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  1. bulsara

    Day 14 results and day 15 pairings

    Baruto has no need to throw away his bout against Chiyotaikai. He has had terrible basho anyway, he has right achilles injury from Day1 loss to Tamanoshima and surely doesn't want to finish Natsu with a loss. He doesn't play along. If so why didn't he lose Goeido whos "favours" he would have needed more in the future, causing him MK. But... of course Chiyotaikai has a chance...
  2. bulsara

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    Sorry to disturb your argy-bargy, but what do you experts think about Baruto's chances and his sumo this basho? Who might be the last two opponents etc. Thank you!
  3. bulsara

    The Ama train

    Ama has not managed more than 11 wins while being in Makuuchi for 13 bashos. We could talk about "ozeki run", but realistically I cannot see it... not before he can win 12 matches during any of 2008 tournaments.
  4. bulsara

    Quotes from Day 12 - Kyushu 2007

    So if I understand correctly you enjoyed this bout? (Neener, neener...) I'm starting to think that I'm in a wrong place. I rest my case. No need to reply.
  5. bulsara

    Quotes from Day 12 - Kyushu 2007

    Thank you madorosumaru! :-) Any comments from Kokkai about Wakahenkanoho's awful win?
  6. bulsara

    Day 2 several pics.

    Great picture! All three ossetians have shown good sumo so far. I don't think anybody from this trio will have problems with reaching kachi-kochi!
  7. bulsara

    How will Baruto do in Kyushu?

    I don't want to argue any more OY. You remember it one way I remember it another way. So let it be that way. :) I admit that Roho was clearly looking upper sanyaku material when beating Baruto by pure strength. I hope he has overcome his injuries and will start to show normal sumo again!
  8. bulsara

    How will Baruto do in Kyushu?

    Everybody have their own idols. Yes I remember very clearly this bout, there was hardly any contact at all after tachi-ai. Maybe you are talking about this one: (Censored...)
  9. bulsara

    How will Baruto do in Kyushu?

    OY: Powerful sumo from Hakurozan? You must be joking:
  10. bulsara

    And now- Baruto is in a pickle

    Nobody hasn't mentioned anything what kind of punishment Baruto could get... what do you think?
  11. bulsara

    How does Baruto look?

    Just as written in this article there was tsuppari attack against Koryu today. Harite was slow, but effective. At least he has learned something that has been reccomended to him :)
  12. bulsara

    How does Baruto look?

    Today it was almost tsuridashi win for Baruto :-) Mokonami managed to stay on the dohyo, but yorikiri was soon made by the big Estonian. Tachi-ai is still a concern though.
  13. bulsara

    How does Baruto look?

    In those two matches (seen via Info-sumo videos) his tachi-ai was quite high against Daimanazuru on day 2 but much better against Kitataiki on day 3. As quoted in Estonian media he has lost about 10 kg. His injured left leg looks much stronger, because he used it yesterday to finish off Kitataiki. I'm looking forward to see his uwatenage win from todays match, his first uwatenage since last year's Kyushu. Of course it would be nice to read some opinions from the guys in Tokyo. :)
  14. bulsara

    Promotion/Demotion watch

    How many of the below listed sekitori are ahead of Baruto (J11w 13-1) in the Makuuchi promotion race after Day 14? J6w Toyohibiki (9-5) J5e Kaiho (9-5) J2w Hakurozan (8-6) J2e Kitazakura (9-5) J1w Tosanoumi (7-7) J1e Yoshikaze (8-6)
  15. bulsara

    Interview with Baruto

    My japanese is non-existent, so could somebody help with translation? http://www.meie.tv/view_video.php?viewkey=...cd9526fca6fe9ba (interview with Baruto)