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  1. Shakuyaku

    Vid of the day

    (In a state of confusion...) Hear hear!
  2. Shakuyaku

    Video Stream - Nagoya 09

    If somebody have the VLC instead of Media Player, like I have, I can give you instructions for getting the stream up.
  3. Oh, I want one of those t-shirts! Or, actually, I want to be there and watch the jungyo, but sometimes life and duties gets in the way... *sighs* But I'm really pleased for everyone who gets the chance to see them, enjoy it a bit for me as well! (Sign of approval...)
  4. Shakuyaku

    Sexy languages

    No it's not! Where did you get that idea from?? Scots Gaelic is a from a completely different family of languages than English. I'm refering to SCOTS, not Gaelic, which my sister studies by the way.
  5. Shakuyaku

    Sexy languages

    They're Finnish Swedes. Swedish Finns are Finns living in Sweden. (Yes, I know English is in a sense sloppy in this regard and turns things around.) I think your interpretation of the English language is wrong here. If somebody called him/herself a "German American" (more likely with a hyphen), I'd invariably assume they're a German who emigrated to the US or an American of German descent, not the other way around, and I'm pretty sure I'd be correct in 99% of cases. That was my idea when using that way of phrasing it, as Asashosakari interpreted it. My knowledge of how these people are viewed in Finland is however a bit sketchy at best, so I won't argue the point further. My sexiest language? Hmm, I think my vote goes to Scots, I know, their official language is English, but whether you call it a dialect or not is much debated. I've never understood why French is supposed to be so sexy (I think they sound angry) and it's completely impossible to sound angry in Norweigan. And I don't understand the Danish spoken on the Northern Mainland, it's a mix with German, to which the country borders. Since I speak both language, I always feel like I'm tuning into the wrong language :-)
  6. Shakuyaku

    Sexy languages

    Finland Swedish is not exactly a dialect, but I think it's the closest definition you can use. Sometimes it's hard to explain, because it's not a Finnish Person speaking Swedish. It's a Swedish Finn speaking Swedish. Does that make any sense to you guys? :) If you hear a Finn speaking Swedish it's much harder syllables and less melodical. A better explaination might be found here: and here Here is also an example of a person speaking Finland Swedish
  7. Shakuyaku

    Breaking News - Kotozakura

    Rest in peace, oyakata-sama.
  8. Shakuyaku

    Harry Potter

    Amen - how else could you explain soccer? Hear hear (Laughing...) But getting back to the point, I just finished reading the book, and yes, it will not something they can make a movie for children off. Right now I'm dying to discuss the book, but noone else has finished reading it (Shaking head...) I started reading HP after my mom was given the first book by some british co-workers. She has never studied english but was suddenly thrown into a higher position at her work where she simply had to be able to communicate abroad. Thank god Swedish television doesn't dub (Shaking head...) But, she needed to expand her vocabulary and therefor some thoughtful people gave her that book, saying that the language difficulty would increase with each book. And, she loves the books. Her best comment about it was "so THIS is why you girls read these kinds of books!" (aka fantasy and sci-fi)
  9. they have videos up under "Sumo Videos", they are up in resonable time after the matches are concluded and you can watch when you have the time (and are awake (Weeping...) )
  10. Shakuyaku


    at least you get to see one matchup :) I'm also looking like crazy for videos right now...
  11. Shakuyaku

    Ozumo movies

    OMG!!! That's how I started watching sumo! From these broadcasts.... Oh, I'm feeling nostalgic :) (I am not worthy...) thank you so much for putting them up.
  12. Shakuyaku

    Disturbing video

    I heard something very true about obesity the other day... "Everybody seeks comfort in food, if you look at yourself and think about it you will find a food that you simply have to have sometimes. It's a naturally thing. But with some people, they don't have the metabolism to handle the process of breaking down food in a fast enough pace. That's the persons that become overweight. So before you go putting yourself on some mighty high horses and say "that person became obese because he/she didn't controll their eating", think again. We rarely do ourselves." To some point I agree, comforting with food is something everybody does, to one extent or another. Chocolate seems to be the prefered drug amongst women ;-) But with kids... there has to be an adult saying "enough" and get that child some help. I might be the wrong person talking though, since I've been underweight my entire life.
  13. Shakuyaku

    no Juryo stream on day 1 ....

    The stream looks to me very good, and sure, a bit fragmented, but not as much as last time I watched.
  14. Shakuyaku

    no Juryo stream on day 1 ....

    (I am not worthy...) Thank you!!!
  15. Shakuyaku

    no Juryo stream on day 1 ....

    And here I was thinking it was just my computer that wasn't cooperating (I am not worthy...)