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  1. Kashunowaka

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    It sure was. It's Hakuho, though ...
  2. Kashunowaka

    Happy birthday Yubiquitoyama!

    Surely he is Danish? Haden
  3. Kashunowaka

    Hakuho vs. Asashoryu

    It is good that there is someone on this forum who tells it as it really is.
  4. Kashunowaka

    Day 5 results and day 6 pairings

    I think you are in a minority on this one, Kaikitsune. To me it looks like Tamanoshima initiates his sotogake attempt after Asashoryu has started *his* throw. Tamanoshima is already airborne by the time he hooks his leg behind Asashoryu's.
  5. Kashunowaka

    Day 4: Hakuko Progress

    Probably not, but it is rather far-fetched. ;-) It is much more likely that he wins the needed yusho outright.
  6. Kashunowaka

    Haru 2006 Super Banzuke is out!

    Oh yes, the Futahaguro of online sumo gaming ... :-) (Tears forming...)
  7. Kashunowaka


    Oh, I had forgotten that it was exactly the same problem last time. In that case it is even more imperative that we solve the problem next time, for I don't want to keep inputting picks manually every basho.
  8. Kashunowaka


    That doesn't sound good. Well, one reason could be that the HTML is an absolute mess. That's not my fault of course. (I am not worthy...) But I'll try to clean it up, and hopefully things will work better next time. You obviously cannot test the entry form until next basho, but when that time comes, we'll see if it's still a problem.
  9. Kashunowaka


    Very well, but could you be more specific than 'I had problems'? (I am not worthy...)
  10. Kashunowaka

    Salarycap Sumo Invitation Haru 2006

    You demote an ozeki to M3? It is your game, and you are free to do whatever you want. But what you do here is in effect to reduce the ozeki rank to just another rank, a sekiwake+. Perhaps it makes some kind of sense, since I just realise that Jesinofuji stayed ozeki despite three consecutive makekoshi.
  11. Kashunowaka


    I will enter your picks Fujisan. What went wrong?
  12. Kashunowaka

    Pick the Yusho Winners

    Although I enjoy this game very much, I have decided to cut down on games that deal with the lower divisions. Hence I declare my intai from PTYW.
  13. Kashunowaka

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Haru 06

    I declare my intai from Banzuke Surfing.
  14. Kashunowaka

    First book about sumo in spanish

    I am very impressed. Very nice! Well, I haven't seen the book of course (Bye, bye...) and unfortunately I don't read Spanish. But still, a fine achievement.
  15. Excellent article, and a good read for those that always repeat "Yokozuna promotion should only be after two consecutive yusho" as a mantra.
  16. Kashunowaka

    Gamers: How'd You Do?

    I didn't know you played CiberSumo. Cool game, isn't it?
  17. Kashunowaka

    Gamers: How'd You Do?

    I had a great basho. Super Banzuke games (pre-basho): GTB 10-5 ;-) Sekitori-Oracle 7-8 (Yusho winner...) GISP Somewhere in the middle, slightly above the median. 8-7? (Dohyo-iri...) Edit: 8-7 indeed. :-) Juryo Game 7-0 (Sign of approval) Makushita yusho! RotoSumo 10-5 (Sign of approval) 5th place in makuuchi Totoro's Hoshitori 12-3 but more importantly: ozeki promotion! (Whistling...) UDH 8-7 :-) I was doing much better until Tamanoshima started winning. Paper-Oyakata 12-3, 10th place (Sign of approval) Norizo Cup 8-7 :-) Not great, but kachi-koshi. Salarycap 6-9 (Laughing...) I thought it would be worse, with Kaio in the team. Super Banzuke games (daily): Sekitori-Toto 11-4 (Sign of approval) If I don't get promoted to makuuchi now, I never will. (I am J1e.) ISP 10-5 :-) Probably my worst game, so if I am above the median, I am happy. Sumo Game 10-5 (Sign of approval) I was 3-5 after 8 days! I am ranked ms4e, but since this is Sumo Game I don't expect to get promoted to juryo. (Beaten...) Tip-Spiel 6th place (Sign of approval) After winning yusho last time, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to make top 10 again. S4 10-5 (Sign of approval) Yusho winner had 11-4. I was never in the race though, but still a great result. Bench Sumo 7-8 (Help me...) I cannot be dissatisfied since my major mistake was made pre-basho, picking Kaio as my ozeki. I never got into the groove in week 1 and got MK on day 12, but finished with 3 wins. Chain Gang Out on day 8! (Sign of approval) I have never made it to day 8 before!!! Other games: CiberSumo 9-6, 9-6, 4-3, Heya 5/89 (Sign of approval) Whenever all three of my rikishi get KK, I am very satisfied. Yoso (Sign of disapproval) Kumi (Sign of disapproval) No luck in the Hungarian games this time. PTYW 9-6 :-) Banzuke Surfing I had Towanoyama, say no more. I will probably retire from this game.
  18. Kashunowaka

    2006 Hatsu Basho SB Masters Results are up!

    Kanto-sho! I am ecstatic! I thought I had a good basho overall, but I never expected this.
  19. Kashunowaka

    Next Yusho Winner?

    That is because polls are never closed when they should be. ;-)
  20. Kashunowaka

    Who will be the next Yokozuna?

    I will root for Tochiazuma all the way, but I don't expect him to make it either.
  21. Kashunowaka


    Now that demotion seems inevitable for Tosanoumi, do you think he will continue in juryo, or will he retire?
  22. Kashunowaka


    Yes, I figured that Tosanoumi would likely compete as long as he is a sekitori, so it's good to hear it confirmed.
  23. Kashunowaka


    Well, start by leaving the page http://scgroup.com/ and go to http://scgroup.com/sumo/. (Blushing...)
  24. Kashunowaka


    http://www.scgroup.com/sumo/stat/Born.html is your friend. It is Kitazakura.
  25. Kashunowaka

    sansho predictions

    I think Ama will get the shukun-sho.