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  1. dazunoyama

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    My preferred Day 15: Shodai vs Endo Tokushoryu vs Takakeisho
  2. dazunoyama

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I hope Tochinoshin gets a talking to from his Stablemaster - hitting the dohyo in frustration after his loss to Kakuryu was bad form, and definitely not Ozeki-type behaviour. We’ve seen lots of evidence over the years that pointed to an Ozeki Back Scratchers Club (for KK purposes). Now Hakuho is in the rare position to help or deny his fellow Yokozuna and Mongolian to get the yusho. I expect Hak to fight strong and hard to prove there is no YBSC or MBSC. That said, Hak is not looking great, I predict Kak to get the win and yusho tomorrow by keeping Hak off his mawashi.
  3. dazunoyama

    Kotoshogiku - Intaishinai

    Can anyone tell me if there is a valid reason for Giku not retiring, other than he is a stubborn bastard that loves to ganbaru?
  4. dazunoyama

    Kotoshogiku - Intaishinai

    Hi all, thanks for your replies. Yes, that makes sense. I didn’t think about the drop in earnings. Now I hope he stays in makuuchi for many more basho to come!
  5. dazunoyama

    Natsu 2015 Basho Talk (spoiler alert!)

    Has anyone heard if Hakuho was perhaps nursing an unreported injury?
  6. dazunoyama

    Hatsu 2015 Comments

    Here we are on day 15 and between the ranks of sekiwake and M6 we only have 1 kachikoshi so far. Quite amazing.
  7. dazunoyama

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    I find it awkward watching otsunaarashi attempting to help his defeated foes get up off the doyho. He needs to just get back to his side and let them get up themselves. This ain't basketball. End of rant. Loving this basho by the way.
  8. dazunoyama

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    Really enjoyed the excitement of the yusho race of this basho but thinking the 6-strong ozeki crew should feel ashamed that none of them cold step up and take the yusho...
  9. dazunoyama

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    alright kyoku!!
  10. dazunoyama

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    Doitsuyama, please don't stop doing your daily summaries. I always enjoy reading them! Just because someone else is doing daily comments doesn't mean you have to stop...
  11. dazunoyama

    Where to go for keiko?

    gday all, i'll be in tokyo at the start of january and was thinking of taking a look around ryugoku and maybe watch a bit of asageiko. anyone gonna be there at the same time? i was thinking jan 5th.
  12. dazunoyama

    Day 2 results and day 3 pairings

    Never seen this kind of consistancy before at the top!! (In a state of confusion...) Antone know when was the last time all yokozuna, ozeki and sekiwake were 2-0 after day 2?
  13. dazunoyama

    Nihon Sumo Kyokai website

    I was just on the Nihon Sumo Kyokai website and noticed it's live streaming now, before 10am Japan time!! i wasn't able to connect though... anyone able to get on?
  14. dazunoyama

    Nihon Sumo Kyokai website

    not streaming now... must have been a little glitch on the website.... :-/
  15. dazunoyama

    Kyushu Basho Banzuke 2006

    938 bashos? I had no idea Aminishiki has been doing sumo for so many centuries... It was a mistake. It should read 1938 bashos. wow, now he's out to 323 years plus of fighting! what a machine.
  16. dazunoyama

    Head to head records...?

    very cool websites!! thank you (Yusho winner...)
  17. dazunoyama

    Head to head records...?

    gday all, question. can someone please advise me where i can find the head to head records of the rikishi? i.e. Asashoryu (23--3) Miyabiyama thats from one of james h's daily yomiuri articles but i figure there has to be a better source. ive looked on sumo kyokai and cant seem to find it anywhere... yoroshiku (Yusho winner...)
  18. dazunoyama


    which is why the controversy is 'now dead'. thanks for clearing that up for me (Whistling...)
  19. dazunoyama


    testies 1, 2 (Whistling...)
  20. dazunoyama


    i was watching the live feed yesterday and noticed asa actually took the kensho with his right hand! and looked a little uncomfortable about it too.... anyone know if he's been doing it all basho??
  21. I think you meant that Kinboshi are only for maegashira who beat a Yokozuna. (Blushing...) Well, at this moment it is the same thing, isn't it? B-) not sure what you mean by that sumo fan even with your (Laughing...) emoticon... are you implying its as easy for a maegashira to beat a yokozuna as it is to beat an ozeki at the moment? with kaio and tochiazuma's form this basho i would say definitely not. by the way heres the sumo forum definition for kinboshi: kinboshi, "gold star", officially recognized and recorded shiroboshi by a rikishi ranked below komusubi against yokozuna in hon-wari honbasho torikumi; also entitles rikishi for a financial bonus, compare with ginboshi
  22. dazunoyama

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    i loved the look on asashoryus face after he was convincingly beaten. wish i could have been 5 rows to join in the zabuton throwing.
  23. dazunoyama

    Day 2 Data Stream

    i successfully logged in 15:45 j-time but got kicked out at 16:30. couldnt get back in as it was full.... kusooo! (Enjoyable TV program...)
  24. dazunoyama

    money matters

    thanks for that! (Whistling...)
  25. dazunoyama

    money matters

    ok, so i have a question or two someone out there might be able to answer... i noticed that on those bouts where advertising occurs during the pre-bout ritual, the winning rikishi receives a wad of envelopes which i presume are full of cash (the more advertising the more envelopes). anybody know how much is in each of those? and for that matter, does anybody know how much rikishi on the various ranks receive as a base income? (Whistling...)