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  1. SalParadise

    Asa and Hakuho

    Until seeing this thread I had no idea Hakuho retaliated. Watching it live I only saw the entirely pre-meditated push by Asashoryuu, and then Hakuho stand up and get slapped. I think that a lot of people probably saw it the same way -- what Hakuho did was far more subtle when compared to what Asashoryuu did (double-pump followed by the push and the slap).
  2. SalParadise

    Asa and Hakuho

    At least Hakuho bowed.
  3. SalParadise

    Asa and Hakuho

    The pause before the shove makes it look pretty malicious to me. It looks like Asa knew exactly what he was doing.
  4. SalParadise

    Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

    Any new information on this at all? Or has it entirely fallen off the radar? The only news I've read in the Japanese press, is that the death prompted the Kyokai to install AED (portable defibrillators) in each stable and train everyone how to use 'em.
  5. SalParadise

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Haru Basho 2007

    It has its strengths and its weaknesses, but for standard (read: non-engineering) words, it's pretty stellar. It mucks up a lot of engineering/chemistry/physics words, however.
  6. SalParadise

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Haru Basho 2007

    I looked it up on which tends to give examples for usage of words (I use it a lot for my job), and here are some of the example sentences it comes up with: あなたの愛がもっと欲しい。 I can't get enough of your love. おなかがペコペコだ!何か食べ物が欲しい。 I'm starving! I need something to eat. おまえの会社の情報が欲しい。 I need the inside pitch on that company you work for. These are just the first three, you can read the rest here if you'd like. It seems like 'hoshii' is always for someone who wants to be on the receiving end, rather than wanting to do oneself. My apologies!
  7. SalParadise

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Haru Basho 2007

    Isn't this semi-ambiguous? Not at all. the ~てほしい construction can only be used when talking about other people. It never refers to the self. As I said, I'm no pro, but I am almost certain (read: 70%) that I have heard '欲しい' used in reference to oneself, though perhaps only indirectly. Of course, that could be something I (incorrectly) say often, and therefore being a moot point in this conversation ;)
  8. SalParadise

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Haru Basho 2007

    Isn't this semi-ambiguous? Couldn't it also be I wanted to go in with all my strength? I know he'd have probably said 精いっぱいやりたかった... for himself or somesuch, but depending on his tone, I could just as easily see him saying this as a sort of, "I was going in as hard as I could, I wish he had the balls to do the same" in a passive aggressive (read: Japanese) way. Of course, I'm no scholar, so don't take my word for it ;)
  9. SalParadise

    Hakuho married?

    I think it's more indicative of him knocking up a Japanese woman because he's a 21 year-old with an excess of hormones and most of the women around him (coincidentally) happen to be Japanese.
  10. SalParadise

    Hakuho married?

    For reference. Usually when you're talking about a shotgun wedding with someone who is in no way involved with the people having the shotgun wedding, you'd call it a 'dekichatta kekkon' (出来ちゃった結婚). That's something like an, "Oops! We conceived! Wedding" or somesuch. However, when you're actually addressing someone involved with the whole marriage, you call it a 'double omedetai kekkon' (ダブルおめでたい結婚). Something along the lines of, "Double Congratulation Wedding" in the sense that you congratulate them both on conceiving, and on getting married. The other term I know for it is 'kyousei kekkon' (強制結婚). That one is more like 'Obligated Wedding' and probably isn't used in the best of intentions, as it's semi-negative (in comparison to the others which are far more cutesy). But that was my first thought when I heard he was getting married too. Whether or not this is an indication that Mongolian sex ed is as poor as Japanese sex ed, however, is beyond my knowledge.
  11. SalParadise

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Haru Basho 2007

    The whole quote was: Asashoryu (13-2) over Chiyotaikai --------------------------------------- (Losing the Kettei-sen to Hakuho by a tachiai henka) "Well, what can I say? I guess that's just about all there is to it. " "I really wanted Hakuho to come out as hard as he could. I don't think that was right at all. It's not something a rikishi aiming for yokozuna should and would do. But it's all over now." "But a loss is a loss. I am satisfied with what I have done." "I won 13 straight after starting the basho with two straight losses. After being accused of this and that prior to the basho, it has been really gruelling. Personally I feel like I won the yusho. For the first time in my life, I want to congratulate myself for all I have been able to accomplish this basho." The 'a loss is a loss' is a cheap qualifier tacked on, and it sounds incredibly cocky. Any chance we can find the original Japanese somewhere to see what it sounded like natively?
  12. SalParadise

    Kotooshu vs Maegeshira

    Two things of note: ① Kotooshuu has had a single makekoshi in his career. Just one. While he is definitely underperforming considering the expectations people have of him, he's certainly not an abject failure by any objective standard. ② At the beginning of the most recent basho, he was sporting a bandage-free body, looking healthy. Somewhere in the first week he swapped to a light bandage on his knee, and at the end was sporting a pretty serious supporter. He's still not 100%, or close to it methinks. So let's not write him off yet, okay?
  13. SalParadise

    Haru Henka Sightings

    I've seen people try a henka on the yokozuna several times in the last few years. Never once have I seen him fall for it. He barely brushed his hand against the ground today, and Hakuho got lucky. But dear God did the Yokozuna deserve it.
  14. SalParadise

    Will Hakuho crumble ?

    I have to agree that it was entirely compelling sumo. Asashoryu pulled a fast one on Chiyotaikai, and had to be taught by a kid 4 years his junior about poetic justice. The smirk on Hakuho's face and the feces-consuming grin on Asashoryu's was certainly worth it. Ozumo? No. Great entertainment? I could have hardly asked for better.
  15. SalParadise


    Yeah, imagine if Kotomitsuki beat him, then the Yaocho rumors would never go away.