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    Asanoyama trained at home against Makushita and unders, about 25 bouts. “My aim is the yusho. I want to do my sumo all the way. If I intend to climb higher, I need to get the yusho. If I don’t yusho I can’t advance.. It’s a tough road. I’ve already made it to Ozeki so I need to gambarize once more. The virus is bad. Not only the rikishi are suffering, but everyone else is as well.. I hope it will disappear soon and we can get back to normal..” he said.
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    Just wanted to share this message about my channel for the upcoming basho. So far Hiradoumi and Roga have been added to this list! I was thinking about doing makuuchi videos but then I remembered about Daylight Saving Time.... as long as @Kintamayama is going strong I won't make myself stay up late enough to do those. Hope everyone's safe and healthy - can't wait for the 14th!
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    Shikimori Inosuke wrote these colored papers for the Okayama Nabeya Hachiman shrine 900 year festivities, his old primary school after his father moved to Maniwa city was close to the shrine. One with nin 忍, endurance, one with fudoshin 不動心, steadfastness, both words he likes, both also have the shikona of the yokozuna and the ozeki, one also with the shikona of the sekitori from Takadagawa-beya, Ryuden and Kagayaki. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/local/okayama/news/20210303-OYTNT50107/ the classmate who told him about the festivities local NHK news clip https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/okayama/20210307/4020008236.html
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    Kotoshouhou trained today with Kotonowaka and Kotoekou . “I have a habit of getting into a right sideways position. So I’m training to not let that happen. it’s a bad habit and I need to get into a better position,” he explained. Last basho he had 11 straight losses from day one .“It’s the first time this has happened to me so I really didn’t know how to deal with it. I told myself to concentrate on one bout at a time, but that didn’t help..” he said. He finally won on day 12 but ended with a 2-13 record. “I don’t really fuss about winning. You can either win or lose. I can’t go out there thinking I can only win - I just need to get out there and give it my all. I think it’s important not to fuss too much about it..You need to learn from your experience, otherwise it’s meaningless, so I do want to make use of it, “ he added furthermore. He somehow managed to stay in Makuuchi. “I just want to become stronger as fast as possible, “ he summed. As long as he’s in Makuuchi, he is aiming for sanyaku, opined the reporter.
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    Most consecutive Basho as Maegashira # Rikishi From To --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 58 Kyokushuzan 1997.05 2006.11 fell from his highest rank K1w just before and never dropped to Juryo 53 Higonoumi 1993.03 2001.11 highest rank M1w, no sansho, two kinboshi against Akebono and Takanohana 45 Takamisakari 2004.01 2011.07 Komusubi twice before 43 Ozutsu 1985.01 1992.01 eleven times Sanyaku before 42 Minatofuji 1994.05 2001.03 highest rank M2e, one Kanto-sho, three kinboshi against Takanohana and Musashimaru 41 Kitakachidoki 1991.09 1998.05 highest rank M3w, no sansho, no kinboshi, can't get any more bleak than him 41 Tokitsuumi 1998.09 2005.05 highest rank M3e, four Gino-sho, no kinboshi 40 Daiyu 1965.11 1972.05 highest rank M1e, no sansho, no kinboshi, won his second Juryo Yusho right after the drop 40 Kotonowaka 1999.05 2005.11 fell from his highest rank S1w just before and dropped to Juryo only twice earlier 40 Yoshikaze 2007.07 2014.03 ended the streak with his his Sanyaku debut Currently there's Kagayaki at 28 (no sansho, no kinboshi), Takarafuji at 25 (dropped from Sekiwake), and Kaisei with 24 before his Sanyaku debut.
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    They say cats are a good judge of character. If that was true they would run to,not away from me.
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    Soon to disappear Minezaki-beya's makuuchi gyoji Kimura Ginjiro wrote his first book, about sumo related trains and stations「大相撲と鉄道」"Ozumo and railway". Mineko Nomachi had intended to write it, with Ginjiro providing the information, in the end he wrote it himself. A group of 6 gyoji are in charge of transportation, getting also the tickets for the trains to regional basho and jungyo. Some oyakata and rikishi want to have special seats, e.g. not feeling too much of the Shinkansen pressure when entering a tunnel (Minezaki-oyakata), in view of Mt. Fuji, not having the setting sun in view, special numbers ... Then there is the problem how to place the extra big rikishi. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202102250001252.html 2nd half to follow At Dai-Gyoji station oo o
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    Kotonowaka trained with Kotoekou and Kotoshouhou today. “I didn’t count the numbers. I’m training by time. I guess I was at it for about an hour, but we’re going by feeling and doing it properly. We’re doing what we can without restricting ourselves to numbers. My injury and subsequent drop to Juryo was caused by my being weak so I was properly working on fixing that. I was thinking maybe it’s important to go about it without overthinking so I just went for it only thinking to wildly do what I can.. I think it has been a year of learning.” he said. In January he managed to get 10 wins, his best yet. “It’s important to add power properly and not lose at the tachiai, and not to forget that the fundamentals are an important factor. My results last basho have given me a lot of self confidence in building my foundation. It has been a great experience, “ he added.
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    I notice that the Kita Senju arts/culture organization よみうりカルチャー北千住 is offering a six month course (perhaps once a month) on "Introduction to Sumo" to be taught by ex-makushita Tooyama Katsunori (38 basho in makushita). I'm afraid I cannot make it. But it sounds like fun. https://www.ync.ne.jp/kitasenju/kouza/202104-08932104.htm
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    Shodai did about 10 with Yutakayama at the heya and won them all oo oo
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    Isegahama-beya today o Midorifuji oo Nishikifuji oo Takarafuji oo with Terunofuji o oo o Terutsuyoshi o
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    Takarafuji trained at home with the sekitori and Makushita and unders - did 40 bouts. "I usually have at least 30 bouts every day," he boasted. "My second son was born last April," he divulged. That's his motivation to make a sanyaku return for the first time since September 2016. "I haven't been to sanyaku since my boys were born (first one born four years ago) and i really want them to see that," he added. He celebrated his 34th birthday in February. He has never gone kyujo since entering sumo in January 2009. "Unless I tear a ligament or summin, you'll see me out there - it goes without saying. I want to leave a record, but I will be facing each basho at a time and gambarizing with all I have," he summed.
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    Midorifuji suffered a herniated disk a few weeks ago. "About a week or so after the basho break. It was a bit painful before but then it became unbearable. I could hardly walk. It was diagnosed as a herniated disk," he explained. He could hardly train as well, but lately he is back in training, mostly fundamentals. Today, he had one bout against a Makushita and under rikishi. "I can walk normally now. At some point it was really bad, but it's fine now. I think I will be ready in time for the basho. I feel I can go," he said. He had nine wins last basho and got a special prize. "That really built my confidence. I was facing these guys that I used to watch on TV. Winning nine bouts really helped build my confidence. I am a bit anxious about the basho (due to lack of proper preparation), but I will be aiming for kachikoshi," he said.
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    Takayasu did not do any sumo training today, only the fundamentals. He did face ex-Kisenosato twice these last few days. "He has a mean tachiai and does not give up at the edge of the dohyo and it's always good keiko with him," he explained. Two straight kachikoshi at Komusubi. "I'm just doing my best and the results follow.. Slowly but Shirley I have been feeling that I can get good results. I have been in the yusho race a few times but the content of my training is getting better than when that happened.," he added. He has still not seen his first born. "I see her on the phone.. We have yet to meet but she is a great incentive for me and I plan to gambarize with her on my mind. My thought is that I want to properly achieve a good result until we finally meet," he said. He celebrated his 31st birthday a few days ago. "I want to make this an exceptional year. My fighting spirit is still burning. I want to aim upwards once more for the highest rank and will gambarize towards that end!" he summed.
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    Tokiwayama-beya on the 4th o o o Kokonoe-beya on the 2nd o o o o o o o o o o Shodai o
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    Most consecutive Basho in Juryo # Rikishi From To --------------------------------- 39 Sawakaze 1960.03 1966.07 37 Hakuyuzan 1951.09 1959.11 34 Tomonohana 1996.03 2001.09 (the only one I'm familiar with) 31 Sagahikari 1956.01 1961.07 30 Kochi 1958.11 1963.09 30 Tochiisami 1975.01 1979.11 30 Hakuryu 1979.05 1984.03 30 Toyonoumi 1994.05 1999.03 29 Azumanishiki 1962.11 1967.07 28 Ijuin 1955.03 1960.07 Kyokushuho is currently at 23, tied with Azumaryu's former record. Mitoryu has never been out of Juryo after his promotion 19 Basho ago.
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    Kakuryu with Kiribayama at the heya ooo o o oo o
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    Hakuho Cup - and Ishiura turning down a role in Wolverine to turn pro.
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    Terunofuji https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210301/p2a/00m/0sp/022000c
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    Still Komusubi Mitakeumi did some fundamentals today and faced Makushita and unders for 15 bouts, as there really isn't anyone serious to train with at Dewanoumi beya at the moment. He has started sumo training on the 15th, I was made aware. He was 9-6 last basho beating the three Ozeki, but losing to the other three sanyaku, and will preserve his fifth straight sanyaku rank. "Last basho I was able to do my own sumo without pulling, so even if I did go on a four bout losing streak from day four, I didn't take it to heart so much. Facing the Ozeki, I felt I could face them. I properly remembered every single bout for the 15 days.. Daieishou yusho? When the difference in ability between the top rankers gets smaller I think everyone around takes notice. That is why I want to make getting double digit wins at sanyaku a norm. I'm trying to polish my ability to be agile and nimble. I've always thought speed equals weight. I thought if I gain weight I could keep up my speed which will result in force, but it just didn't happen. It's important to be able to move as you imagine," he said. He reached 180 kilos at some point but now he is back to 170, his weight three years ago, but he says he feels his physical strength has not declined. He intends to join the Kyokai's training sessions. Last time he was there for the first day but injured his back and stayed away for the rest of the days. This time he intends to go the distance. Osaka fans? "It's a once a year event in Osaka so it's really regretful (that it's not happening) and I am really sorry.. The fans can watch it on TV and as for myself, I want to make this a special basho.." he summed.
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    Mitakeumi since the 15th is doing 15 bouts with makushita per day, and he managed to lose 10kg with a diet. He had close to 180kg once and now is after 2 years again below 170kg: he couldn't go out much due to Corona and took care not to overeat. Preparations for next basho: "So that double digits is like a natural thing." http://hochi.news/articles/20210216-OHT1T50154.html
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    NOJY Terunofuji faced Takarafuji and Terutsuyoshi today in training. "About 20-30 bouts..Still a long way to go till day one, so it's good if I take things slowly. If I prepare myself well as usual I can accumulate those wins one by one. If I fail, it will be due to my own inability, and if the results will be good, that would be good, is my feeling. I'm not thinking profound thoughts about the particulars too much. I haven't given much thought about joining the Kyokai's training sessions yet. I'll decide when the time comes," he said. Daieishou's yusho reminded him of when he got promoted to Ozeki when he was only 23. "I was the youngest joi at that time. A lot of the present joi are my age and that's an incentive. I was ranked higher than them at that time and with that in mind my pride is driving me these days.." he added. He got married a few days ago. "I really wanted to hold a decent wedding ceremony and a reception but due to the virus, I couldn't, but was able to have a nice ceremony and hopefully she was happy anyway. With all the noise it made, I have to get a good result.. She is being guided by my doctor as to my menu (diabetes) ," he added more. "I don't have anyone special I want to face next basho., Whoever my opponent is, all I can do is go all out!" he summed.
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    Asanoyama trained today, facing Makushita Terasawa (where's my mawashi?), Asagyokusei and Fukai for 20 bouts, going 17-3. He now is doing some new training method, leaning on the wall and kicking up his feet one by one for about five minutes. "I'm trying to make my body rounder.. My body tends to rise at the tachiai. I have a large body so it stretches. So i'm trying to apply a forward-bent posture, so that I can throw myself forward" he explained. He was having some difficulty getting his favorite grip against his Makushita opponents. "I have to widen the scope of my sumo. I have to adapt according to who I'm facing. I feel I'm lacking in heart and technique. My weakest part is my heart. It's the number one cause of my losses. I want to have that in mind. When I feel I want to win, my sumo goes bad. I need to feel that I won't lose. I need to be calm and face each bout at a time and be able to do my own sumo," he said.
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    Shoudai has started doing sumo training today. He faced Makushita and under guys for about 10 bouts. He later went to the KKan for a medical examination. "I'm still lacking in stamina but I'll gradually get used to it," he said. Will he be joining the Kyokai's training sessions? "I've just started doing sumo training so I'll see what my situation will be," he answered.
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    And the sort of requested follow-up...all 185 rikishi with a hatsu-dohyo after 1958 who have reached sanyaku, sorted by their age when they got there. (Ascending this time, and with a later starting cutoff to get rid of all the pre-six basho guys from the previous table.) Later yokozuna in red, later ozeki in blue, active rikishi marked with x in front of their shikona. Spoiler tagged due to the sheer size of the table. Interpret at your leisure.