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    Early in the morning, nearly nobody there in the dark Kokugikan. Jonidan 106E Daishoujou faces Jonidan 105W Kyounosato. Kyounosato goes for the left shitate, Daishoujou, for the right uwate. And that's it. All that could be seen or heard was gyoji Shikimori Koumei's incessant "nokotta, nokotta" reverberating in the empty hall. The rikishi did not budge. "Nokotta, nokotta", he called in his high-pitched, probably 16 year old voice. For 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Nothing moved. Finally, Tatsutagawa Oyakata the shinpan raised his right hand. "Torinaoshi!" he declared, and the bout was stopped and restarted. They reappeared two bouts later for their do- over. . The same thing ensued-deadlock holiday. Tomozuna, who was also a shinpan, couldn't hide his smile. After a minute and 23 seconds, Kyounosato got an uwate and won by yorikiri. And thus ends our story for today. I learned from this that in Juryo and upwards, the bout is stopped for a mizu - iri (water entrance) at around the 4 minute mark, and is restarted from the same position. In Makushita and lower, it's a torinaoshi.<bow>
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    Day 1: Nishikifuji, new Juryo, first win as a sekitori: "I wasn't nervous. I was able to remain calm. I'd like to ride the wave!" Churanoumi, his brother Kizakiumi suddenly announcing his retirement before the basho: "He was able to train seriously, but it's an injury and nothing can be done. Regardless of my brother's situation, I will gambarize and continue aiming upwards.." Ichinojou, back in Makuuchi at the lowest rank, where Terunofuji was ranked when got his yusho last basho. lost today: "My condition is as usual. I will just be doing my own sumo.." Ounoshou, started last basho with 13 straight losses: "I improved the weak parts of my sumo, and did a complete restart. I was able to see my opponent well and was able to respond accordingly." Enhou, his heyamates Hakuhou and Ishiura out with injuries: "Until now they were there to help me. I will gambarize for both of them." Takayasu, got married in July, will become a father in February : ""I'd like to win steadily. I've got to gambarize in many ways!" Mitakeumi, winning the first bout of the basho: "Excellent. I was able to move forward properly. Ozeki aspirations? Better to think about that in secret.." Shoudai, regarding the quality of his sweeping win: "Exactly as I had imagined it. If I can seriously do sumo for 15 days, the results will follow, I think.." Terunofuji, lost to Takakeishou : "I planned on slapping with my right at the tachiai but it was a half-hearted attempt.." Endou, beating Ozeki Asanoyama: "I just faced him seriously. I'm glad I won. Second straight basho as Komusubi? Not relevant. I am just doing my own sumo. From here on I will be improving my condition. " The two new Makuuchi rikishi won their first bouts today. Houshouryuu beat Ichinojou. "I was nervous. I just want to concentrate on my own brand of sumo.." Tobizaru won his bout against Shimanoumi. He is using a pale blue color mawashi to honor the medical personnel fighting the virus: "Without the health care personnel we would not be able to do sumo. I'd like to do sumo that the fans can enjoy and be encouraged from.." Ex-Asashouryuu on his nephew Houshouryuu: "He's far from being worthy of praise (banzuke-wise).. He should not explain too much-he should just show his abilities. Everyone know he has the Asashouryuu DNA, so I hope he doesn't embarrass himself and do good sumo..When we were young and upcoming our Oyakatas kept telling us stubbornly 'tachi-ai, tachi-ai' . Beating someone stronger than you depends on the tachi-ai. He should study that well." Shouhouzan, losing to Kyokutaisei: "I was able to attack well. I will not be falling on my face like last basho. I will be challenging my opponents' skills." He is having trouble with the new-fangled video interviews. "Man, it's difficult. Facing a computer is not the same as facing your interviewer. I'd rather face you in person," he said to his interviewer. Asanoyama, losing his first bout of the basho: "I was over-eager and it became my opponent's game. The expectations from me (without any Yokozunae this basho) have not brought about any changes in my attitude. I will turn things around from tomorrow and gambarize.."
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    Day 3: Houshouryuu, losing to Kyokutaisei today: "I tried for a slap and grab but failed. My opponent read me well. I felt my opponent was strong.. I won't take today's bout to heart and hope to regroup!" Ura, second win in Makushita and getting closer to a Juryo return, grabbing his opponent's leg and winning: "I wasn't aiming for that. My body was moving well. I'm happy to have won. It's a good start of the basho but we still have a long way to go. I wonder how the second half will go.. I'm not really thinking of promotion as I am ranked Makushita 5. I'm thinking it's a long way still. I'm going about it thinking it's going to be hard." Shoudai, looking impressive and unbeaten, beating Endou: "I knew I couldn't let my opponent get a grip on me. It would have been better if I was in a better position before the grip-switch (makikae), but the switch notwithstanding, I managed to get my feet in and that was good." His Oyakata is being punished for going out and violating the curfew in place. Influence? "I'm not sure, but I'm not thinking about it too much at present. I don't feel anything strange.." Shinpan Futagoyama (ex-Miyabiyama) suddenly got up and left after Mitakeumi's bout, returning just in time for the next bout to start. Toilet emergency. Terunofuji, beating Asanoyama and getting his first win of the basho: "I expected him to come with a right hand grip and it became a morozashi (both hands) grip- I was a bit impatient.. I'm not really concerned about my first two losses. Yesterday's sumo is over.. A bout a day- I'd like to do my utmost the best I can." Tobizaru has won his first three Makuuchi matches. "I was able to move forward so I think it was good sumo. I'd like to concentrate from here on and pile up those wins. My size? Because I'm so small (171 cm) , every time I win everyone gets excited, I think. I just want to keep on winning!" ex- Asashouryuu blasts Asanoyama on Twitter: "What kind of an Ozeki are you? You idiot! It's embarrassing! If this is all you can do, you should retire! Idiot!! Pressure? What pressure? Nobody is putting any pressure on you. Idiot! As a former Takasago beya rikishi and your senpai I want to know when you will start winning . You have a problem with your state of mind, you idiot! It's 'shallwedance (anybody?)', you idiot. You should be dominating. You are weak!!" Asashouryuu seemed quite agitated and made some mistakes in Japanese and was a bit incoherent so it's difficult to translate exactly, but you get the gist..
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    One rikishi withdraws ahead of Day 3: Sd75w Kaonishiki And one gyoji enters which should make someone happy: Should have been "potential poor health" - Konosuke's wife was alerted by a contact tracing app about possible contact with someone infected with COVID, so he was kyujo as a precaution. Both have been tested and are negative, so Konosuke will join the basho from Day 3.
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    It’s a meaningless argument anyway. You become Yokozuna by being better than your peers. If your peers no longer include a couple of aging Yokozuna, it doesn’t matter if they weren’t around. It’s like arguing Hakuho’s records don’t mean much because he rarely, if ever, had to fight anyone better than him. He had an easy ride by always fighting guys lower down the banzuke.
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    Correct. Two such matchups a little while ago, from the same basho no less (Kyushu 2017): Kiriarashi - Amamidake initial, restart Kozakura - Osuzuki initial, restart
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    idk how Natto gets his videos up so much faster than i do!
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    Takakeisho strikes me as something of an enigma. I was super into his Ozeki run, but always a bit guarded as he is so obviously one dimensional. Once the injuries came in and he cooled off a bit I saw it as a 'return to normal' with a talented young rikishi having a hot streak. That said, in so many ways, he is following a yokozuna career trajectory. Check out the ages of the last ten yokozunae upon their ozeki promotion and how Takakeisho compares: His style/physique remind me of Musashimaru in his earlier career (granted, 17cm / 6.7inches shorter [EDIT: Obviously shorter limbs, too]). Looking at the above, they also were promoted around the same time, and while Musashimaru was very much an pusher-thruster in the beginning he eventually developed his own belt game, often by just wearing others out with his size. Takakeisho's weight gain suggests to be that he's looking to put more power behind his thrusts and make himself harder to deal with on the belt in the same way, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a lot of tactical thinking behind how to make his "unique for sanyaku" body work for him. If he follows in Musashimaru's footsteps, we could be seeing a long ozeki career with an eventual promotion. That said, from memory Musashimaru benefited to a degree from others being kyujo (not to suggest at all that he wasn't a worthy yokozuna) -- and look at where we are now with Takakeisho? Or, maybe he's sumo's Ronda Rousey? One ludicrously strong attack that can't be stopped even though all of his opposition know what's coming? If that's the case, I'd expect a similar career trajectory - a short burst of dominance before an exploitable weakness is exposed. Could still be yokozuna, but maybe not for very long? Maybe injuries will get on top of him, or his weaknesses will be exploited sooner rather than later and he'll crash and burn? He fascinates me, though. He has a mental strength and determination I don't think we've seen in a rikishi since Hakuho himself. I am very much enjoying being along for the ride.
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    It's okay. People always tend to disregard Akiseyama.
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    Found a cool channel-full bouts including Makushita!!
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    Day 1 10.1s M16w Hoshoryu (1-0) yorikiri M17e Ichinojo (0-1) 08.2s M16e Kyokutaisei (1-0) oshidashi M15w Shohozan (0-1) 04.5s M14e Tobizaru (1-0) yorikiri M15e Shimanoumi (0-1) 02.6s M12e Kotoshoho (1-0) hatakikomi M13e Meisei (0-1) 03.5s M11w Kotoshogiku (1-0) yorikiri M12w Kaisei (0-1) 01.5s M11e Chiyotairyu (1-0) hatakikomi M10w Kotoeko (0-1) 02.0s M9w Onosho (1-0) oshitaoshi M10e Sadanoumi (0-1) 01.8s M8w Wakatakakage (1-0) oshidashi M9e Enho (0-1) 21.6s M7e Ryuden (1-0) yorikiri M8e Tokushoryu (0-1) 03.5s M6w Kagayaki (1-0) oshitaoshi M7w Aoiyama (0-1) 110.7s M6e Takayasu (1-0) yorikiri M5w Takarafuji (0-1) 11.8s M5e Kiribayama (1-0) yorikiri M4w Tochinoshin (0-1) 15.9s M3w Terutsuyoshi (1-0) yorikiri M4e Yutakayama (0-1) 05.3s M3e Myogiryu (1-0) oshidashi K1e Okinoumi (0-1) 12.4s M2w Tamawashi (1-0) tsukiotoshi S2e Daieisho (0-1) 10.4s S1w Mitakeumi (1-0) oshidashi M2e Hokutofuji (0-1) 02.8s S1e Shodai (1-0) oshidashi M1w Takanosho (0-1) 04.3s O1w Takakeisho (1-0) oshidashi M1e Terunofuji (0-1) 16.1s K1w Endo (1-0) sukuinage O1e Asanoyama (0-1)
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    Hiya, now that Paper Oyakata Game has put up its banzuke online, I can proudly present the newest and latest edition of the Superbanzuke Ranking for Aki 2020. The links on the Superbanzuke entry page have also been updated. Happy gaming to you!
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    Which means, it is still forbidden by the statute of the organization: to buy/sell in one sum that is. Allowed is to pay in installments, not for the myoseki direct, but as a kind of consultant fee. In effect it is stretched out buying and selling, and apparently nobody checks the sums. It was that way from the start of the new rules, but by now everybody learned that the governing body, which should check the compliance with the public interest status, lets them get away with it, and they do it more confident and slightly in the open.
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    The medical certificates for the 3 injured sekitori - the other 3 were forced to go kyujo and don't need one Hakuho: about 3 weeks rehabilitation treatment necessary as of the 9th, for MPFL damage of the right knee and in the joint a giant (non-malignant) cell tumor, TGCT Kakuryu: about 2 weeks of resting treatment necessary as of the 10th, with suspected lumbar disc disease Ishiura: about 3 weeks treatment necessary as of the 10th, for a right anklebone fracture, sustained on day 14 of last basho http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/09/13/kiji/20200913s00005000267000c.htmlhttp://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/09/13/kiji/20200913s00005000267000c.html
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    kyokai go-aisatsu with 2 less (yokozuna-)sanyaku from the start o o o o o o dohyo-iri o o Terunofuji hands back the cup to Hakkaku o Tokushoryu and Hakuho yusho portraits unveiling ceremony o K1w Endo (1-0) sukuinage O1e Asanoyama (0-1) ooooooo oo oo o o ooo oo o o o o o o o shukun interview o O1w Takakeisho (1-0) oshidashi M1e Terunofuji (0-1) oo o oo o o o o o oo o o o ooo o o S1e Shodai (1-0) oshidashi M1w Takanosho (0-1) o o o o S1w Mitakeumi (1-0) oshidashi M2e Hokutofuji (0-1) o o o o M2w Tamawashi (1-0) tsukiotoshi S2e Daieisho (0-1) o o M3e Myogiryu (1-0) oshidashi K1e Okinoumi (0-1) o M5e Kiribayama (1-0) yorikiri M4w Tochinoshin (0-1) o o M6e Takayasu (1-0) yorikiri M5w Takarafuji (0-1) o o M8w Wakatakakage (1-0) oshidashi M9e Enho (0-1) oo M14e Tobizaru (1-0) yorikiri M15e Shimanoumi (0-1) o o o o o o o M16e Kyokutaisei (1-0) oshidashi M15w Shohozan (0-1) o o o M16w Hoshoryu (1-0) yorikiri M17e Ichinojo (0-1) oo o o oo o o o interview for the first win as new makuuchi o J13w Nishikifuji (1-0) shitatenage J13e Oki (0-1) ooo oo J14w Kitaharima (1-0) yorikiri Ms1e Takagenji (0-1) o Ms4w Naya (1-0) oshidashi Ms4e Asabenkei (0-1) o Jd71w Onagaya (1-0) yorikiri Jd71e Okunidake (0-1) o oyakata and ex- on duty: Wakamatsu for makushita, Kitanofuji for makuuchi o o a day at a basho "safe and feeling safe" oo o o o o
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    The Morinaga-sho this basho is again chosen on the net, for the 2nd day it was on Terunofuji and he again didn't get it. Tokushoryu got quite a bunch from Enho, who lost 4 yesterday and 9 today, against opponents with no fix sponsor. Kotoshogiku and Tochinoshin have none either, Terutsuyoshi has Hakata salt. Tatsunami-beya has a sponsor, Meisei and Hoshoryu have 1 on their bouts each day from the makers of Manhattan donuts, Meisei has another personal sponsor as well. Takayasu has 3 each day from Tachihi holdings. http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2009_02.pdf Day 2 41: Takakeisho 30: Endo 14: Mitakeumi (M) 9: Myogiryu 9: Takayasu 9: Tokushoryu 6: Takanosho 5: Tamawashi 4: Shodai 4: Daieisho 4: Terutsuyoshi 4: Kiribayama 4: Wakatakakage
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    Gotta love those Mongolian names. If he was a machine, I would call repair service.
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    Day 1 - full:http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2009_01.pdf 30: Endo 15: Takakeisho (M) 6: Mitakeumi 5: Tamawashi 5: Takayasu 4: Wakatakakage 3: Shodai 3: Terutsuyoshi 3: Hoshoryu 2: Kotoshoho 2: Kiribayama