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    I'm no @Asashosakari, but since he is absent this basho I thought I'd try to provide some of the analysis. I won't be as good, but it'll be better than nothing. I'll try to follow his format as much as possible (because it's a great format). I'll edit this post with the first info when it's done. But I thought I'd get this up now since people were asking in the main thread. Day 10 (results, text-only results) 10-0 Ye Hakuho 9-1 Ow Asanoyama, M17e Terunofuji 8-2 Se Shodai, Sw Mitakeumi, Going into the basho there was a question of how ready everyone would be. How would rikishi from smaller heya and heya with few sekitori do? How much ring rust would there be? To my eyes, it seems like some (Ikioi) the basho has been very hard going but for others the rest has done them a lot of good. Hakuho is looking like he is moving a bit better and his results show. Terunofuji is doing exceptionally well at the bottom of the division. Other veterans such as Kotoshogiku, Myogiryu and Okinoumi put in a good first week. Can their stamina hold up? Kakuryu was not so fortunate, getting himself injured in a self-inflicted Day 1 loss. We've only had one other injury so far - Kotonowaka, but of course there was Abi who found himself a novel way of exiting the basho. Shin-Ozeki Asanoyama performed much better than I expected him to, putting in some good Ozeki-like sumo until he was surprised by Mitakeumi on Day 10. Mitakeumi tends to be very motivated for these higher kensho bouts. Will we see that against Takakeisho on Day 11? Speaking of which the kadoban Ozeki is just one win away from securing his rank. He hasn't looked great, feasting on a weakly performing joi. He has only faced (and lost to) one Sanyaku opponent so far and the remainder of his basho should be his highest 5 opponents left. Shodai and Mitakeumi have both locked down Sekiwake slots already. The incumbent Komusbui duo of Daieisho and Okinoumi have a good shot of retaining their ranks too, meaning that there might not be any Sanyaku slots available. The current front-runner for any open slot is M2 Takanosho. 10-0 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 0-2-8 7-3 Takakeisho O Asanoyama 9-1 8-2 Shodai S Mitakeumi 8-2 6-4 Daieisho K Okinoumi 5-5 4-6 Endo M1 5-5 Takanosho M2 4-6 Takarafuji M3 Kiribayama 4-6 4-6 Kagayaki M4 Aoiyama 3-7 M5 Hokutofuji 6-4 4-6 Enho M6 Ryuden 4-6 5-5 Terutsuyoshi M7 Tokushoryu 6-4 4-6 Ishiura M8 Chiyotairyu 5-5 7-3 Tamawashi M9 M10 Myogiryu 7-3 M11 Tochinoshin 6-4 I've left Abi in the chart below. He ought to be safe, but who knows how mad he's made the Kyokai? Aside from him the most in danger rikishi are Kotoyuki and Chiyomaru (4 from 5) and Shimanoumi, Shohozan and Nishikigi who each need 3. On the Juryo side only Meisei stands out as a credible promotion candidate. Everyone else has a lot to do. (?) 3-4-3 Abi M5 ... M9 Ikioi 2-8 (2) M10 (3) 2-4 Shimanoumi M11 (1) 4-6 Sadanoumi M12 Shohozan 2-8 (3) (1) 5-5 Takayasu M13 Kotonowaka 4-4-2 (2) M14 M15 Chyomaru 3-7 (4) (3) 4-6 Nishikigi M16 M17 Kotoyuki 4-6 (4) (2) 6-4 Meisei J1 Chiyoshoma 3-7 (5) (4) 5-5 Tobizaru J2 (5) 4-6 Azumaryu J3 Kyokushuho 4-6 (5) (5) 5-5 Daiamami J4 Hidenoumi 4-6 (~) (4) 6-4 Kyokutaisei J5 Ichinojo 6-4 (4) (5) 6-4 Hoshoryu J6 J7 Tsurugisho 5-5 (~) (5) 7-3 Wakamotoharu J8 It's just as well Tochiozan retired because that's the only slot that's opened up so far. With the way things are going it could be the only slot as only Asabenkei requires more than 2 wins for safety. At the moment that one slot would probably go to Ms3 Nishikifuji just ahead of Kitaharima. However, Chiyonokuni can still claim the top promotion spot from Ms12 with the Makushita yusho. J2 Tochiozan Intai (1) 4-6 Akiseyama J9 (2) 4-6 Daishoho J10 Asabenkei 3-7 (3) (2) 4-6 Fujiazuma J11 Kizakiumi 4-6 (2) (2) 5-5 Midorifuji J12 Chiyonoo 6-4 (1) (2) 5-5 Takagenji J13 (2) 6-4 Chiyooumi J14 Mitoryu 7-3 (1) 2-3 Kotodaigo Ms1 Ms2 Oki 3-2 4-1 Nishikifuji Ms3 Kitaharima 4-1 3-2 Sakigake Ms4 Jokoryu 3-2 2-3 Naya Ms5 .... Ms12 Chiyonokuni 5-0 Explanation of symbols used: numbers = wins needed until favourable outcome (getting promoted / not getting demoted) o = favourable outcome achieved x = favourable outcome definitely missed ~ = favourable outcome missed "by the numbers", but still achievable through banzuke luck Ok. My tables aren't as neat as @Asashosakari's. I've also used his entire methodology - not because I want to plagiarise but because he is a master at this and I wanted to keep as much of his wonderful work as possible.
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    Absolutely: his failure to retire prevented that exciting young talent Akiseyama from claiming his rightful place in the top division.
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    Early in the morning, nearly nobody there in the dark Kokugikan. Jonidan 106E Daishoujou faces Jonidan 105W Kyounosato. Kyounosato goes for the left shitate, Daishoujou, for the right uwate. And that's it. All that could be seen or heard was gyoji Shikimori Koumei's incessant "nokotta, nokotta" reverberating in the empty hall. The rikishi did not budge. "Nokotta, nokotta", he called in his high-pitched, probably 16 year old voice. For 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Nothing moved. Finally, Tatsutagawa Oyakata the shinpan raised his right hand. "Torinaoshi!" he declared, and the bout was stopped and restarted. They reappeared two bouts later for their do- over. . The same thing ensued-deadlock holiday. Tomozuna, who was also a shinpan, couldn't hide his smile. After a minute and 23 seconds, Kyounosato got an uwate and won by yorikiri. And thus ends our story for today. I learned from this that in Juryo and upwards, the bout is stopped for a mizu - iri (water entrance) at around the 4 minute mark, and is restarted from the same position. In Makushita and lower, it's a torinaoshi.<bow>
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    Juryo yusho race through Day 15: 10-5 J1e Meisei, J5e Kyokutaisei, J6e Hoshoryu, J12w Chiyonoo, J13w Akua, J14w Mitoryu, Kyokutaisei and Mitoryu both lost their regulation bouts so we were treated to a playoff. Most of the 9-5 rikishi going in to the day won, with the exception of Wakamotoharu and Ichinojo. We ended up with a 6 rikishi playoff, 3 from Tatsunami-beya (Meisei, Hoshoryu and Akua). The playoff started with a straight-elimination going into a 3-man tournament where the first rikishi to win two in a row gets the yusho. Interestingly, none of the Tatsunami rikishi were paired up in the first round and all three won making for an exciting playoff. It was one of the few pieces of live sumo I managed to watch and it was clear that the rikishi train with each other a lot as Meisei and Hoshoryu seemed to know each other's strengths and weaknesses very well. Meisei won that match and that seemed to be the decisive moment as Akua provided not much of a challenge. Meisei wins the yusho and will be back in Makuuchi next time. The one last yusho we haven't covered is Sandanme. Former Sandanme-tsukedashi starter Fukai had a decisive victory over Taiho-grandson Mudoho. Thank you for putting up with me. I've been doing this on the fly during the short amount of time I get access to the computer each day, and as a result there have been a few errors and things, but I hope it has been ok. Hopefully, Asashosakari will be back next time with regular coverage.
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    Jonidan 82 and 43 year old Satonofuji (24 years in sumo) beat his opponent Miyakojima by the fantastic technique Izori.
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    It took a single moderator coming out of sumo hiatus, and two hours of time. I kicked out everything that I believe only to be of tangential relation to sumo. I might have made some questionable judgments, but with 800+ posts things like that can happen. There's now an off-topic thread for that, called "General Corona Banter". Please try to have your discussions about Covid numbers, other sports, and particularly about Sweden over there. Thank you.
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    Day 15. I fasted, I live. Ura, on his way back to sekitorihood? Six wins at Makushita 5: "I'm happy. I went into the bout fully thinking if I win it I may be promoted to Juryo. It was really good. There are many supporting people around me, so I was able to come this far without losing willpower. I would like to get through the 15 days next basho showing healthy and mobile sumo." Tobizaru, missing out on the yusho in his Makushita debut basho: "I wasn't thinking too much about the yusho. First, I just wanted to win that bout. I moved forward but I couldn't get it done. I am very frustrated. No, I wasn't crying, but I guess my frustration showed on my face. I managed to reach my objects of getting a sansho and getting double-digit wins, and I'm happy for that." He faced joi opponents with good results. "I can't win if the sumo becomes my opponents' style. I almost got injured on day 5. I planned on doing forward moving. non-pulling sumo." He will get a healthy boost up the banzuke. "I don't want people to think that it was a fluke, so I will train even harder!" Shoudai, yusho and Ozeki: "I cried. My tsukebito got all watery, and right behind him stood Izutsu oyakata (ex-Toyonoshima). I couldn't stop the flow of tears.. I faced Tobizaru for the first time - I had that on my mind and felt how hard it was. I think I was never this nervous in my whole career. " He went to sleep at midnight the night before but couldn't fall asleep till 5 AM. "Every time I closed my eyes sumo stuff came floating by.. I was nervous till the last shikiri. I could hear my heart thumping. I wasn't sure if I was alive." He was pushed around and seemed to have lost balance at some point. " I didn't give up till the end, and that was good." Last basho he was in the race but fell back on the last days. "I lost to the pressure." Ozeki promotion? "It's a status I have been yearning for. It comes with responsibilities. I still can't believe it. I also want to apologize to Kintamayama-zeki for taking so long and making him look like a fool. I hope he is vindicated now!" He does not intend to change his shikona. "I don't intend to change my shikona." He will be the fifth Ozeki to use his real name. Asanoyama, ending the basho with a loss: "In the end, I was not able to do my own sumo. Even if I did have six consecutive double digit bashos, this record was worse than last basho's so that is bad. Shoudai? A great incentive for me. That's one guy I don't want to lose to .." Takakeishou, beating Asanoyama in the last bout of the basho: "I'm frustrated. I'm still not showing my true strength. When I will, I will get the yusho. When senshuraku came around, I was one step behind the leader. I hate that.. In order to yusho, I should have gotten better results, is what I was thinking. When you're an Ozeki, the only thing that matters is the yusho, so that is regrettable. As for myself, I have been able to give my all this basho." The three rikishi who some thought deserved special prizes as well: Takanoshou, ten wins: "I was able to do my own sumo. I'd like to gambarize in this condition. " Wakatakakage, 11 wins, excellent basho: "This has boosted my confidence. I was able to attack from a low position." Ounoshou, ten wins, turning his nightmare basho in July (2-13) to a better one in Aki : "I'm thankful to be able to mount the dohyo.." Veteran 36 years old Kotoshougiku, sure to fall to Juryo: "I feel like the 15 days are over. I did all I could. I will be seriously thinking how to proceed from here. I 'd like to look to the future and gambarize" Hakkaku rijicho on Shoudai: " This basho he was doing forward-moving sumo from day 1 and the content was good. He must be thrilled, but I think that the people of Kumamoto are thrilled as well."
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    I spent some time trying to visualise the (modern) history of professional Sumo using machine learning and developed an algorithm (similar in idea to Elo etc.) that models it quite well in my opinion, although I am far from being an expert, especially for anything before the 1990s. I would welcome any feedback, so I can make further improvements in the future and perhaps use it to create predictions for tournaments, too. Anyway, the video:
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    Day 15 will be done only tomorrow, as Yom Kippur starts in an hour and I couldn't do it in time.No TV, no internet, no cars on the streets. It's a day when we ask for forgiveness and apologize. Some of us pray, others just be. So I apologize to anyone I offended on purpose or not. We start a new slate tomorrow. It's also a fast so no food or drink for the next 25 hours. Not even fast food, although it's a fast. Sorry also for the bad jokes. .
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    @Asashosakari contacted me and said that he didn't have time for promotion and demotion writeups this time around and wondered if I would do the thread instead. For some reason, in what looks like a bit of a head-ache basho in terms of yusho races and the promotion/demotion lines I said yes.... Day 9 (results,text-only results ) 7-2 Ow, Takakeisho, Se Shodai, M1e Terunofuji, M8w Wakatakakage, M9w Onosho, M14e Tobizaru 6-3 Oe Asanoyama, M5e Kiribayama, M6e Takayasu, M12e Kotoshoho 5-4 Sw Mitakeumi, M1w Takanosho, M5w Takarafuji, M6w Kagayaki, M7w Aoiyama, M10w Kotoeko, M11e Chiyotairyu, M13e Meisei, M17e Ichinojo General intro The basho started with seven sekitori missing. After undergoing surgery in August, it was no surprise that Hakuho pulled out of the tournament. If it weren't for the postponement of the Olympics I imagine that he would have retired by now. The only questions left are when exactly will he retire and whether or not he'll be granted the Ichidai-Toshiyori status or not. Bear in mind that Miyagino-Oyakata turns 65 on 21st August 2022 so Hakuho would have to retire by that date in 2021 to get the one-year retired requirement out of the way if he wants to be allowed officially to run the heya. Joining Hakuho in missing the basho was fellow yokozuna Kakuryu, still suffering from the Day 1 injury back in July. It is looking increasingly likely that we are in the the last 12-months of Kakuryu's career as well. Hakuho's deshi Ishiura also missed the start of the basho with injury and Abi was of course suspended. Down in Juryo, Kizakiumi called it quits due to neck problems and Azumaryu and Fujiazuma as well as the rest of Tamanoi-beya pulled out of the tournament due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Finally, we already saw Kyokutaisei, Yutakayama and Kotoshogiku pull out of the tournament due to injury, but Kotoshogiku came back in an attempt to save his rank, as did Ishiura. Results from day 9 With no Yokozuna and possibly due to the lack of degeiko the quality at the top seems lower, the joi seems worse and we have a lot of parity throughout Makuuchi. The best looking wrestler so far is last-basho winner Terunofuji, looking to write the sumo history books with an unprecedented second straight yusho as a Maegashira. Even he took a couple of days to warm up though. Takakeisho looks to be in better shape this time around and is a co-leader and Asanoyama started off the basho with three straight losses. The net result is that Makuuchi looks a lot like Juryo with 19 rikishi within two of the lead. In fact it's looking more like Juryo than Juryo is at the moment. There are six co-leaders at 7-2. This is better than the nine we had after Day 8 thanks to six of them being paired up. On Day 9 Takakeisho beat Kiribayama, Wakatakakage beat Takayasu and Onosho beat Kotoshoho. For the other 6-2 rikishi, they all won with Shodai needeing two attempts to beat fellow Sekiwake Daieisho. Terunofuji outclassed Hokutofuji and newcomer Tobizaru beat Meisei for the first time. With all the parity, it will be interesting to see what the schedulers do. I suspect that they won't change much, but attempt to scramble in the last few days. If they do need some Sanyaku opposition for high scoring Maegashira then Mitakeumi might be the beneficiary. He could be moved aside so that they could arrange a matchup for a Maegashira against an Ozeki or Shodai. Of course, the shimpan also have Terunofuji as a nice road-block for any aspiring yusho winners from lower in the division. Sanyaku With seven wins already, Shodai is set for one of the Sanyaku slots, but he is aiming for higher things than that. Fellow Ozeki hopeful Mitakeumi is squandering more Ozeki promotion chances. He can still put in double digits, but first he needs to concentrate on that kachi-koshi. Third Sekiwake Daieisho has even more work to do if he is to remain there. Okinoumi has been unable to retain his form from last basho and Endo has been his usual disappointing self. However, both Komusubi could still get a kachi-koshi. Terunofuji is clearly in pole position for any open Sanyaku slots, but we're not short on potential candidates. 0-0-9 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 0-0-9 6-3 Asanoyama O Takakeisho 7-2 7-2 Shodai S Mitakeumi 5-4 3-6 Daieisho S 3-6 Okinoumi K Endo 3-6 7-2 Terunofuji M1 Takanosho 5-4 3-6 Hokutofuji M2 Tamawashi 4-5 3-6 Myogiryu M3 Terutsuyoshi 3-6 M4 Tochinoshin 4-5 6-3 Kiribayama M5 Takarafuji 5-4 6-3 Takayasu M6 Kagayaki 5-4 M7 Aoiyama 5-4 M8 Wakatakakage 7-2 M9 Onosho 7-2 M10 M11 6-3 Kotoshoho M12 M13 7-2 Tobizaru M14 Makuuchi-Juryo No shortage of potential demotion candidates here. Suspended Abi will definitely be going down. Kyokutaisei looks set to join him, and Ishiura and Shohozan would need somewhat of a miracle. Kotoshogiku doesn't look like he could muster up any more wins, but with so many demotion possibilities he could end up staying. I guess we'll have to see how this all pans out. After the most recent banzuke I'm not inclined to suggest that any rikishi with a demotable record is safe, so I've included Yutakayama. He should be safe by the numbers, but could be theoretically demotable if M17 goes away (by a Shodai promotion for example). Also, given the last banzuke with Ichinojo's promotion I may already have removed too many rikishi from contention. I can always add them back in after Day 15 if needs be. As usual in Juryo, not much in the way of credible promotion candidates. Only Kotonowaka and Kotoyuki look like good options at the moment. (~) 2-6-1 Yutakayama M4 ... (1) 2-7 Tokushoryu M8 (2) 2-7 Enho M9 M10 M11 Kotoshogiku 2-4-3 (3) M12 Kaisei 4-5 (2) (1) 5-4 Meisei M13 Ishiura 1-1-7 (5) M14 Abi 0-0-9 (x) (3) 4-5 Shimanoumi M15 Shohozan 1-8 (6) (5) 2-3-4 Kyokutaisei M16 Hoshoryu 4-5 (4) (3) 5-4 Ichinojo M17 (6) 2-7 Ikioi J1 Nishikigi 4-5 (4) (3) 6-3 Kotoyuki J2 Kotonowaka 7-2 (2) (5) 4-5 Wakamotoharu J3 Chiyomaru 4-5 (5) (5) 5-4 Chiyoshoma J4 Daiamami 3-6 (~) (~) 3-6 Daishomaru J5 Kyokushuho 4-5 (6) (~) 4-5 Chiyonoo J6 Akua 6-3 (5) (5) 6-3 Churanoumi J7 J8 J9 (6) 7-2 Akiseyama J10 J11 Chiyonokuni 8-1 (5) Juryo-Makushita The Juryo- Makushita exchange this time has been made complicated by the Tamanoi-beya kyujo rikishi. The Kyokai has said that their enforced kyujo will have to be discussed, but who knows if they'll get any leeway or not. We'll find out the answer to that hopefully when the Juryo promotions are announced. Azumaryu and Fujiazuma if kyujo normally would be shoo-ins for demotion, but I've marked them as ????, because who knows this time around. The first definite slot was opened up by Kizakiumi's retirement and shin-Juryo Oki has provided the second slot by failing to win so far. Kitaharima is also in a bit of trouble. No one in the Ms6-Ms15 extended promotion zone is undefeated, so any promotees will come from the Makushita-joi. Of those 10 rikishi we can rule out already make-koshi Asabenkei and covid-sidelined upcoming talent Shiraishi. J7 Azumaryu 0-0-9 (????) (2) 3-6 Mitoryu J8 Tsurugisho 4-5 (1) J9 J10 (2) 4-5 Hakuyozan J11 intai Kizakiumi J12 Daishoho 4-5 (3) (x) 0-9 Oki J13 Nishikifuji 6-3 (1) (????) 0-0-9 Fujiazuma J14 Kitaharima 3-6 (5) 2-3 Takagenji Ms1 Jokoryu 2-3 3-2 Chiyonoumi Ms2 Shiraishi 0-0-4 (x) 2-3 Kaisho Ms3 Sakigake 3-2 (x) 1-4 Asabenkei Ms4 Naya 3-2 3-2 Kotodaigo Ms5 Ura 5-0 Explanation of symbols used: numbers = wins needed until favourable outcome (getting promoted / not getting demoted) o = favourable outcome achieved x = favourable outcome definitely missed ~ = favourable outcome missed "by the numbers", but still achievable through banzuke luck
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    I always said he will make it. It wasn't guesswork-it was written. I know, I missed by a few years, but it was a long time coming. I never gave up on him- he is the king of keiko and has been consistently training with the toughest opposition for years and was getting his ass kicked all the time-but that has to pay off sometime. Next guy to get much better is Yutakayama - another guy who trains endlessly. Remember this.. More than deserves a thread of his own. Such a nice, humble guy who wears his heart on his sleeve..
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    He didn’t want to leave but the others carried him out and he offered no resistance.
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    Here we go: 1. Takakeisho 175 183 59,8 2. Kotoyuki 177 187 59,7 3. Chiyomaru 178 189 59,6 4. Chiyootori 178 185 58,4 5. Tsurugisho 182 191 57,7 6. Tokushoryu 183 192 57,3 7. Kotoshogiku 181 186 56,8 8. Akiseyama 182 183 55,2 9. Daiamami 183 182 54,3 10. Mitakeumi 179 172 53,7 10. Ichinojo 192 198 53,7 12. Mitoryu 187 183 52,3 13. Chiyotairyu 181 171(-17) 52,2 14. Aoiyama 191 188 51,5 15. Yutakayama 185 173 50,5 15. Daishomaru 174 153 50,5 15. Kizakiumi 174 153 50,5 15. Daishoho 184 171 50,5 15. Kaisei 195 192 50,5 20. Fujiazuma 181 165 50,4 21. Shodai 184 170 50,2 22. Onosho 177 157 50,1 23. Takayasu 187 175 50 24. Shimanoumi 179 160 49,9 24. Nishikigi 184 169 49,9 26. Asanoyama 187 174 49,8 27. Akua 184 168 49,6 28. Daieisho 182 161 48,6 29. Takarafuji 185 166 48,5 30.Hakuyozan 186 167 48,3 31. Takanosho 184 163 48,1 32. Tochinoshin 192 176 47,7 33. Terunofuji 191 173 47,4 34. Hokutofuji 185 162 47,3 35. Tamawashi 189 168 47 35. Kotonowaka 188 166 47 37. Meisei 180 151 46,6 38. Oki 185 158 46,2 39. Chiyonoo 180 149 46 40. Hidenoumi 185 156 45,6 41. Kakuryu 186 155 44,8 42. Kyokutaisei 184 151 44,6 43. Myogiryu 187 155 44,3 44. Okinoumi 191 160 43,9 45.Endo 184 148 43,7 46. Chyonokuni 182 144 43,5 47. Ikioi 193 161 43,2 48. Kagayaki 193 160 43 49. Tobizaru 175 131 42,8 49. Kotoshoho 191 156 42,8 49. Azumaryu191 156 42,8 49. Nishikifuji 183 143 42,8 53. Abi 188 149 42,2 54. Shohozan 177 132 42,1 55. Sadanoumi 182 139 42 56. Churanoumi 176 130 42 57. Kotoeko 177 131 41,8 58. Kyokushuho 190 150 41,6 59. Hakuho 192 151 41 60. Ryuden 190 148 41 61. Wakamotoharu 187 143 40,9 62. Chiyoshoma 184 137 40,5 63. Terutsuyoshi 169 114 39,9 64. Wakatakakage 180 129 39,8 65. Kiribayama 187 138 39,5 66. Midorifuji 171 114 39 67. Kitaharima 182 126 38 68. Hoshoryu 186 131 37,9 69. Ishiura 174 110 36,3 70. Enho 169 92 32,2
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    I've mentioned it before, but each August Isegahama-beya comes to my neighboring town of Yahiko in Niigata for a one-week training camp that is open to the public. When the heya first came five years ago, it was flourishing. Harumafuji was Yokozuna. Terunojuji was an Ozeki for whom attaining the rope was just a matter of time. Takarafuji was a Joi mainstay. Aminishiki was a legend. Terutsuyoshi was soon to make his Juryo debut. Fast forward four years to last summer. The heya was in shambles. Harumafuji retired (expelled). Aminishiki retired. And Terunofuji was a broken shell of the Ozeki he once was. During last year's camp I sat not five feet from the former Ozeki. Takarafuji is a huge man. Yet a healthy Terunofuji used to dwarf him. Now, he looked like a half-deflated balloon. In no condition to mount the dohyo to train, he spent the entire week limited to light stretches while limping around the outside of the dohyo on creaky knees. Seeing him in that condition, I was convinced his career was over. I would have bet my life savings that he would retire before he ever reached Makuuchi again. That he not only returned to Makuuchi but won a yusho less than one year after being in that condition is astounding. It is a minor miracle. It is a testament to the hard work he put into his comeback. And it's a reminder of the limitless ability he has when healthy.
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    Some day 6 talk: Ura, 18 straight wins: "I knew my opponent was wily so I watched him closely. I did well. 18 straight wins? I have nothing to say about that. I know I have more power in me. I'm still rehabilitating and getting better. It's still not over yet. I have to gambarize and not get injured!" Terunofuji, doing well in his return to Makuuchi: "It's only the beginning. I can still do better. It's going to be important from here on. If I let every loss bring me down I won't be able to do sumo for 15 days. I have to restart my attitude. " Mitakeumi, six straight wins: "I was late at the tachiai today.. I couldn't get my left hand in and thought to myself that this is not good, but I was patient and able to move forward. I'm not in bad shape and I'd like to continue doing my own sumo like this.." Enhou, winning and losing on alternate days: "If I go head on I am at a disadvantage. I wanted to get low and inside. I'm getting better every day. There are things i still need to overcome, but with patience and feeling I'd like to overcome them.." Hakuhou, six straight wins: "I felt good as I was able to move forward. The flow is good at present. I'd like to keep it that way. Am I getting better daily? You have seen for yourself.." Asanoyama, 6-0: " My opponent today Ounoshou is a powerful pusher so I knew I had to get a good first step in and do forward moving sumo. Mitakeumi won right before me and I wanted to follow closely. I'm facing every basho as a challenger. I'm thinking about each bout each day and not dwelling on the past." Mongolian Kiribayama, beating an Ozeki for the first time: "I thought I had lost but I was able to grab his mawashi at the end. I am thrilled! Everything has changed since Yokozuna Kakuryuu and the Izutsu boys moved to our heya. The training is much more serious and Kakuryuu keeps a close eye on me from the training to what I eat. I used to worship him watching him on TV in Mongolia, and now I am learning from him.." Shoudai, all over the place but winning: "I kind of fell apart but I managed to recover somehow. I was able to move forward and my body was moving well. It felt like I was going to fall on my ass. Luckily, I somehow managed to stay on my feet.." Story about Shoudai- he has his own room at the heya with a TV set. The guys are climbing the walls from boredom because of the lockdown, and asked to borrow the TV and bring it to the large hall where the lower rankers dwell, as he hardly watches TV. "If you're not watching, please lend it to us.." they asked. He gave them the TV as a present and bought a new one for himself..
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/index.php/index.php/ Makuuchi Hakuho Y Kakuryu Takakeisho O Asanoyama Shodai S Mitakeumi Daieisho K Okinoumi Endo M1 Yutakayama Takanosho M2 Onosho Takarafuji M3 Kiribayama Kagayaki M4 Aoiyama Abi M5 Hokutofuji Enho M6 Ryuden Terutsuyoshi M7 Tokushoryu Ishiura M8 Chiyotairyu Tamawashi M9 Ikioi Kaisei M10 Myogiryu Shimanoumi M11 Tochinoshin Sadanoumi M12 Shohozan Takayasu M13 Kotonowaka Kotoshogiku M14 Wakatakakage Kotoshoho M15 Chiyomaru Nishikigi M16 Kotoeko Terunofuji M17 Kotoyuki
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    The Flying Monkey Tobizaru trained today-fundamentals only. "It is very important to do the fundamentals in order to avoid unnecessary injuries and to build up my body. I'd like to start doing sumo soon." He donned his new mawashi today. "It's a pale blue color, not a deep blue one. It's something never seen before .." He has been quite excited lately with the promotion and all and the interest in him. "I am learning English. I have received many correspondences from foreign sumo fans and have been generating interest, so I decided to study English. I bought a textbook, but I seem to keep forgetting to open it.. I am getting better at speaking, as I have a friend who corresponds regularly speaks online to me in English ." He seems to be taking this quite seriously. At some point he had planned to embroider his zabuton with the caption "Flying Monkey" in English, but decided against it. "I do a lot of leg trips like ketaguri and kekaeshi and I plan to continue doing them during the basho. If I can catch (said it in English) the foreign fans' heart (said it in English as well) that would be cool!!" he summed. Come on everyone, let's write him some encouraging words where seldom is heard and the skies are not cloudy all day!!
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    Quite a few shikona changes on this banzuke, with a lot of rikishi getting their first and a few others going back in time to an old one. In the aftermath of the Nakagawa-beya closure, four of the surviving rikishi change their shikona to make a fresh start. Highest ranked on the list is Kyokusoten who gets a typical shikona from his new heya, Kataonami, and also changes the given name. Fujishima-beya's Fukuyama is now Kainoshima, the last kanji can of course be from both the heya and his home prefecture of Kagoshima. Matsuyama celebrates his Makushita debut by reverting to his old shikona of Dewataikai, after four years under his real names. The given name also changes to Tomokazu (different second kanji to his earlier stint when it was Tomoyasu). Three rikishi from Yamahibiki-beya get their first shikona. Fukazawa is now Joyuriki - the middle kanji is taken from the shisho (ex-Ganyu). He also changes the second kanji of his given name but keeps the reading as Hayato. Yabugasaki is now Hakuonada, and finally Kamada is now Biganzan, with a new given name. Over in Onomatsu-beya, Chida is now Tsugunohana, the last kanji perhaps a nod to his hometown of Hanamaki. Elsewhere, Asahiyama-beya's Kitajima definitely honours his hometown with the new shikona of Shimanishiki (just like Shimanoumi). Moving back to the Nakagawa survivors, Kiyama is now Kyokutenryo, that shikona obviously inspired by his new shisho Tomozuna-oyakata (ex-Kyokutenho). I was surprised to see twin brothers Okunisato and Yoshizawa move to different heya, but they are at least matching their shikona reversions here - Okunisato goes back to Okunidake (with a new given name, Shotaro), while Yoshizawa goes back to Okuniyama. The most interesting change comes down in Jonokuchi, where Isegahama-beya's Sakashita gets the rare privilege of a five-character shikona - he is now Yaotsufuji, honouring his hometown of Yaotsu in Gifu prefecture. Even more interestingly, the third character is a katakana, though I'm puzzled why they didn't just use the actual third kanji from the town. Anyway, it's some welcome company for Okinofuji, who has been flying the flag alone for three years. Lastly, the quartet of debutants from Kokonoe-beya all get shikona immediately which seems to be standard practice there now. The only note I'll make is that Takarabe's shikona contains his given name. With no given name change specified, that makes him Chiyotensho Tensho. Ms15e Kyokusoten Manrai > Tamashoho Manpei (玉正鳳 萬平) Ms23e Hokutoyo > Hokutoki (北勝輝) Ms38e Fukuyama > Kainoshima (海乃島) Ms50w Matsuyama Hiromi > Dewataikai Tomokazu (出羽大海 友和) Sd23e Fukazawa Hayato (颯斗) > Joyuriki Hayato (城雄力 颯人) Sd45e Yabugasaki > Hakuonada (白旺灘) Jd21e Chida > Tsugunohana (禎ノ花) Jd37w Kamada Takumi > Biganzan Yuichi (備巌山 雄一) Jd58e Kitajima > Shimanishiki (志摩錦) Jd69w Kiyama > Kyokutenryo (旭天稜) Jd71e Okunisato Ryo > Okunidake Shotaro (大国岳 翔太郎) Jd92w Fukuda Takuma > Shokeima Hiroya (勝桂馬 大也) Jd110e Yoshizawa > Okuniyama (大国山) Jk4w Yamamoto > Nishikimaru (錦丸) Jk13w Sakashita > Yaotsufuji (八百ツ富士) Jk16w Ezura > Kazunofuji (良ノ富士) Jk31w Kawaguchi > Chiyoresshi (千代烈士) Jk33e Takarabe > Chiyotensho (千代天照) Jk33w Nakago > Chiyosenshi (千代泉志) Jk34e Furusawa > Chiyoyamato (千代大和) Shusshin change for Naruto-beya newcomer Osuzuki, from Katsushika ward in Tokyo to the city of Kamagaya, Chiba: 東京都葛飾区 > 千葉県鎌ケ谷市
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    Laconic, since the English commentator says it all.. I had my mask on the whole time and nobody was within 10 feet of me. Somehow, this feels like a jungyo basho because of the very short time between the announcement that the basho is being held and the basho itself.
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    Oldest active rikishi Hanakaze turned 50 today and becomes the first rikishi since the start of Showa to stay active in his 50s. He is chanko-ban in Tatsunami-beya and a kind of manager for the younger rikishi, planning nutrition and supporting the body. Last basho he had a 4-3 kachi-koshi and is jd68 now. 2017 Aki, 2019 Natsu win against Matsugashima o o
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    Some jibbering from day 5: Wakatakakage, beating Kotoyuuki, facing Sadogatake rikishi five days running: "It wasn't unpleasant, I was just surprised that it happened again today. It's not easy.." Kotoshouhou, unscathed after the first third of the basho: " I'm able to do sumo with patience. It's still the first half so I want to continue like this and take things seriously a bout at a time ." Shouhouzan, losing today for his fifth straight loss: "I thought Kotoshouhou would put more pressure on me but he didn't. I was done in by his softness in the end.." Kotonowaka, losing to his high school senpai Myougiryuu: "I went with all I had intending to use his chest. It became his pace, but I think I could have attacked more.." Ishiura, lame tachiai and losing to Tamawashi: "I couldn't conjure up a winning image.. Turning my back towards him and running away was what appeared in my sumo .." Hokutofuji, postponing his wedding ceremony due to the Coronavirus: "It's not like I'll get divorced because of the delay. I hope everyone will be able to gather and smile when the time comes.. I'd like to radiate health from the dohyo!" Takayasu, beating Terunofuji in an ex-Ozeki battle: " He has returned from way down and far away.. I decided I will give it my all today. The content was very good and I was able to win!" Shoudai, beating genki sanyaku counterpart Okinoumi: "The content was not good. I lost at the tachiai energy-wise. I managed to get a throw in while falling, and that's what decided the bout." Ounoshou, 0-5, not being able to beat Hakuhou twice in a row, facing Asanoyama tomorrow: "I'm not in bad shape. I'll be going for a win tomorrow as well!" Kotoshougiku, tied for 7th now in overall career wins with Harumafuji: "The record will mean something when I retire.. I'm just going up there day by day thinking I don't want to lose." Mitakeumi, second straight basho starting with a 5-0 record, facing only hiramaku rikishi so far: "My condition is gradually getting better. Winning 5 straight is how it should be, at my rank." Asanoyama, second straight basho with a 5-0 start as well: "I am nervous, but my body is moving well. It took me a while today. The fact that I couldn't generate an attack is something to reflect upon. During the stalemate I kept telling myself that I cannot lose under any circumstances. The fans are coming in even though the virus is scary and i would like to show them my gratitude." Hakuhou, beating Ounoshou and remaining unbeaten. He hasn't been relying on tachiai harites this basho so far : "I told myself these 5 days were important. I'd like to ride the wave of my current condition and continue with this content day by day .."
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