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    table test

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  3. If you are staying in Tokyo or planning to go there, you might be interested in this offer from a fellow forum member: Disclaimer: Sumo Forum is not affiliated with Tokyo Riverside School.
  4. Rijicho

    Featured rikishi - Kotomitsuki

    Kotomitsuki was kicked out of sumo due to baseball gambling. See for example: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25895
  5. I have neglected Rijicho-duties but have paid all the expenses for a long time now. This sumoforum costs 63 euros every 3 months making it 252 euros per year + some domain registration fee (can't remember how much it is but not much). Now time is ripe to not pay this anymore, at least not all of it. Finland is IBAN/BIC thingie country so international bank transfer would be nice. Who wants to take part in paying the costs? Send me pm via forum to Kaikitsune Makoto account. I will wait for 1-2 weeks and then see how many voluntary participants are and will then approach you personally and give you IBAN and BIC which you can use to pay me some if you wish. I am not interested in hearing about cheaper options for the database. The interest is not that high for me anymore. Closing down the forum is the only other option for me if the contract with Nebula is ended. I won't initiate any inquiries about how to move the database or parts of it to other provider. Just send the pm to Kaikitsune Makoto please. That is me too.
  6. 36 year old veteran Tamakasuga retired after his day 14 win in Aki 2008 basho. His retirement thread has a lot of info already: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16327
  7. I am leaving active sumoforum life. Exil is quite busy with his life although he has done his admin stuff without any problems and with admirable accuracy. No wonder as he is one smart human. If Kotoseiya isn't interested in getting sumoforum back under his wings as rijicho, then it will become a problem of sort as it would naturally be better if a Finn would run the show as the company is Finnish and all that. I can pay the yearly expenses if that is a problem as sumoforum had a special spot in my heart. For now I will give Exil the "rights" to be rijicho. He is doing most of the stuff on forum anyway while I haven't done much anything in a long while. Based on my earlier impressions, he isn't so keen on being the rijicho as such and prefers the admin guru role. In the case that Kotoseiya isn't available, I don't know how the rijicho-aspect will be solved. Otherwise the forum is in good hands with current mods and Exil as the technical back-up person. Reasons for departure? Total alienation from forum and clearly diminished tolerance. I need sumoU, not sumoforum. Be well.
  8. Rijicho

    Asa in hot water-thread 2

    Honda is banned from sumoforum. He is suspicious. Why is he Shoryu's doctor? I don't trust him. Banned.
  9. Rijicho

    Another slugfest

    Well, It could be funny if it some newbies change these type of conversation. But...... Mr Kaikitsune Makoto wrote this in reply my post which has nothing against the RULE Isn't that very barbaric and uncivilized? It is insult to culture of Mongolia. As a member he has violated this forums rule. http://www.sumoforum.net/rules.html He made /posted an insult or derisive comment on our race and ethnicality. Since the time of Chinggis Khaan, Naadam festival is cultural Icon of Mongols as important as Japanese National Sport Sumo On this violation of rule, Admin or Mods should take action which should result immediate loss of membership of Mr Kaikitsune Makoto. But I am surprised to see this As an administrator, He should be more cautious about his posts. So what shall I do. Shall I request Mr Kaikitsune Makoto who is Admin to ban himself. Or shall I wait until he comes up with some kind accusation against me. At least , I request Mr Kaikitsune Makoto to apologize for his insulting/ derisive comments against national festival of Mongols Well it was provocative on purpose. "Barbaric and uncivilized" was quite odd statement anyway and thought it would have been intrepreted as sarcasm. Especially with the follow-ups on "meat eating barbarians" and silly stuff like that. Bottom line is that the attitude of some Mongolian members that world is out to get them and always do what is harmful for MONGOLIAN rikishi is extremely annoying so I got carried away and wanted to try if they take the bait and attack my so derisive comment about nadaam. Who am I to judge though? So I am sorry about putting more fuel in the flames. In a way this still is "my" forum though and sometimes I'd like to ban some members just because they are so incredibly annoying but that would be very childlish too and immature and that would be not good admin work at all. Nothing pisses me off as much as opportunistic "discrimination!" or "yaocho!" shouting posts. When in 10 bouts the outcome of a bout or basho is "unsupportive of Japanese rikishi making it to ozeki or yokozuna in order to get sumo more popular" and then in one basho the opposite is true, some members crawl out and bring up their conspiracy theories that it must have been yaocho!!!! or bitter people come up with something similar. So: 1. Nadaam is not barbaric nor uncivilized 2. Mongolia is not a bad country
  10. Rijicho

    Personal Rant..

    The sentiments are similar to Kintamayama's. The versatility on forum is superb now. The videos and pictures offered by various members are highly appreciated. Not only that but we have experts and enthusiasts on every field of sumo. Living sumo encyclopedias, database gurus etc. So as a rijicho a big thank you is definitely appropriate. The list of the names that would deserve a big thank you is very long but for example Sekihiryu for lower division videos, ilovesumo for your amazing passion towards sumo and the way you bring it on forum, Kintamayama for being the cream of jijii, Nishinoshima for a number of extremely interesting heya/Kokugikan/rikishi interaction comments, Fay for the cavalcade, Doitsuyama for the too much taken for granted daily result posts, Jonosuke and Madorosumaru for the translation and living encyclopedia work, OY for personality and benign bubbles, all the regular posters for keeping the conversation and debate alive. Sumoforum is indeed an unmatched source of sumo information in English. Hope it will stay that way and keeps evolving. Life is life on sumoforum.
  11. Rijicho

    Appropriate nicknames

    I changed it at some point. Seems to be 200 now. Yes at least sekitori's shikona as such shouldn't be used here. "asashoryu" must change his name but "Koriyama" doesn't have to. More detailed rules unnecessary. Common sense etc. This is minor detail only.