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  1. Yuriyama Ren

    Yaocho rikishi: the comic!

    The comics in Japan are read from right to left, so... Edit: Since you've edited the first post there's no reason for me to repeat it all here. ;)
  2. Yuriyama Ren

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    Sad to see him go. Asa's fast and technical sumo was quite impressive. Hakuho is not quite as good (yet?). I wasn't fond of Asa's post-bout / off-dohyo antics though. And this isn't the end of sumo. The next few bashos will be interesting. Will Hakuho dominate? Will the ozekis start to move their ass for a change? Will Baruto have an easy completion of his ozeki run? What will Kisenosato do? The previous 2 basho suspension provided less opportunity for others to shine. But now the landscape has permanently changed.
  3. Yuriyama Ren

    The Kyokai Strikes Back against Zabuton Throwers

    UNDERWEAR?! Is underwear throwing really such a popular pastime in Japan? To be honest I'd rather get hit with a zabuton than some dude's underwear.. Though on the other hand.. some panties stuck to the end of the bow during the twirling ritual.. Yeah, that would be a way to take a piss on ancient customs...
  4. Yuriyama Ren

    Baruto for Sekiwake

    Baruto? Oh yes. His first match with Chiyotaikai was a henka. Edit: Day 11 of Nagoya 2006. Here be the rikishi comments on that. PS. Congrats to Baruto for making Sekiwake. :)
  5. Yuriyama Ren

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    Man, Rohou is pretty mad in this phone interview to NNN. Somewhat loose translation from Russian: They wanted to get rid of the current president and they got what they wanted. The next president, Musashigawa and his supporters, they're the ones behind this. I am going to demand until the very end that the association apologize to me. And even if they do apologize (well not if, they'll have to), if they say: "Well, our bad, you can come back now" I am not going to. Because this is a dirty association. I don't mean everybody. The current president, Kitanoumi is an honest man. And so is my trainer.
  6. Yuriyama Ren


    Hmmm... If Ama's throw was that disgraceful then why is it featured as the match of the day 12 on NSK homepage? Pushing the opponent over the edge would have been more respectful for Goeido but the okuri-tsuri-otoshi move was more entertaining for the spectators. Did any newspapers call Ama a haughty bastard over this?
  7. Yuriyama Ren


    Hmmm... I seem to remember someone from the forum reported some time ago that early in the morning before the jonokuchi bouts a couple of old ladies were sitting on the dohyo like nobody's business causing passing yobidashi to nearly have a heart attack.. But the search turned up nothing.. :(
  8. Yuriyama Ren

    Leaderboard Day 11 Aki Basho 2007

    There has been a case back in 73, when Wajima went kyujo on day 14 and still ended up getting yusho.
  9. Yuriyama Ren

    Leaderboard Day 11 Aki Basho 2007

    Umm.. Asashoryu hasn't fought a single bout this basho but he is listed at 0-11. The score in the brackets: Asashoryu(0-0-11) shows the actual record. Same for Kaio and Daimanazuru.
  10. Yuriyama Ren

    Who will win it?

    Ama 12-3 (Whistling...)
  11. Yuriyama Ren

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    Excellent. Thank you. B-)
  12. Yuriyama Ren

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    Seeing Kaiou's kyuujou and fusen loss I had this question: has there ever been a bout where both rikishi have gone kyuujou? And what happens then, do both get fusen loss or a.. draw?
  13. Yuriyama Ren

    It's a beautiful day!

    I thought the zabuton barrage was rather half-hearted. Maybe it was because of the schoolteacher scolding but it kinda felt like the crowd didn't consider the bout worthy enough to get off their asses and toss their zabuton. The picture was completely different last basho when Kotomitsuki won his bout against Hakuho. Ama gets no respect.. (Applauding...)
  14. Yuriyama Ren

    It's a beautiful day!

    Ah, I see. Well, even without kinboshi it was still a beautiful bout. (Applauding...)
  15. Yuriyama Ren

    It's a beautiful day!

    Nope. You sure...? It's very rare for a yokozuna to give up a kinboshi on shonichi as they regularly face a komusubi. Like Ama. Alright, I'm thoroughly confused now. Are you implying that: a) Ama's kubinage win over Hakuho didn't take place and both the results on goo Sumo and the NSK video stream were erroneous? b) it wasn't the first kinboshi that Hakuho has given up. c) komusubi are not eligible for a kinboshi over a mere beating of yokozuna, only regular maegashira can get one this way?