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  1. 14 minutes ago, Onibushou said:

    How many coaches have there been without a single division title or sansho? I doubt he's the first, but with how becoming an oyakata works there can't have been too many.

    Must have been lots and lots of them. One that immediately comes to mind is moto-Oikari, Kabutoyama-oyakata who has been prominently figured in the Sumo Prime Time videos on kimarite.

  2. 16 hours ago, Sakura said:

    I agree. The numbers just represent a mathematical safety line. We've seen plenty of situations where having a demotable record doesn't guarantee demotion and I'm happy to wager that everyone with 1 win required is already safe.

    I was really just joking about the fact that it was Shimanoumi, who has escaped near-certain demotion so many times...

  3. 2 hours ago, Hankegami said:

    Do you mean that moment near to the ropes, almost to the end of the bout? I cannot see any easing from either of them, honestly. Sure, Bushozan was almost upright with that last push, but he started sidestepping immediately (and at a same time he also clutched Churanoumi's left arm). A big part was played by the tokudawara, which gave more room for Bushozan's feet to side-step. But there wan no pause that I could see (and I played it at the slowest pace to be sure). The sequence was: Bushozan is pushed to the bales > He goes forward for a counter-push but he's pushed back almost upright > He clutches Churanoumi's arm which was still against his chest pushing him, and side-steps > Churanoumi is pulled out balance and Bushozan counter-attacks.

    Yes, I might be misjudging it. But I still have the feeling that Churanoumi thought he had it in the bag but didn't finish the job properly, so perhaps he's the one to blame rather than Bushozan. (Thinkingindepth...)

    Speaking of this, did you watch Shiden - Shirokuma in juryo? In that case, Shiden *clearly* gives up and Shirokuma squats to put his opponent down - on the tawara, so the bout isn't technically over. Luckily Shiden didn't "restart" the bout, he stepped out shortly after.


  4. In the Churanoumi - Bushozan bout, there was a weird sequence where to me it looked like

    • Bushozan thought he was losing and started to ease up
    • Churanoumi sensed that, thought he was winning and then *he* started to ease up on his pushing
    • whereupon Bushozan got back into the bout, side-stepped and eventually won. 

    I don't know, it felt slightly unsportsmanlike by Bushozan. 

  5. He did much better in Kyushu than I thought, but I think he will get a reality check in the next basho being ranked around M1 for the first time (like others before him). Then we'll see if he can adjust, or if the top-rankers adjust to him. I am on the fence.

  6. I am amazed that he won two yusho in 2023, and incredibly he is still among the youngest third of the rikishi in makuuchi. But it doesn't feel like he can evolve his sumo further, and now that others around him are starting to get their act together Takakeisho might find it increasingly hard to win another yusho. Let's give him one J, hanging on to the rank.

  7. (The poll currently says "He will go intai (retire) during 2023") -> should be 2024

    I think he will give up 7 kinboshi: Abi, Takayasu, Meisei, Tobizaru, Tamawashi, Atamifuji and Shonannoumi. And he will retire during the year.

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  8. I am not a Takakeisho fan by any means, but between a rikishi who has fought all his bouts from the top of the division and a maegashira 15, I will almost always root for the former. And I am not upset by the henka, it's part of sumo. (Henka!!!) Very few believed that Takakeisho would be even the best ozeki this time, not to mention yusho winner. He did what the others failed to do so from me, all respect to him.

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