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    Gambling Scandal: Hidden Background

    The problem with anti-conspiracy theorists like Kintamayama is that they're even more cocksure than the conspiracy theorists. When something is even remotely plausible (Asashoryu being provoked is quite plausible and the Yamaguchi-gumi's involvement in Sumo is definitely plausible), for the sake of good information, a thorough and public investigation is to be carried out to determine the extent of the alleged crime and then document the results in a publicly available report. Bashing people for daring to suggest that there's more to the story is anti-intellectual. Accepting press-statements by the authorities as the complete, unfiltered truth, is also very naive. Right now we're dealing with plausibilities, and potentially - with people who want to keep things from being publicized. At the very least we should respect those who are doing the job of the authorities and the inactive prosecution to make things more transparent. Mister Adelstein's work is incredibly brave, because he continues to investigate the Yakuza despite threats on his life and attempts to intimidate him. He doesn't have the same access or power as the police, so his investigations can't be as conclusive. To bash him for that is simply missing the point by miles. His findings have been more revealing, informative and useful to the public than what the Japanese prosecution and authorities have ever dared to show.
  2. maxim

    Kotooshu to undergo a surgery on his knee

    The original text actually says "fatally" (фатално) so it sounds just as stupid in Bulgarian. Anyway, this surgery is long overdue, so I'm happy it's finally being done. If it's just a torn meniscus without any damage to the cartilage, he'll be up and running in a month. Otherwise he'll require "microfractures" to the bone to form new sort-of-cartilage, and partial recovery will take about 3 months.
  3. maxim

    Goueidou kyujo

    Goueidou sounds like a fine French cheese. Why not just write them as they are on
  4. I also read this, but I didn't pay much attention, as it seems like another one exaggerated babbling of the Bulgarian sport press when it comes to sumo. You simply don't appreciate the journalistic prowess required to use words like "тръшна", "(пре)метна", "пльосна", used on sites like (for the non-Bulgarian readers, we like to use words like "hurled", "dumped" and "splattered" when describing Kotooshu's techniques in our press). Seriously, I like Kotooshu and all, but stuff like this makes me blush in an embarrassed way.
  5. maxim

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Day 15 will be a meeting point between the Ozeki back-scratchers theory, the Mongolian back-scratchers theory and the Yokozuna back-scratchers theory.
  6. maxim


    He has ligament damage, but it's not as serious as Takanohana's injury. Someone suggested that full recovery would take 6 months, while Takanohana skipped a whole year. I agree with the surgery rule idea.
  7. maxim


    I think it'd be a lot less stressful if he was promoted to Yokozuna. He could have that operation on his knee and skip two-three tournaments without being demoted.
  8. Well, "disgusting" is a bit of a stretch. It's about as ignorant as any other news article about Sumo. Anyway, from one Bulgarian to another, you know how we just love to talk about foreigners acknowledging our country, so this shouldn't be a surprise. (Sigh...)
  9. maxim

    Baruto needs yaocho lessons

    I just don't see how that would happen. A pain in the leg would cause it to give way, not jump along with the rest of the body. Plus Baruto wasn't in any pain just 5 seconds later when he walked back into the dohyo. The motion actually starts from his left arm and his torso, with both legs completing the piruette. It's a conscious movement directly away from the opponent and out of the ring. It'd actually be less embarrassing for Baruto to admit cheating than to admit he made such a clumsy move.
  10. maxim

    Baruto needs yaocho lessons

    He looked super calm on the dohyo as well. I guess I should revise my 70/30 number. It's more like 90/10 Btw, since the video was removed, if you look at the GIF, check out Chiyotaikai's right hand. It could be Jedi power.
  11. maxim

    Baruto needs yaocho lessons

    To be preserved!
  12. maxim

    Baruto needs yaocho lessons

    Seeing Baruto's leg spring on the slow-motion replay, this is what I think: - 70% chance the match was rigged. Considering that Baruto's relatively inexperienced, it's possible that he can't fake a fall very well either. I don't believe someone can jump so awkwardly in a direction opposite to the one he's being pushed. - 30% chance Baruto was genuinely trying to compensate for the slap-down that was never finished, so he flew away in the other direction. Hard to believe, especially considering Chiyo's situation, but a faint possibility. And a funny one too.
  13. maxim


    Wow, now I see that Hakuho was pulling on the cords on his mawashi.
  14. maxim


    Congratulations to Harumafuji. I wish he had kept his previous shikona, but a yusho will do. The yokozuna road is in front of him now. Then we'll have all the time in the world to talk about a Mongolian Yokozuna back-scratchers' club. Anyway, great win! Hats off to all Mongolian sumo wrestlers. They're at the peak of the sport, much like Brazilians are in football and ex-Soviets are in fighting sports.
  15. maxim

    Kensho Standings (Natsu 2009)

    Wow, Kotooshu almost doubled his money on the 14th day of the tournament...
  16. maxim

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    If Harumafuji wins tomorrow, how about a new conspiracy theory - the Yokozuna back-scratchers' club?
  17. maxim

    Asashouryu - marriage on the rocks?

    Gee, I hope not. President of Mongolia would be much cooler.
  18. maxim

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Btw, someone should calculate how often Chiyotaikai loses after the mawashi is involved. My guess is over 90%
  19. maxim

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Most likely he will not really win, I assume Kotooshu will lose (Whistling...) He won by a close margin. I doubt there was any intention of back-scratching before this match.
  20. maxim

    Are there any Black Rikishi?

    They let Kokkai keep his Bluto beard, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a rikishi with a huge dandelion 'fro some time in the future.
  21. maxim

    Translation of Hakuho's victory speech?

    How is it possible ? Hakuho came to Japan at about 15, as far as I know. Mongolian is his mother tongue. Do you think he could have lost his Mongolian while living in Japan (which I cannot believe), or do you mean he never spoke good Mongolian ? I don't know about Hakuho, but my impression from Kotooshu's speech when he won the yusho was that his Bulgarian sounded a lot like a Japanese translation and the intonation was quite Japanese as well. Anyway, I think they could easily re-acquaint themselves with their mother tongue in less than a week.
  22. maxim

    The "Fleshiness" of Yamamotoyama...

    And here's another one on day 13:
  23. I didn't hear it wrong, did I? The commentator seems to be obsessed with Yamamotoyama's "flesh" (Applauding...) ...
  24. maxim

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    That's nothing compared to Hakuho's signature savage suplex.
  25. maxim

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Well it wasn't hatakikomi, but it looked very awkward at least from the streaming video. It kind of reminded me of the Las Vegas "tournament".