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    In 2000 Hatsu basho, there were 4 sekiwake: Kaio, Tochiazuma, Musoyama and Takanonami. :-):-):-):-) Tochiazuma, Dejima, Akinoshima and Kaio were the 4 komusubi in Haru 1999. :-):-):-):-) But has there ever been 5 sekiwake or komusubi? (Enjoying a beer...)(Being unsure...)(Being unsure...)(Being unsure...)(Being unsure...)
  2. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    This thread is digressing more and more. I don't really mind, but perhaps the discussion should continue elsethread? (Being unsure...) (Order, order! ) (Order, order! ) (Being unsure...) (Enjoying a beer...)
  3. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    :-D "This is the new member of SumoForum, Kashunowaka from Stockholm Beya. I have been following Sumo since 1996, and with this post I make my hatsu-dohyo in this forum. I will try to do my own brand of posting to this forum so I hope you'll be rooting for me."
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    The Interview Page

    Must... not... confuse... Zentoryu with Zenjimoto... Must... not... confuse... Zentoryu with Zenjimoto...
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    How many Ozeki after Natsu basho?

    That one does not seem quite so improbable to me :-(. And Musashimaru, who finally has decided to participate, retires after a day 7 loss to maegashira 3 Tamanoshima by the rare kimarite tsukaminage.
  6. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    By the way, how does the "adjusted score" work? I am sure it is explained somewhere on the Sekitori-Oracle website, but I haven't been able to find it.
  7. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    I did play Sekitori-Oracle in Haru as my first sumo game ever. I was rather unlucky though... :-( especially with Juryo. I must say I was a little intimidated by the variety of games available when I first started thinking about playing some cyber-sumo game. :-( I am much better prepared now though, so in Natsu basho I plan on participating in a lot of Sumo Games. B-) Watch out! :-D
  8. Kashunowaka

    The Interview Page

    Thank you. :-D Of course, there isn't much to post about for the moment, but the next banzuke is only 10 days away... It is going to be a very interesting basho, for sure.