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    Good show from NSK. All fans are blind and doof . thinking this NSK
  2. Ogi


    I think,Ama and Hakuho beating Kotooshu and Asashoryu losing to Hakuho yusho winner Hakuho 14-1, Asashoryu and Kotooshu finishing whit 13-2 . Another one is , Kotooshu
  3. Ogi

    August-Mongolian Jungyo

    I will be there (Third prize...) (Kensho parade...) (Second prize...) ;-) (Cheers...) (First prize...) Maybe some pictures here after jungyooooooo! (Eating...)
  4. Ogi

    Hakuho vs. Ama

    This is just the foretaste Osetian Yokozuna (hm, we have actually a Yokozuna from Osetian: D?). This is the fault that Wakanoho made. Your opponent with mouse to compare is a sign that the Rikishi also not psychologically mature enough for the fight. Learn from Roho. Wakanoho also makes the same mistake as Roho. Another couple throw more and he will be a silent fish in the water. ;-) (Kensho parade...) (First prize...) (Second prize...) (Third prize...)
  5. Ogi

    Makushita YUSHO for Daiyubu !

    Next Yokozuna on the way (Shaking head...)
  6. Ogi

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    See on info-sumo today's info page news. If you have the 2 Yokozuna's face can see, you know what I am talking about. So nervous and Hakuho sweat? Why? Normal he always sits quietly with eyes closed there. Maybe he was nervous because he 1.Mal since he Yokozuna, these dirty NSK show had to join. And Asa seemed so angry and sad because he knows that he has already lost before the fight. Kotoshogiku and what Chyotaiktai were so sure that what they knew. But this is just my conjecture, and therefore censored Yaoohooooooo?????? (Showing respect...)
  7. Ogi

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    It was a good show from NSK today (Showing respect...) .
  8. Ogi


    Well, this link doesn't work, so how is anyone supposed to see the videos? Anyway, I can still edit the post. Just ask. U think u good?It
  9. Ogi


    Well done Maxim.U asked me about this link? url=http://www.mongoleilink.de/content/download/AkiBashoTag12.wmv <---This link is from my site and u linked this whitout asking?