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  1. Bix Poku

    Nagoya Basho 2012 - General Discussion Thread

    He's a yokozuna. Winning every basho 15-0, regardless of physical condition, is a job requirement. He's also supposed to be a model citizen, showing absolutely no emotion on the dohyo, and never ever do things like shove opponents or perform henka. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Bravo. That's precisely the point. Great post. It's a good point, but every sport needs to get into the 21st century and if you don't want your Yokozuna to be influenced by modern way of life, you should either not promote non-japanese, not allow non-japanese to even be in sumo or lock the potential yokozuna in a cage while he is in sumo. The world has developed and as traditional as this sport is, you can't expect sane, normal human beings to behave like they used to 200 years's just not natural to anybody! There is more competitiveness today and less respect and I think that makes sumo more interesting to non-japanese! By the way I can't agree 15-0 is a job requirement for a Yokozuna - that certainly diminishes completely the ability of all other wrestlers and that is just idiotic! IMHO, we do not have sources trustworthy enough that describe Yokozuna life 200 or even 100 years ago. Yellow media is also product of late XX, so even if there were impropery behaving Yokozunas in the past, their deeds will vanish into the shadows of history...
  2. Bix Poku

    Videos-Haru 2012- Days 1-15

    I just logged in to say I THANK YOU (for all this effort with the videos) (I am not worthy...)
  3. Bix Poku

    Hatsu Yusho for Baruto!

    Actually there is only million of us living here in Estonia (one and half million if we count non-native citizens). So if we have to complete your prediction ALL of us must start doing sumo. From newborns to soondeads :D
  4. Bix Poku

    Kaio Day 11

    I would humbly ask for the video. I saw it through stream, but it was so ... unnatural bout I would like to see from different angles and with slow motion replays. And if this was hikiotoshi then I'm Bruce Almighty :D
  5. Bix Poku

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    No. Baruto fanclub has a little doubt about it (why tsuppari instead of belt fight), but no clear evidence as you can see.
  6. Bix Poku

    Aki Banzuke 2010 speculations

    With so many top guys in juryo it could be a tough competition WHO'll be the first to return to makuuchi. Some extremely unlucky gamblers may even get make koshi there...
  7. Bix Poku

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    I would'nt even mention the word "solid" in connection with those wins. Ok, Kotomitsuki got henkaed by Homasho (what's wrong with THIS guy?) and survived but Harumafuji just pulled one of the ugliest sidejumps in return. Against Miyabiyama to whom he should be able run twice aroud the time Miya changes his direction. (Applauding...)
  8. Bix Poku

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    :-( (Clapping wildly...) Kaio is doing surprisingly well this basho... (Clapping wildly...)
  9. Bix Poku

    Day 1 Pics - Natsu 10

    Dying swan dance in Tchaikovski ballet is not THAT difficult to perfom at all... :-(
  10. Bix Poku

    Day 7 Pics - Haru 10

    This is much better than my ordinary wooden toy horse used to be...
  11. Bix Poku

    Kinboshi - SHOTENRO!

    I would like to read todays Rikishi talk. How Hakuho explains it...
  12. Bix Poku

    Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

    I have heard (from where, dont remember), that jun-jusho is not an official achievement (as there is no diploma etc.), but just a fact in rikishi career. And there may be more than one rikishi getting jun-jusho, so no kettei-sen for jun-jusho is needed.
  13. Bix Poku

    Tochinohana, Tochisakae- double danpatsushiki

    This gesture is more known as "... five beers for sawmill mens, here!". ;-)
  14. Bix Poku


    Today Baruto cast a humble "no" to Toyonoshima prize request... (Sorry :) )