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    Here we go: 1. Takakeisho 175 183 59,8 2. Kotoyuki 177 187 59,7 3. Chiyomaru 178 189 59,6 4. Chiyootori 178 185 58,4 5. Tsurugisho 182 191 57,7 6. Tokushoryu 183 192 57,3 7. Kotoshogiku 181 186 56,8 8. Akiseyama 182 183 55,2 9. Daiamami 183 182 54,3 10. Mitakeumi 179 172 53,7 10. Ichinojo 192 198 53,7 12. Mitoryu 187 183 52,3 13. Chiyotairyu 181 171(-17) 52,2 14. Aoiyama 191 188 51,5 15. Yutakayama 185 173 50,5 15. Daishomaru 174 153 50,5 15. Kizakiumi 174 153 50,5 15. Daishoho 184 171 50,5 15. Kaisei 195 192 50,5 20. Fujiazuma 181 165 50,4 21. Shodai 184 170 50,2 22. Onosho 177 157 50,1 23. Takayasu 187 175 50 24. Shimanoumi 179 160 49,9 24. Nishikigi 184 169 49,9 26. Asanoyama 187 174 49,8 27. Akua 184 168 49,6 28. Daieisho 182 161 48,6 29. Takarafuji 185 166 48,5 30.Hakuyozan 186 167 48,3 31. Takanosho 184 163 48,1 32. Tochinoshin 192 176 47,7 33. Terunofuji 191 173 47,4 34. Hokutofuji 185 162 47,3 35. Tamawashi 189 168 47 35. Kotonowaka 188 166 47 37. Meisei 180 151 46,6 38. Oki 185 158 46,2 39. Chiyonoo 180 149 46 40. Hidenoumi 185 156 45,6 41. Kakuryu 186 155 44,8 42. Kyokutaisei 184 151 44,6 43. Myogiryu 187 155 44,3 44. Okinoumi 191 160 43,9 45.Endo 184 148 43,7 46. Chyonokuni 182 144 43,5 47. Ikioi 193 161 43,2 48. Kagayaki 193 160 43 49. Tobizaru 175 131 42,8 49. Kotoshoho 191 156 42,8 49. Azumaryu191 156 42,8 49. Nishikifuji 183 143 42,8 53. Abi 188 149 42,2 54. Shohozan 177 132 42,1 55. Sadanoumi 182 139 42 56. Churanoumi 176 130 42 57. Kotoeko 177 131 41,8 58. Kyokushuho 190 150 41,6 59. Hakuho 192 151 41 60. Ryuden 190 148 41 61. Wakamotoharu 187 143 40,9 62. Chiyoshoma 184 137 40,5 63. Terutsuyoshi 169 114 39,9 64. Wakatakakage 180 129 39,8 65. Kiribayama 187 138 39,5 66. Midorifuji 171 114 39 67. Kitaharima 182 126 38 68. Hoshoryu 186 131 37,9 69. Ishiura 174 110 36,3 70. Enho 169 92 32,2
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    The Flying Monkey Tobizaru trained today-fundamentals only. "It is very important to do the fundamentals in order to avoid unnecessary injuries and to build up my body. I'd like to start doing sumo soon." He donned his new mawashi today. "It's a pale blue color, not a deep blue one. It's something never seen before .." He has been quite excited lately with the promotion and all and the interest in him. "I am learning English. I have received many correspondences from foreign sumo fans and have been generating interest, so I decided to study English. I bought a textbook, but I seem to keep forgetting to open it.. I am getting better at speaking, as I have a friend who corresponds regularly speaks online to me in English ." He seems to be taking this quite seriously. At some point he had planned to embroider his zabuton with the caption "Flying Monkey" in English, but decided against it. "I do a lot of leg trips like ketaguri and kekaeshi and I plan to continue doing them during the basho. If I can catch (said it in English) the foreign fans' heart (said it in English as well) that would be cool!!" he summed. Come on everyone, let's write him some encouraging words where seldom is heard and the skies are not cloudy all day!!
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    Quite a few shikona changes on this banzuke, with a lot of rikishi getting their first and a few others going back in time to an old one. In the aftermath of the Nakagawa-beya closure, four of the surviving rikishi change their shikona to make a fresh start. Highest ranked on the list is Kyokusoten who gets a typical shikona from his new heya, Kataonami, and also changes the given name. Fujishima-beya's Fukuyama is now Kainoshima, the last kanji can of course be from both the heya and his home prefecture of Kagoshima. Matsuyama celebrates his Makushita debut by reverting to his old shikona of Dewataikai, after four years under his real names. The given name also changes to Tomokazu (different second kanji to his earlier stint when it was Tomoyasu). Three rikishi from Yamahibiki-beya get their first shikona. Fukazawa is now Joyuriki - the middle kanji is taken from the shisho (ex-Ganyu). He also changes the second kanji of his given name but keeps the reading as Hayato. Yabugasaki is now Hakuonada, and finally Kamada is now Biganzan, with a new given name. Over in Onomatsu-beya, Chida is now Tsugunohana, the last kanji perhaps a nod to his hometown of Hanamaki. Elsewhere, Asahiyama-beya's Kitajima definitely honours his hometown with the new shikona of Shimanishiki (just like Shimanoumi). Moving back to the Nakagawa survivors, Kiyama is now Kyokutenryo, that shikona obviously inspired by his new shisho Tomozuna-oyakata (ex-Kyokutenho). I was surprised to see twin brothers Okunisato and Yoshizawa move to different heya, but they are at least matching their shikona reversions here - Okunisato goes back to Okunidake (with a new given name, Shotaro), while Yoshizawa goes back to Okuniyama. The most interesting change comes down in Jonokuchi, where Isegahama-beya's Sakashita gets the rare privilege of a five-character shikona - he is now Yaotsufuji, honouring his hometown of Yaotsu in Gifu prefecture. Even more interestingly, the third character is a katakana, though I'm puzzled why they didn't just use the actual third kanji from the town. Anyway, it's some welcome company for Okinofuji, who has been flying the flag alone for three years. Lastly, the quartet of debutants from Kokonoe-beya all get shikona immediately which seems to be standard practice there now. The only note I'll make is that Takarabe's shikona contains his given name. With no given name change specified, that makes him Chiyotensho Tensho. Ms15e Kyokusoten Manrai > Tamashoho Manpei (玉正鳳 萬平) Ms23e Hokutoyo > Hokutoki (北勝輝) Ms38e Fukuyama > Kainoshima (海乃島) Ms50w Matsuyama Hiromi > Dewataikai Tomokazu (出羽大海 友和) Sd23e Fukazawa Hayato (颯斗) > Joyuriki Hayato (城雄力 颯人) Sd45e Yabugasaki > Hakuonada (白旺灘) Jd21e Chida > Tsugunohana (禎ノ花) Jd37w Kamada Takumi > Biganzan Yuichi (備巌山 雄一) Jd58e Kitajima > Shimanishiki (志摩錦) Jd69w Kiyama > Kyokutenryo (旭天稜) Jd71e Okunisato Ryo > Okunidake Shotaro (大国岳 翔太郎) Jd92w Fukuda Takuma > Shokeima Hiroya (勝桂馬 大也) Jd110e Yoshizawa > Okuniyama (大国山) Jk4w Yamamoto > Nishikimaru (錦丸) Jk13w Sakashita > Yaotsufuji (八百ツ富士) Jk16w Ezura > Kazunofuji (良ノ富士) Jk31w Kawaguchi > Chiyoresshi (千代烈士) Jk33e Takarabe > Chiyotensho (千代天照) Jk33w Nakago > Chiyosenshi (千代泉志) Jk34e Furusawa > Chiyoyamato (千代大和) Shusshin change for Naruto-beya newcomer Osuzuki, from Katsushika ward in Tokyo to the city of Kamagaya, Chiba: 東京都葛飾区 > 千葉県鎌ケ谷市
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    http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Hakuho Y Kakuryu Asanoyama O Takakeisho Shodai S Mitakeumi Daieisho S --- Okinoumi K Endo Terunofuji M1 Takanosho Hokutofuji M2 Tamawashi Myogiryu M3 Terutsuyoshi Yutakayama M4 Tochinoshin Kiribayama M5 Takarafuji Takayasu M6 Kagayaki Ryuden M7 Aoiyama Tokushoryu M8 Wakatakakage Enho M9 Onosho Sadanoumi M10 Kotoeko Chiyotairyu M11 Kotoshogiku Kotoshoho M12 Kaisei Meisei M13 Ishiura Tobizaru M14 Abi Shimanoumi M15 Shohozan Kyokutaisei M16 Hoshoryu Ichinojo M17 ---
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    Terunofuji's yusho portrait is ready o photo shoot on Aug. 12th o
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    Chunichi shimbun posted an update on Masunoyama, we talked about him last basho: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39595-lower-division-celebs-results/?do=findComment&comment=418038 He is one of the 2 first sekitori born in the Heisei era, juryo promotion at age 19 after Aki 2010, together with Takayasu, who was 20 then. He also has the record of lowest drop on the banzuke after being makuuchi, jk 11e. Terunofuji is 8th in that category with jd48w, but he - the first yusho winner and first ozeki born in the Heisei era - has already made it back, Masunoyama is still trying, and has to overcome just as many health problems. Worries about the heart still remain, back pain that started since he first was in makushita, surgery at the knees - this caused plenty of kyujo, and on top of all that, in 2018 he was diagnosed with the officially incurable disease 黄色靱帯骨化症 OYL , ossification of the yellow ligament - like ex-Daikiho and similar to the late Azumazeki-oyakata. The doctors had told him he was in danger to lose the ability to walk, so he went for surgery, but he revealed that still "the right thigh rectus femoris muscle is numb and won't function". He is preparing for the Aki basho, starting keiko after plenty of stretching, mainly doing the basics, as a rule "constantly moving the body and continue to sweat". When he's in good shape he now is able to do moushi-ai keiko bouts with makushita. Masunoyama firmly believes in himself and is on the quest to return first to makushita and ultimately makuuchi: "I want to go through with it with the feeling that I can." http://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/108080 He was top division then, his brother advanced to 3rd class by now
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    Hey everyone, I've made some Juryo recaps and kimarite videos in the past, took a break last basho but I'm back at it again for this one. This time I'm planning on making Juryo recaps and lower-division recaps that highlight ~20 lower division wrestlers (and some choice highlight bouts). Seems like there are plenty of people posting top division highlights already (even if they don't always stay public). Here's my list of lower-division rikishi I'm planning on following: Takagenji Jokoryu Shiraishi (COVID-19, Tamanoi) Naya Ura Tokisakae? Yago Oshoryu Toyohibiki Kitanowaka? Tochikamiyama Masutoo Roga Shohoryu Yoshii Mudoho Fukai - sd yusho Hokuseiho - jk yusho Takeoka - jd yusho Shishi Kirameki I'm sure I'm missing notable rikishi though so if I'm missing someone important or you just want to keep up with someone, let me know who I should cover! I'll post videos in this thread every day.
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    Our 28 minute English language preview show for the tournament that gets underway on Sunday is available on demand now. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/sumo/ As well as the usual recap and preview there is a feature on Musashimaru.
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    To the 2nd daughter of Hokutenyu, (ex-)fashion model Yukina Chiba (28) - consequently, she has stopped her work o Takakeisho (24): "So that I can concentrate on sumo, she is always thinking of me first." "I have been saved by her many times." "Together with this person, I want to go through life all the way." o
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    Half a dozen sekitori will be absent from the start of this basho - both Yokozuna are recuperating from the last one, while Ishiura has suffered an ankle injury. Tamanoi-beya duo Azumaryu and Fujiazuma are quarantined/hospitalized along with the rest of the heya due to a COVID outbreak, while Abi begins his suspension. EDIT: Lower division absentees now added. Yokozuna Hakuho Yokozuna Kakuryu M13w Ishiura M14w Abi J7w Azumaryu J14e Fujiazuma Ms2w Shiraishi Ms6w Ichiki Ms19e Tanabe Ms34e Ryusei Ms35e Tomisakae - possibly intai Ms36w Mifuneyama Ms38e Kainoshima Ms43w Kagamio Ms48e Horyuyama Ms52e Tomokaze Ms57e Inoue Ms60w Aomihama Sd11w Azumasato Sd14e Oazuma Sd25e Toukiryu Sd25w Gokushindo - suspended along with Abi Sd32e Tsugaruumi Sd32w Karatsuumi Sd36w Hatooka Sd41w Azumasho Sd42e Toshoyama Sd50e Ryutsukasa Sd60e Kiyonoumi Sd67e Mihamaumi Sd79e Yuriki Sd85w Gagamaru Jd3e Yoshiazuma - first career kyujo after 1183 consecutive bouts Jd7w Akitoba Jd16w Yukiumi Jd17e Taketsukasa Jd28w Wakaryusei Jd31e Ishiazuma Jd32w Andozakura Jd33e Toshonishiki Jd34w Hokutouryu Jd39e Mori Jd39w Kirinoryu Jd41e Fukuazuma Jd44e Iko Jd46e Arikawa Jd46w Amamisho Jd49w Etsunohana Jd51e Hokutohomare Jd52e Hashimoto Jd57e Motokiyama Jd58w Azumaiwa Jd63e Kaitoma Jd89w Azumayama Jd102w Tsuyasato Jd103w Iwamoto Jd108e Azumahikari Jd109w Takeazuma Jd110w Azumanami Jd112w Nogami Jk18w Tochigidake Jk19w Dewaazuma Jk21w Daigonishiki Jk23e Taiga Jk25e Wakatoriumi - intai Jk26e Chiyotaiko Jk27e Oju One other note, Minato-beya's 45-year-old nito tokoyama Tokomori retired as of September 4th, after 30 years in the job.
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    Takayasu did not do any sumo today, but seems to be in good shape. He did some fundamentals though, working up a sweat. He has been doing sumo on a daily basis since the banzuke was released, training against.. well, you know, ex-Kisenosato (Araiso Oyakata). "Man, his left hand grip is scary..The keiko is excellent. We can't go out to train at this time, so I am thankful to have him as my training partner.. " He got married in July and his wife is assisting him in his effort to return to sanyaku. "She tries her best to cook me healthy meals so I can lose my excess fat. A lot of proteins. As a result my body is moving better than before. My sumo sense is returning as well. It seems my wife is learning how to make healthy food, and it is very tasty. I'd like to be able to repay her by doing well. I want to return to sanyaku.." He has been greatly inspired by Terunofuji's yusho. "I have been greatly inspired by Terunofuji's yusho. He's faced much greater hardships than I have. A yusho by someone like that is a great stimulus. It makes me feel maybe I'm next.. I'd like to totally gambarize one more time and aim upwards and will train hard for my fans who are rooting for me. " He is going to be a father soon. "The birth should take place at the beginning of next year. I need to gambarize even more.. For the sake of the child, I'd like to join forces with my wife and do my best." He intends to resume training with ex-Kisenosato tomorrow. "I'll be going at it while taking care of my body to avoid injuries. I'd like to show powerful sumo for the 15 days of the Aki basho and make my fans' support worth their while!!"
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    Sumo-do, those in succession of the samurai 相撲道~サムライを継ぐ者たち~ - fighting 365 days 106min. Start in cinemas in Japan on Oct. 30th. The film calls itself world first ozumo documentary film. Keiko had been followed 6 months from Dec. 2018 till June 2019 in Takadagawa-beya of ex-Akinoshima with Ryuden in the focus and Sakaigawa-beya of ex-Ryogoku with Goeido (now Takekuma) in the focus. http://natalie.mu/eiga/news/394398 o o o o Director debut: Eiji Sakata 坂田栄治 Coordinate producer: sumo artist Kototsurugi Narration: Kenichi Endō
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    An insane amount of Shōchū consumed on this occasion...
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    Whenever I hear about a sumo wrestler marrying a gorgeous (if slightly older) woman I am reminded of the words of the aesthetically challenged soccer player Peter Crouch. When asked in an interview "What would you have been if you weren't a famous footballer?" he replied "a virgin".
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    In case you didn't see this link: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/40040-top-10-sumo-records-july-2020/?do=findComment&comment=418587 Our top 10 updates for July 2020 - Terunofuji wins his second yusho and is now in an 11 way tie for 6th place for most yusho won by rikishi who did not make yokozuna. Mitakeumi is also in this list - Terunofuji at M17E is in sole 3rd place for lowest yusho winner. He is also the third wrestler to win in the "makujiri" position or last place on the makuuchi banzuke, following Takatoriki and the Tokushoryu (who won on the west side and shares 1st place with Dewaminato) - Terunofuji's 2nd yusho came 30 basho after his first yusho, this puts him in 2nd place on that particular list - Hakuho extended the all time career wins record to 1170 - Kotoshogiku is now at 825 career wins, now 35 behind 10th place Terao. If the Geek can hold out until next year he will probably pass the Iron Man in Haru 2021 if the next four basho are actually held - Hakuho extends the all time makuuchi wins record to 1076 - Kotoshogiku got to 716 makuuchi wins for July 2020. On the way he passed ex-rivals Harumafuji (712) and Kisenosato (714) and is now in 6th place. He is now 30 wins behind Taiho - Hokuseiho is on a 7 win streak to start his career in pro sumo - Hakuho extends the yokozuna wins record to 882 - Kotoshogiku now has 1321 makuuchi bouts while maintaining 6th place. Above him is Terao at 1378 bouts - Hakuho now has 1265 makuuchi bouts, putting him in 8th place now after having passed Kotonowaka the elder - Current sumo iron man Tamawashi enters the ever evasive most consecutive career bouts list with 1271 consecutive bouts, passing Ozutsu (1267) and securing 9th place. Above him is Hidanohana at 1297 consecutive bouts. Tamawashi has not missed a bout to date - Hakuho gets to 1002 bouts as yokozuna, extending the record - Kakuryu's one bout this basho puts him 372 bouts as yokozuna. Above him is 10th place Harumafuji at 388. Remains to be seen if he can pass Ama this year - Hakuho was ranked in makuuchi for his 96th basho, maintaining 5th. Barring an immediate retirement, he will tie Aminishiki and Takamiyama in Aki for 3rd place - Kotoshogiku was ranked in makuuchi for his 91st basho, tying Akinoshima for 8th place. Next basho he will go into sole 7th place - Hakuho was ranked as yokozuna for his 77th basho, extending the record - Kakuryu was ranked as yokozuna for his 37th basho, raising the bar for 10th place on the list. Above him is 9th place Asashoryu with 42 basho - Hakuho was ranked as a sekitori for his 98th basho, tying him with Chiyonofuji and Takekaze for 9th place. Next basho he will tie Mitoizumi - Hanakaze was ranked on the banzuke for his 205th basho, extending the all time record. He is the last active wrestler from the Showa era. He will also step on the dohyo in Aki having turned 50 years old - Tenichi and Terunosato were ranked on the banzuke for their 163rd basho, which puts them at 5th place - Fujinokaze was ranked on the banzuke for his 161st basho, putting him in 7th place all time - Itakozukura and Gorikiyama were ranked on the banzuke for their 157th basho. This ties them with Oshio for 10th place all time - Endo got his 7th kinboshi with the day 1 win over Kakuryu. He is two away from entering 10th place of the all time list - Kakuryu had a kinboshi loss for the 33rd time, this ties him with Tochinoumi for 8th place - Asanoyama becomes the first sandanme tsukedashi wrestler to be promoted to ozeki after 25 basho - Terunofuji breaks the record for lowest demotion to makuuchi return, becoming the first makuuchi rikishi to have climbed all the way back from jonidan. The record is now jonidan 48W. Can Ura do the same? - Kotoshogiku wrestled in his 20th post ozeki basho. This ties him with Wakahaguro and Kirishima for 5th place - Terunofuji wrestled in his 16th post ozeki basho, maintaining 9th place. Next basho he will tie Daiju at 17 basho
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    "I want to get the yusho in Aki, " declared Asanoyama today. Last basho he screwed up his yusho chances towards the end and lost on days 13 and 14 to lower rankers.. "After getting double digit wins that was an important stage, but losing two in a row just showed how weak I was.." he explained. His Oyakata Takasago will turn 65 in December and will retire from the Kyokai. "It would be befitting if I win back to back yushos and get promoted, just in time for my oyakata's retirement.. Not much time left. Not much time. I will be repeating that relentlessly to myself,"said Asanoyama.
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    Yokozuna Kakuryuu answered some media questions today. He has resumed training but only the fundamentals. "I have been able to finally be able to use my injured right elbow a bit. I have a personal trainer, so I've been able to relax it a bit and am doing my best not to put too much pressure on it and not move it unnecessarily. It was very frustrating to go kyujo on day 2 last basho, but if that frustration isn't there, you can't face the future," he said. He had injured the elbow in the past but re-injured it a week prior to last basho and could not train properly. He lost on day one by susoharai to Endou. "My body not only did not respond well but my attack was weak and that was not good. I also lost my grip, which I had difficulties getting in the first place.. 35 years old? Well, it feels like that. When I was 20, I thought I could probably make it to 34-35, so I'm quite amazed I'm still here. There is a feeling of the changing of the guards. The younger guys are coming up strongly and this will lead to the future. The feeling is "NEXT!!". They have to persevere," he added. Regarding Terunofuji, who he has faced in training at Tokitsukaze beya: "I saw he was gambarizing well and think that is good. He has said it himself, but I think he has matured and become an adult.."
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    Ex-Kizenryu returned to his parents' house in Zentsuji, Kagawa after the danpatsu-shiki. With his father he was at the Shikoku newspaper company offices on the 11th. As his most memorable bout he gives the one to decide the makushita yusho to ensure his first juryo promotion. About his plan to coach sumo to primary school (and other) kids in the prefecture: "Not just the technique, I'd like to convey to them the spirit not to give up and other things I learned. I want to increase the number of kids with an affection for sumo." http://www.shikoku-np.co.jp/sports/local/article.aspx?id=20200912000141
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    FWIW, Vaughn TV has returned with its old Sherming series of streaming links for Japanese TV channels. The new links are: NHK G: https://vaughn.live/sherming993 Asahi: https://vaughn.live/sherming994 TBS: https://vaughn.live/sherming995 NTV: https://vaughn.live/sherming996 Fuji: https://vaughn.live/sherming997 TV Tokyo: https://vaughn.live/sherming998 Part of Juryo and all Makuuchi should be streamed by NHK G for the Aki basho. On startup, Vaughn will display a series of short ads at the bottom of the screen. After a few seconds, the final ad will appear with a X-off in the upper right. Click the X and the rest of the streaming will be ad-free. It looks like the NHK stream is running with about a one minute delay.
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    New Makuuchi Tobizaru, Hidenoumi's brother, shikona means Flying Minkey, 131 kilos, 1.75 meters: "I will show fun sumo. I'll have fun with my opponent , and hope to do speedy and tricky sumo! I've finally arrived at the starting point of being a rikishi (3 years in Juryo..). I hope my brother will make it back to Makuuchi soon (now the 11th brother pair to have made it to Makuuchi) and that I'll be able to persevere here so we can both battle in Makuuchi!" he said. He is relatively small in stature. "Well after Enhou (1.69 meters, 92 kilos) has been doing so well in Makuuchi, being small is no longer an excuse for losing.. He is not my rival, but I really don't want to lose to him." Daieishou, new Sekiwake : "Lately, that has been my target. I'm thrilled to be able to get promoted. " He is the first Saitama boy to make it to Sekiwake in 57 years, since Wakachichibu, beating Hokutofuji to it. "I heard about that and I am deeply honored. I'm happy I beat him to it.. Ozeki? As long as i am active, I want to gambarize and go higher. I'll be going at it showing my burning desire!!" Terunofuji, ranked Maegashira 1: "I was promoted higher than I expected, so now that I'm here, I feel the responsibility and must gambarize! I started training immediately after the basho was over, as ex-Aminishiki told me that the minute a basho is over, the next one begins.. I've been conscious of that these last 1-2 years and have acted accordingly. Only injured people can understand this, but if you rest for 2-3 days, the pain usually gets worse. So in order not to rest too much, I immediately start training for the next basho. I don't celebrate much. I'm happiest when I train with weights.. I will be facing the joi this basho, but I don't really mind who my opponents are. All I can do is believe in my abilities and hit hard. My aim for next basho is for a kachikoshi, then double-digit wins and hopefully to do even better than that.. I am not conscious of returning to Sanyaku or going higher- I'll just concentrate and take it day by day. If the results will follow, excellent.. I was happy with the yusho, as I was able to somewhat repay the people who supported me during my dark times. I need to gambarize next basho as well.."
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    Ozeki Asanoyama trained with the lower rankers of his heya today, doing around 15 bouts. "I'm doing them seriously one at a time and sweating well, while in attack mode all the time," he said. He is from Toyama, where the water is said to be pure. Recently, a friend sent over a lot of Toyama water, and he is drinking it abundantly to hydrate. "I'd rather drink Toyama water than sake.." he said. He has been discussing health issues with his personal trainer, and has been eating between meals as well, drinking smoothies daily. Mustard spinach, regular spinach, ginger, celery, bananas, mandarins, apples, oranges and watermelon, mixed with yogurt and honey- all this to overcome fatigue. If he's still hungry, he eats sweetened nuts. This internal purification of his body is uplifting his state of mind. Me, a cheeseburger would be nice.
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    Takakeishou is getting ready for his "wedding basho." "I gave it my all when I was alone, so nothing concrete has changed, but the feeling that I want to get a good result is definitely there. Still, I'm happy to receive the support and blessings of my fans and of the people around me. Gained 14 kilos? I had stuff like my cellphone in my clothes so the weighing wasn't accurate.. I don't feel I put on any weight. I'm mostly eating horse meat for the proteins and fat. It's easy to eat and it's tasty. But not only horse meat - I'm eating all kinds of stuff well.." At training today, no sumo, but yes butsugari. Injured left knee that caused him to go kyujo last basho? "I think it's OK.. No degeiko? We have some scary guys at the heya so I want to prepare well and gambarize!"
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    Hi all, I'm Ollie from the U.K. I've been watching sumo seriously for a couple of years now (since when Kisenosato was injured), I've known about this forum for years too but never signed up for whatever reason, so I thought I finally would!
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    Oh, it's definitely neck pains. I will now be moving back to the heya and will receive a 40% salary cut for the next six months. My oyakata will be taking orders at the local McDonalds for four months as well.