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  1. Games Bugs

    The Turn The Tide results page is off. It is showng that it is the results from Day 7 but the results being displayed are for Day 6 instead as all the rikishi records add up to 6 not 7, and it is showing the picks I made on Day 6 not the ones for Day 7.
  2. 21 Natsu 18, The Results

    1. B 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. A 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. B 15. B 16. B 17. A 18. A 19. B 20. B 21. A
  3. 21 Har Har 18 - The Results

    1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. X 8. B 9. B 10. B 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A 15. B 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. A 21. A
  4. 21 Hatsu 18, The Results

    1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. A 8. A 9. A 10. B 11. A 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. B 16. B 17. A 18. A 19. B 20. A 21. A Since I am getting this in ever so much earlier than I usually do, or for that matter ever have before., what is the procedure if I wish to make a change prior to the deadline? Do I submit an entire new entry or modify this one?
  5. 21 Aki 17, The Results

    1. X 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. A 21. B
  6. Games Bugs

    Not sure if this is a problem or is going to be but just a head up for everyone to keep an eye out as the basho progresses. When I was entering Roto Sumo today, I had entered all my choices and double checked that there was a tick in each section. I clicked SUBMIT and it popped me to the top of the page and displayed a message box saying that I had to select a rikishi in each group. Not only that but it cleared all of the selections I had made. Once again I made my selections and hit submit, once again it popped me up to the top of the page with the same message only this time it left my selections intact. I double checked and there was one in each group. I did notice that I had made Yago my selection in the last Juryo group (10-14) and I wondered if that could be the problem given the situation with him in Nagoya's Juryo Game, so I changed him to Osunaarashi and clicked submit and confirm and it took. I then clicked the Entry button again and changed it back to Yago and submitted and confirmed and that time it apparently took. Hopefully it was just a communications glitch between my pc and the server the first time since it did take the second, actually third, time around but I thought I would bring it up so if problems do arise with the daily scoring of Roto Sumo this could be a starting point for chasing the problem down.
  7. Games Bugs

    I'm having this problem also, I have attached screen snips showing my picks from the confirmatiion email, mh details display from the Day 4 results and a clip showing Yago's (my JH pick) results through Day 4. So far he has won twice on Day1 and again on Day 4 so my score is currently 2 points less than it should be but of course if he should go 7-0 that would be a more significant effect.
  8. UDH Nagoya Basho 2017

    I could not find a link for this purpose on you esteemed website Tamanaogijima san so I would like to submit my intai fro UDH as of this basho. I would like to offer my thanks for providing this interesting game which has provided me with many hours of mind bending cogitation over the years trying to pick the leastlikely to achieve victory. Perhaps someday after I have rested my little gray cells I may return.
  9. 21 Nagoya 17, The Results

    Surprise, I'm not waiting til the last day for a change! Nice and early this time around. 1. A 2. X 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. B 9. B 10. A 11. B 12. A 13. A 14. B 15. B 16. A 17. A 18. A 19. A 20. A 21. A
  10. Appreciate the early appearance of the Toto and Quad banzukes, Asashosakari san, will the Fantasy banzuke be coming out soon as well?
  11. 21 Natsu 17. The Results.

    01. B 02. A 03. B 04. A 05. A 06. A 07. A 08. B 09. B 10. B 11. B 12. B 13. A 14. A 15. B 16. B 17. A 18. A 19. A 20. B 21. A Sorry, I'm way behind this basho, I hope I got it in before the deadline. I checked the NSK page and the first dah's bouts hadn't been posted yet.
  12. 21 Har Har 17, The Results

    1. A 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. B 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. B 18. B 19. A 20. B 21. B
  13. TORCHBEARER 2017: invitation, rules, and your picks

    I thought I had already submitted this but since I can't find it in either this thread or my email so, Shimodahito san if I have submitted a previous entry disregard it and take this one please. Rikishi: Ogasawara Rank Ju 6 E Thank you,
  14. Games Bugs

    I just noticed a small problem in the database that was obvious enough it didn't cause me any problems and I haven't noticed with any other torikumi matchups but there is a gremlin afoot and it may actually affect other queries so I thought I would pass it along. On the torikumi page of the SumoDB for Day 15, in the Endo vs. Tamawashi match it indicates their history to be 6-6. I clicked on the 6-6 to see what the distribution of the wins was like and got the display in the attached image, which also at the top shows a 6-6 history but the results displaye clearly show a 6-9 result with the first 6 meetings going to Endo and the last 3 going to Tamawashi. As noted earlier I haven't noted this type of discrepancy in any other matchup that I have actually examined this basho but if it can happen once it could actually affect the displayed results counts for others as well.
  15. Games Bugs

    Thanks Simon, I'll check it out again tomorrow and see if I can get in then.