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    Almost 15 years to the day later, this remains an excellent answer about the Tozai-kai from Jonosuke:
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    "Hanging around" appears to be Hokuseiho's favoured battle plan.
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    Dairaido is a combined 0-4 against the Sakamoto family, having lost twice to Tokitsuumi and once each to his sons.
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    It's kind of harsh that they made it conditional sansho for Midori, who was the sole 10-0 guy despite his size. Kiri made sure he landed last by stepping on Daieisho's hand
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    Daieisho didn't learn a thing after the first bout. Congrats to future Ozeki Kiribayama.
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    It's harrassment what you and a few others were doing to that woman for several months. This comment on a post that obvious is not even comparable to the others just shows you are still convinced that it was correct to harrass that woman and somehow belive you are a victim...
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    Pretty unusual that the san'yaku promotion contenders have to hope for wins by the incumbents.
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    A Splendour of Yokozuna An Ambition of Ozeki An Excessive of Sekiwaki A Hopeful of Komusubi A Number of Makunouchi
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    Just as actors use the phrase "The Scottish Play" for Macbeth, maybe we should refer to him by a suitable obfuscation, like "The Hairy One" or "The Other Pinoy".
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    For all the newer gamers who have not fully read the rules page: Ozeki can be chosen from day 10 onwards. Makes your life so much easier Ganzohnesushi
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    What was Hoshoryu thinking with the stare downs and trying to intimidate Takayasu? The last thing he wanted to do was get Takayasu interested in the match. He's 1-6 against Takayasu.
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    NSK's twitter has announced the sansho Shukun-sho: no winners Kanto-sho: Midorifuji (conditional), Kinbozan Gino-sho: Kiribayama, Daieisho https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202303260000458.html Added Nikkan article
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    By my math, if Takayasu can win his match tonight, he will safely not take the yusho. That should make him feel pretty confident.
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    Yūshō arasoi, Day 14 Makuuchi 12-2: K2e Daieishō 11-3: S2e Kiribayama And so sanyaku proves to be too much for Midorifuji, as expected. It was a valiant run, but four consecutive losses, including to the new arasoi leader Daieishō, puts the nail in the coffin of Midorifuji's yūshō hopes. The only man capable of stopping Daieishō's second yūshō is Kiribayama; he must beat Daieishō once in the musubi no ichiban regulation bout and then one more time in the playoff. Fail to win either bout, and Daieishō has a second yūshō to go with a forced promotion to sekiwake and an ōzeki run in Natsu. Jūryō 13-1: J3e Ichinojō 12-2: J1e Asanoyama Ichinojō retains his one win lead over Asanoyama, beating Enhō today. However, as they've already fought, Asanoyama cannot force a playoff under his own steam like Kiribayama can. Instead, he must hope that a 4-10 Tsushimanada somehow finds the strength to try and stave off demotion by beating Ichinojō, and then must himself beat 10-4 Ochiai. Between you and me, I think the yūshō is as good as Ichinojō's.
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    I think the general rules that I'd been relying on to determine who might make Ozeki might be a little too strict in this era where there's basically no dominant rikishi at all. When you don't have any low-percentage matches at all on your schedule, it's a lot easier to put together the necessary wins. It also means that it's possible to get those wins without being strong enough to maintain the rank like you normally would, as we've seen with some recent Ozeki, since the fact that more of the matches are closer to even means that there's higher variance in the results. I think everyone knew it was possible for Kiribayama to make Ozeki, but that would have been true of literally any reasonable candidate we had landed on.
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    Can I point out that your edit contains a spelling error
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    Haru 2023, Day 12: M14e Kinbozan: 8-4 (9 KK, 67-25) Sd, Ms yusho Ms3e Kawazoe: 4-2 (4 KK, 18-9) Ms11w Hatsuyama: 2-4 (6 KK, 32-15-1) Ms16w Kazekeno: 4-2 (6 KK, 34-7) Jk yusho Ms17w Kototebakari: 3-3 (6 KK, 36-11-1) Jk, Jd yusho Ms32e Kazuto: 3-3 (4 KK, 26-8) Ms33w Takahashi: 5-1 (5 KK, 29-5) Jk, Jd yusho Ms47e Toseiryu: 4-2 (7 KK, 33-14-1) Ms57e Otani: 3-3 (3 KK, 22-5) Jk yusho Sd3e Wakamiyabi: 2-4 (5 KK, 27-14) Sd19w Takerufuji: 5-1 (3 KK, 19-1) Jk yusho Sd24w Toshunryu: 6-0 (5 KK, 26-5-3)* Sd28e Rinko: 2-4 (5 KK, 25-14) Sd50w Oyamada: 3-3 (3 KK, 21-10-3)* Sd64w Kanazawa: 3-3 (4 KK, 24-14-3)* Jd28w Kokiryu: 2-4 (2 KK, 11-9)
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    What do you mean, I just started following Sumo. Yeah, it was 9 years ago almost (Natsu 2014), but it feels like yesterday!
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    That was weird. On the replay, Ichinojo had Hakuyozan out with a light shove, then Hakuyozan stepped back in, and it looked like Ichinojo wasn't sure if H had really stepped out. It was a bang-bang thing; big guys always have a store of memories of opponents who wiggled away at the tawara, so I think it was just an automatic reflex.
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    He didn’t make any such statement that we are aware of. The announcement about today’s press release came to us through the usual channels. Media in many sports normally get advance notice of press conferences, and releases to give them time to have people present, prep the stories etc. Generally we don’t announce them in advance unless it’s for something significant. The problem seems to be certain people on social media outlets who don’t understand how all that works and are incorrectly accusing Nakamura of generating drama.