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    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    The right one should be with the manners of NSK: A: We'll prohibit the use of all sort of telephones for sekitori, so this could be the similar measure as with the driving of a car.
  2. Kotobaru

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    However gloomy, this idea sounds realistic. Disagree-will never happen. Everything will be done so as not to lose face. Sumo will survive-it's gone through worse. Could you be more specific, what was that worse? In general I agree that the Sumo will not disappear, but I feel like it will be never the same again. I hadn't this feeling with Asashoryu scandals on football and rambling, neither with gambling. So this time it is different. The Basho wasn't cancelled before ... BTW, thanks to all who provided to this thread, specially to translators! (Lifting weights...)
  3. Kotobaru

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    Ozeki's first Basho has usually been not so good. All this promotion events and media attention ... He has said it that he is just exhausted. Probably now working out result of dobule digits and not much power left for quality sumo.
  4. Kotobaru

    Two days of keiko

    I'll come with my wife to visit this Basho's second week. Now I got some hints what to bring with me from Estonia as presents for Baruto (Shaking head...) I just hope I'll have a change to visit heya and give this presents over and get some fotos done with Baruto. Is there somebody to give us helping hand? Sorry, bit of off topic!
  5. Kotobaru

    Baruto's finish at Haru-Basho

    It's time now before the last day, when everything comes clear, to close this poll. 23 respondents gave the overwhelming 78% for Baruto to be promoted to Ozeki after this Basho and with 13-1 result it should be sure for now. The Yusho is still theoretically possible and if this surprise shall happen, 2 wizards can claim to know the future better than all the rest. 3 pessimists out of us, who gave no hope for Baruto's immediate promotion, can still be right if promotion committee finds some strange reason to refuse to Baruto. In conclusion, good Basho for Baruto and we shall start to wait for 1st Big Yusho (Juryo is not counting anymore).
  6. Kotobaru

    Baruto's finish at Haru-Basho

    10 years ago last Sekiwake got the Yusho and now here is one real contender from Sekiwake rank once again. Could Baruto concentrate himself at the end of Basho to reach even higher goal than Ozeki promotion? If this could happen can he repeat it at Natsu Basho? And become first ever Ozeki to be promoted to Yokozuna just after one Basho. It's close to impossible but who is first here to say it?
  7. Kotobaru

    The new Baruto

    This is really good news! Let start to celebrate! (Cheers...) :-S (Blinking...) But hope that he can wait with it until senshuraku! (Bart...) => (Crowned...)
  8. Kotobaru

    Baruto's finish at Haru-Basho

    This stat was actually the inspiratior for this poll. Sure there is no precedent and as I said above that's close to impossible but over the time customs change and I just wanted to see what thoughts are running around in the heads of forumers. So everybody are free to think outside of the box ...
  9. Kotobaru

    The new Baruto

    One can easily be Tokitenku if he continues to be in Yusho race and the other should be Kotoshogiku. If Toki does start losing than anybody else.
  10. Kotobaru

    Day 7 Pics - Haru 10

    It's the young figure skaters training process before they get skates and see the ice ...
  11. Kotobaru

    The new Baruto

    At some point of basho Baruto gets overconfident with his result and loses his concentration to details, then being old-Baruto with rude techniques and simplistic tactics. Last Basho it was against Toyonoshima and it was the same today. He can't win everybody with the same thrusts to throat as he did in previous matches. But good is to see the intensity ;-)
  12. Kotobaru

    The new Baruto

    Who compared Baruto with elephant? He proved today that he is relative of kangaroos.
  13. Kotobaru

    Juryo/makushita demotion/promotion boundary

    Plus there is Shirononami at J7w with 5-10. Tokushinho IMO is already out of Juryo despite his result of last day.
  14. Kotobaru

    New Recruits for Haru 2009

    Nice idea. Unfortunately, there already is a Rikishi fighting under that name (Naruto heya), so he'll probably get a new Shikona or we'll see one of these prefix/suffix adjunctions. Maybe something like this (???): 大山本 (Oyamamoto) Not big deal, at one point there were two Mori's compeating at the same time. But also Motoyamamoto can be a good friend for Yamamotoyama ;-)
  15. Kotobaru

    New Recruits for Haru 2009

    Yamamotoyama shall be accompanied with Yamamoto ;-)
  16. Kotobaru

    Hatsu basho 2009 banzuke predictions

    Ye Ye Hakuho (13-2) Yw Yw Asashoryu (0-0-15) O1e O1e Kotomitsuki (9-6) O1w O2e Chiyotaikai (8-7) O2e O2w Kotooshu (8-7) O2w O1w Kaio (1-3-11) O3e Se Harumafuji (13-2) Se Sw Baruto (9-6) Sw Kw Aminishiki (8-7) Ke M4e Kisenosato (11-4) Kw M1e Toyonoshima (9-6) M1e M3e Kotoshogiku (9-6) M1w M6w Kyokutenho (10-5) M2e M7e Miyabiyama (10-5) M2w Ke Goeido (5-10) M3e M12e Yoshikaze (11-4) M3w M8e Takekaze (9-6) M4e M2w Wakanosato (6-9) M4w M1w Futeno (5-10) M5e M11e Kokkai (9-6) M5w M14e Takamisakari (10-5) M6e M10e Bushuyama (8-7) M6w M3w Hokutoriki (5-10) M7e M10w Aran (8-7) M7w M5w Dejima (6-9) M8e M5e Asasekiryu (5-10) M8w M6e Kakuryu (5-6-4) M9e J2e Iwakiyama (11-4) M9w M16e Tosanoumi (9-6) M10e M16w Chiyohakuho (9-6) M10w M9w Tokitenku (7-8) M11e M9e Tochiozan (6-9) M11w M7w Tochinonada (5-10) M12e M8w Kakizoe (5-10) M12w M4w Tochinoshin (3-12) M13e M11w Koryu (6-9) M13w J4w Tamawashi (10-5) M14e M2e Toyohibiki (0-0-15) M14w J9w Shotenro (12-3) M15e M13e Masatsukasa (6-9) M15w J3w Yamamotoyama (9-6) M16e M13w Tamanoshima (6-9) It's one option above here. The main difference with others is Shotenro promoted to Makuuchi. I guess he should go before YMY, I know there are opposite exsamples even from the recent past. But I still think as poor Homasho got himshelf down as there is no M16w available anymore, there should be four promotions and in normal circumstanses 6 full rank with +3 wins should be preferred.
  17. Kotobaru

    Baruto for Sekiwake

    Baruto about Kakuryu: How many times I should kill one! (In a state of confusion...) Actually I didnt' catch the reason of mono-ii. Is somebody able to comment?
  18. Kotobaru

    Kensho Standings (Aki 2008)

    Money is more expensive these days, wasn't there any Japanese bank bancrupt lately? :-) Even fun of Takamisakari doesn't bring up as many as it was previously. That 2 kenshos per day accounts alone 30 less than usual.
  19. Kotobaru

    Pics Day 15, Senshuraku

    Fay, this salt throwing pics are facinating, somebody who is not familiar with Sumo tradition can be in great confusion. Thanks for pictures of all days! :-)
  20. Kotobaru

    Rikish Talk the Senshuraku Aki Basho 2008

    Many thanks Jonosuke :-) translating and reporting it up for us who are not able to get this from original source! Rikishi Talk was the main attraction I stareted to read the Forum.
  21. Kotobaru

    Baruto for Sekiwake

    Hmmm... I would say it is never definite except the moment of knocking on the door from Kyokai messengers. Well, obviously there is no way Baruto could get an ozeki promotion just by doing well in Kyushu (Edit: well, 10-5, 8-7, 15-0 could I suppose). Ama could possibly be at ozeki for Hatsu if he continues going up with his current run of 9-6, 10-5, 12-3... But... Ama could also very easily NOT get it by doing not so great in Kyushu and if that happens then by all means Baruto could be the next in line for ozeki if he really, really picks it up by doing really well in Kyushu. I still don't see it after his tough first week but he certainly has the potential in the long run to improve his results against the rest of sanyaku. It sure too early for Ozeki run, because it will be only his second at Sanyaku ranks, but I hope he can prepare himself for doing results as Ama doing now. Ama didn't start his Ozeki run with first appearance at Sanyaku, he stayed for some Hon-bashos and adjusted to the level of competition and now he looks like Ozeki material. I hope Baruto can do the same. This time he got all Maegashira wins and Ozeki + Sekiwake. I hope he can get 4 wins next tournament from Sanyaku and higher + minimum 5 of Maegashiras, then he advancing in his results and he have small space for error.
  22. Kotobaru

    Baruto for Sekiwake

    Baruto stepped out as he was walking Kakuryuu out. The shinpan saw it and thought he stepped out before Kakuryuu, but in the end it was ruled a tie and a torinaoshi. Did gyoji point to Kakuryu in the first attempt? I was too focused on the falling and flying rikishi that I didn't see who was declared to win. I had impression Baruto stepped out after dropping Kakuryu.
  23. Kotobaru

    Baruto for Sekiwake

    Yorikiri is for sure the most common kimarite for Baruto to win, but tsuridashi is probably kimarite he likes most. This was fourth win in two last hon-bashos with tsuridashi. I hope he went over of his knee problems and regaining his power. There is number of good rikishi who sliped back to Maegashira after hatsu Komusubi basho. Baruto got KK and advanced to Sekiwake. Let's hope he can maintain the place at Sanyaku for good time and preparing himself for Ozeki run.
  24. Kotobaru

    Rikishi Talk Day 14 Aki Basho 2008

    Happy about Yotsuguruma! (Fusen...) A little correction: Baruto won his fifth straight, he had two before of his winning streak began.
  25. Kotobaru

    New Juryo for Aki 2008

    Well ... ;-) ... 200+ (I am not worthy...) ... Wasn't this certain enough ? Then lets say 200+44,4 B-)