ought to give me a promotion, even though I knew perfectly well the rules were against it. You say you don't want to extablish a precedent ; but by promoting Bengoshi, it looks like you are precisely creating a precedent NOW. I certainly don't want you not to promote Bengoshi of course : I am very happy for him (her ?) ; but you must understand that I am discovering ONLY NOW that you've changed the rules, this is the reason why I am claiming ONLY NOW that I should have gotten a promotion after the Hatsu basho (and why I didn't do that 2 months ago when I thought the rules were the rules). That being said, I am not a bad person either, and I do not want to force you to do something you don't want to. For Pandaazuma, I didn't check, but I guess you were not S or K in the last 3 basho... In his mail, I understood Tamanaogijima was forgetting about the grid, but not about the 3 basho as san'yaku and 3 basho with KK. It is only Asashosakari who mentionned that "the first basho must already be sanyaku" requirement might have gone, but I didn't understand from the mail of Tamanaogijima, nor did Tamanaogijima confirm that. And I certainly hope this is not true, because without this rule, I should have been promoted : * after Aki Basho 2007, my record over the last 3 bashos being 12+13+14 = 39 wins, * after Aki Basho 2009, my record over the last 3 bashos being 14+15+11 = 40 wins, * after Natsu Basho 2010, my record over the last 3 bashos being 12+11+14 = 37 wins, * after Kyushu Basho 2011, my record over the last 3 bashos being 9+14+14 = 37 wins... In fact I should have been a Yokozuna since Aki 2009 then ! Tamanaogijima is saying he is pretty lenient, and he also admits he has missed my promotion 2 months ago ; but I cannot imagine him being so forgetful as to have missed promoting me 5 times in the past...
  14. Mysko

    UDH Haru Basho 2012

    Let me add that I asked that very question 2 months ago, and got the answer mentionned above that it was because I hadn't got the minimum 11 wins required by the grid... :'-(
  15. Mysko

    UDH Haru Basho 2012

    Wait a moment here : How come I didn't get promoted after Hatsu 2012, though I had 37 wins over the last 3 bashos (being san'yaku in all these bashos) ?