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    Yoshikaze’s danpatsu shiki will be held on February 5th, 2022
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    And the oyakatas decide to do some rope skip together. https://youtu.be/-hY_GrgnLN8
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    Hah, I was not aware of that! Keeping my fingers crossed for @Takato break the record and reach double-digits (and more)!
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    Oldest active sekitori Shouhouzan will make a triumphant return to his hometown in Kyushu next basho after his imminent return to Makuuchi after 7 bashos. "I'm really happy to be back in Makuuchi for Kyushu and I hope to show good sumo there. Kyushu has always been good to me (entered Makuuchi at Kyushu 2011). Memories from facing Hakuhou? He was a beast.. He was crazy strong. I wanted to beat him just once but it was not to be. I never won, but just facing him gave me a lot of confidence," said Shouhouzan.
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    no, this is just what he told me personally!
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    Did no one else watch? The documentary gave me a renewed appreciation for Hakuho in terms of his entire body of work. A reminder that he wasn't always the dirty-fighting Yokozuna that we became accustomed to toward the end of his career. That he shouldered the burden of the scandals that rocked the sumo world and almost single-handedly kept the sport alive through his dominance--to that end Kitanofuji, interviewed for the documentary, commented that sumo might not have survived had Hakuho not been there to keep it together. That it was he who was instrumental and doing support activities for the victims of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, and continued to donate both his time and money in the ensuing years. He talked about wanting to be loved by the Japanese sumo fans, wanting to model himself after Taiho and Futabayama. Yet as he continued to dominate, blasting through Taiho's record, and then repeatedly foiling Kisenosato's bids for yusho and promotion to Yokozuna, Japanese fans instead looked at him as the heel--to the point where he eventually embraced the role. He said that he had decided that Nagoya was to be his last basho even before it started, and wanted to go out like Takanohana had when he toppled Musashimaru for his final yusho. His knee was in terrible shape throughout, and he received constant therapy during the basho. Regarding the Shodai tachiai fiasco, he said that the night before the bout he tried to visualize beating Shodai, but could only see himself losing at tachiai, so his only recourse was to avoid it by moving back. Clearly at this point he was in desperate win-at-all-costs mode. And when he finally did, his victory shout after toppling Terunofuji was the joy and relief at having achieved his final goal. Just prior to mounting the dohyo for the final bout of his career, he could be seen in the video footage giving thanks to the dohyo for what sumo had given him. He was asked what hinkaku, and by extension, Yokozuna-sumo, meant to him. He replied that whether young or old, or no matter how kind you may be, as a Yokozuna it was either win or retire. So for him it meant being a devil in the dohyo and kindhearted outside of it--and winning at all costs. Kitanofuji and Araiso were also asked about hinkaku--for which there is no specific definition--and neither were able to give a clear answer as to what it means. He closed by remarking that he loved sumo more than anyone. That's all I remember off the top of my head. Feel free to add or correct whatever might be missing or wrong.
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    Kiribayama trained at home with the lower rankers (no other sekitori at his heya) , 19 bouts, won them all. This, after doing the fundamentals and sweating much. "I'm trying out all kinds of stuff, attacking, defending, facing all types of opponents. My aim is to do 30-40 bouts.. Sanyaku promotion? I'm going about it as usual..", he said.
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    The CM made it to the final of this time 79 in its category in the ACC Tokyo creativity awards and there goes some prize with that already. Conveniently it's the first category listed and it's the first on the list. http://www.acc-awards.com/festival/2021fes_result/filma.html The results will be announced on the 29th and in real time on a special site. https://tokyo-creative-crossing.com https://www.advertimes.com/20211022/article366058/
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    For anyone who's interested, this just finished airing: NHK Special - Yokozuna Hakuho, 14 Years of Loneliness I actually haven't seen it myself yet, but it looks to be an interesting post-retirement interview about his role in the sumo world during his 14 year reign as yokozuna. Let me know if you have any problems with playback, because I know some people had a problem with viewing the video on the page itself. It should at least work when you download the file though.
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    Influenza vaccination took place today at the kokugikan Shohozan, Myogiryu - with tsukebito oo o
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    Don't forget that the guys on the right are running. Making a composition where it looks like they are running isn't a difficult task. The rikishi on the other hand have to be assembled from bouts. A more difficult task altogether. One that I think has been done brilliantly. As you said, it is totally unfair to compare them.
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    Japanese name- Miura Takashi, the Miura coming from his Oyakata's real name. The Takashi comes from his own shikona.
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    I'll post my Yokozuna acceptance speech here. Please feel free to re-post it on the benchsumo group where I do of course read along and keep up, but haven't been signed in a long time and I am unable to do so right now. Maybe I'll need to sign up again! Yokozuna promotion acceptance speech Dear BSYDC and fellow Bench Sumo gamers I humbly accept the promotion and will do my best to honor the rank. It's also very appropriate for me to echo many other newly promoted Yokozuna in saying that this promotion will strengthen my sumo spirit. In fact it is not wrong to say that it will have helped keeping my bench-sumo career as well as my whole sumo-gaming career alive. Retirement or at the very least a prolonged break from sumo-gaming has been looming larger and larger recently but becoming Yokozuna must serve as powerful motivation. The short term goal is to yusho as Yokozuna. I've been victorious across divisions, but the close calls and near misses lately have been frustrating. Winning as Yokozuna will more than make up for it! When it comes to the lifespan of a Yokozuna and era, I did some quick research, and thanks to my predecessor Flohru, who talked about it in his promotion speech, and I quote: "Looking at the careers of my predecessors, however, caused me some kind of shock: As none of those Bench legends managed to last more than 9 basho (average time of duration: just 6.4 basho!)" it is clear that the future is not at all guaranteed and all I can do is gambarize one day at a time. I also want to thank all involved in Bench Sumo especially those running the game, and finally if it's at all appropriate I wish to dedicate this newest bench sumo Yokozuna title to those great people who were involved and did so much for the game, who are not with us anymore. Thanks again Yokozuna Taka
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    For Dewanoumi-beya after a 20 year blank of new recruits from Hokkaido for the heya: from the sumo club of Hokkai Gakuen Sapporo high, Kengo Wakasa (likely:) 若狭謙吾 (18, 172cm, 85kg). He started sumo properly in 6th grad primary school. This spring he had an experience stay at the heya, where his forward looking, frank and cheerful character was appreciated and he was allowed to join the heya (not all heya take any Japanese youth who wants to do sumo). The connection to the heya comes from his father being acquainted with a koenkai executive: same year at school. Wakasa: I have no anxiety. I want to put my effort into keiko, without trying to hurry it. I want to do my best (gambaritai) The oyakata: First of all getting used to the life in the heya. When he puts real effort into keiko, he'll get strength. His results https://www.hgs.ed.jp/schoollife/club/sumo.html: 2 times runner-up in Hokkaido prefectural tournaments with weight classes, 2020 in the up to 80kg class, 2021 the 100kg class http://www.hokkaido-np.co.jp/article/601449 The oyakata was at the school on the 18th, on the left the headmaster
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    The JSA just posted this. Sumos and pets. Now I just want more sumo and pets. Seeing wrestlers play with pets make the stable seem more like a home to me rather than a training facility /dorm.
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    Tobizaru has a CD/DVD to be released on the 27th by Colombia Japan, singing the ozumo-promotion-song and teaching sumo taisou, the basic exercises to small kids If you buy it at special stores, you'll get a present, listed here https://columbia.jp/prod-info/COZX-1828-9/info.html
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    Hard copies still have their place, though. I have a very good book collection, even if I say so myself. Swami
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    I do a lot of reading. Kindle is maybe the only not evil thing Amazon has done or made.
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    Mr. Miura o o Mitakeumi o Ryuden as lower makushita after the suspension is lifted for Kyushu o
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    How about some traditional Mongolian attire to troll the NSK. At least the hat....
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    There's probably a no-scarf clause on that document they made him sign...
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    For those with NHK world premium. https://nhkworldpremium.com/episode/139185
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