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  1. Kashunowaka

    New Banzuke

    Kotomitsuki dropping from Sekiwake West to Maegashira 2 East with a 6-9 record... now why does that seem so familiar? >:-( (Sigh...)
  2. Kashunowaka

    Haru basho on Eurosport

    Oh yes. He even repeated the information tonight (days 13-15). (Oops! ) Wasn't the joke from a real sports site? Do you mean that you wrote it? (Sign of approval)
  3. Kashunowaka

    Haru basho on Eurosport

    Yes, that was clearly a case of bad information, but I suppose once in a while such things get through. That April fools joke at least had some staying power :-P You are being too lenient, Yubiquitoyama-zeki (Eating...) (In love...) By the way, I have never been a fan of Toki, but now after having seen "carbon Toki" Takanotsuru a couple of times, I must concede that perhaps the original Toki isn't so bad after all... (Enjoying a beer...)
  4. Kashunowaka

    Old polls

    I just found out that I can still vote in almost all of the polls. I think it would be good if voting were prevented in all polls except those that are still current. For the moment, the only current poll seems to be the "How many Ozeki..." poll. I realize that what I am asking for probably means a lot of work for our esteemed Rijicho. (Enjoying a beer...) A few suggestions/wishes: The creator of a new poll should be able to set a final date for voting in a poll. It should be possible to leave comments in the topic after voting is closed. If setting a final date isn't possible, the second best thing would be to let the creator of the poll be able to lock the poll. If nothing of this is possible, perhaps the suggestions should be forwarded to IPS, so that the board can be improved even further? That is, if you agree with me, of course. (Eating...)
  5. Kashunowaka

    Old polls

    Oh, I find it very interesting to go back in time and compare what people used to think with what we know now. Reading really old posts from the mailing list archive at http://www.banzuke.com is another hobby of mine. (Enjoying a beer...) For most polls it seems to be until right before next basho. But that differs, of course. Very nice! (Eating...) Is IPB open source?
  6. Kashunowaka


    In 2000 Hatsu basho, there were 4 sekiwake: Kaio, Tochiazuma, Musoyama and Takanonami. :-):-):-):-) Tochiazuma, Dejima, Akinoshima and Kaio were the 4 komusubi in Haru 1999. :-):-):-):-) But has there ever been 5 sekiwake or komusubi? (Enjoying a beer...)(Being unsure...)(Being unsure...)(Being unsure...)(Being unsure...)
  7. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    This thread is digressing more and more. I don't really mind, but perhaps the discussion should continue elsethread? (Being unsure...) (Order, order! ) (Order, order! ) (Being unsure...) (Enjoying a beer...)
  8. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    :-D "This is the new member of SumoForum, Kashunowaka from Stockholm Beya. I have been following Sumo since 1996, and with this post I make my hatsu-dohyo in this forum. I will try to do my own brand of posting to this forum so I hope you'll be rooting for me."
  9. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    Must... not... confuse... Zentoryu with Zenjimoto... Must... not... confuse... Zentoryu with Zenjimoto...
  10. Kashunowaka

    How many Ozeki after Natsu basho?

    That one does not seem quite so improbable to me :-(. And Musashimaru, who finally has decided to participate, retires after a day 7 loss to maegashira 3 Tamanoshima by the rare kimarite tsukaminage.
  11. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    By the way, how does the "adjusted score" work? I am sure it is explained somewhere on the Sekitori-Oracle website, but I haven't been able to find it.
  12. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    I did play Sekitori-Oracle in Haru as my first sumo game ever. I was rather unlucky though... :-( especially with Juryo. I must say I was a little intimidated by the variety of games available when I first started thinking about playing some cyber-sumo game. :-( I am much better prepared now though, so in Natsu basho I plan on participating in a lot of Sumo Games. B-) Watch out! :-D
  13. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    Thank you. :-D Of course, there isn't much to post about for the moment, but the next banzuke is only 10 days away... It is going to be a very interesting basho, for sure.