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  1. Murakami

    Mongolia holiday tips wanted

    If you are coming on July 14th, you maybe a little too late for Naadam in Ulaanbaatar. However, you may go to the countryside for smaller versions tough. Find a tour guide and get out of UB as soon as you can, I'd say. There are many quality tour guides in the city. It's a rugged country. Go to Terelj for more of a touristy affair, or if you are an outdoorsy person, try something more challenging. Do check and
  2. Murakami

    Day 11 Rikishi Speakeasy

    (Holiday feeling...) from the 7 thousand
  3. Murakami

    Suppose Baruto....

    When you are up to your ass in alligators, it is difficult to remember that you started out to drain the swamp. (Sign of approval...) Still, Baruto had a good chance to take the initiative. From that position, he should have flung open Asa's right hand for a diversion. Then right foothold inside. twist to the left and at the same time raising and hurling Asa forward by his left shoulder over the right foothold. And then left hand on the neck to finish.
  4. Murakami

    Suppose Baruto....

    One of the biggest mistakes the opponents of Asashoryu make is "not keeping up the offensive."
  5. Murakami

    Happy birthday Profomisakari!

    though, late. Thanks Fujisan. Crossing the 30 mark. Yes, twice as much alcohol. Repercussions still felt today. goodbye to my wild 'happy go lucky' 20's.
  6. Murakami

    Ms. Uchidate- "We are not pleased!"

    As far as I know, she never complains about any other foreign born rikishi. She didn't complain about Akebono nor Musashimaru either. It has nothing to do with ethnicity but everything to do with wanton disregard of Ozumo traditions and customs. Asashoryu is just a big dung passing through the stream. There is bound to be more. The situation now is very similar to running around half naked waist down among strangers expecting everyone to be just friends.
  7. Murakami

    Ms. Uchidate- "We are not pleased!"

    If what she says is true and if she really wants to keep the sumo strict to the letters, she should vehemently oppose the recruitment of foreign wrestlers. Asashoryu is just a big dung passing through the stream. There is bound to be more. The situation now is very similar to running around half naked waist down among strangers expecting everyone to be just friends.
  8. Murakami

    Unknown Asashoryu

    Good perspectives from Japanese mindsets. It seems Dorji has some of the "worst" Mongol traits; independent, individualistic, emotional, schmaltzy, extroverted, spontaneous and aggressive. The divorce coupled with the suspension probably may have been heavy on him. He has come through, tough. He has problems as a human being, but as he grows older and wiser, I am sure, he can redeem himself.
  9. Murakami

    Day 10 Pics - Nagoya 09

    WARNING! Dirty Jokes ahead! If you are a minor, please slide back to viewing naked asses and titties. Hakuho: Hey, judge Judy, isn't that bit too small? Judge Judy: Lets see. Hm...., it's alright by Japanese standard! The young peek-a-boo: Oh, yeah. Kakuryu: I am not Tamir, man. You can let go off me now. Entranced Asa: I miss this soft, silky skin and warm body...... Entranced Asa: I would put her on the bed like this and... Entranced Asa: ...just a little more forward .... Entranced Asa: ...and I would grab her back like this, and .... Asa the Awaken: This is most embarassing! Oh my god! Have you guys seen it all? Jesus! Asa: Bye my dear Kakuryuryu, I love you long time! Harumafuji: I am sorry to tell you this. Your Kakuryu was taken advantage of by 'd' animale'. Kaoi: Oh, no! No! No! Sotairyu: Caught you laughin', muahaha
  10. Murakami

    Pics of Hatsu Basho 09 - Day 07

    The first European ookamisan in the making?
  11. Murakami

    Le Monde du Sumo: the end is near

    (Zabuton flying...) Just before, I almost learned French.
  12. Murakami

    Day 11 Pics - Kyushu 08

    Bart: Come on, enough. Leave some for Bart junior. Hak: Wait, just, some more squirts for my lil girl. Bart: Your girl! Take off. Let me outta here. Hak: Please, stay, no. Hak: oh, plz. Bart: Hell with you, man. Hak: Yes, I held on to his nipple like this. Hak: What. Did you think that we naked men only come for wrestling on the dohyo? Heehee. Reps: Is that true? Is that true? Bart: ...yeah! kinda... Taikai: Oi, just a sippiee!
  13. Murakami

    poll for (ex-)SML members

    And the name of the nice girl on your avatar is?
  14. Murakami

    poll for (ex-)SML members

    In german, die SML die. In English, the SML THE!