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    Mitakeumi said today.. just kidding..
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    I have now updated the site to reflect the 2021 year book.
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    Takayasu did well as he always does in these sessions, going 14-1, facing Meisei and Houshouryuu and Ouhou and Nishikigi from Juryo. "I had the sumo I wanted to do in mind and I think I did well today. Sumo with patience and perseverance. I had my objective and I fulfilled it, so I'm satisfied," he said. His first born daughter was born a few days ago. "The feeling that I can't retire just yet has become stronger. For my family's sake, I'd like to go all out and show my best. I want to be a father that my daughter and family can be proud of, so I will gambarize properly, " he said. He has yet to meet his daughter, BTW. "I haven't met her but I heard her voice through the telephone and then I saw her face. Now I'm a believer. I'm dying to meet her, " he added.
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    Here's all the participants for today's degeiko, including the Makushita-level folks since it was asked for the last time: Row 1 (L to R): Hoshoryu, Meisei, Onosho, Oho, Ishiura, Nishikigi, Kakuryu, Asanoyama, Takayasu, Ichinojo, Kiribayama, Hokuseiho Row 2 (L to R): Narutaki, Roga, Kaisejio, Kirinofuji, Mitakeumi, Yuki (the mysterious flexer), Oshoryu, Wakayama, Tsukahara, Tochikodai, Mudoho Here are some photos showing how degeiko went down: Takayasu gives his very tough butsukari to Oho: Takayasu also did well against Meisei, thrusting and making him lose his balance on the dohyo: Oho seemed to have a hard time in degeiko, as Hoshoryu managed to twist him right off his feet: However, it wasn't all bad for Oho - he seemed to have better success against his Makushita competitors, whom he may face next basho: Ishiura continued practicing against the Makushita rikishi, as he had done in the previous degeiko. However, he continued to struggle too, like the last time. Speaking of Miyagino-beya rikishi, Hokuseiho also participated today, but seemed to allow his aite to get the double inside grip. He definitely needs to work on his technique. The Kyokai seems enamoured by the young phenom, saying, '192cm Ichinojo looks small compared to 200cm Hokuseiho."
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    With each passing day, there will be less hair to cut...
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    Tokiwayama-beya has moved out today. The new heya is a 15min. walk away from Tobu Tojo line Tokiwadai station, it had been used by a company dealing with building material. Immediately the heya name plate was installed, double the size of the former. The new building is still covered in blue tarpaulin, but the 1st floor dohyo is already complete, keiko on it will start on the 19th. After 2 so far, the new keiko ground will have only 1 teppo pillar, but it has more space. That they had to move out till April had already been decided as the new oyakata took over in April 2016. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202102160000804.html o o o
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    Tomokaze has been out for a year and four months now, seven bashos. He suffered a dislocated knee joint on day 3 of Kyushu 2019 while ranked at Makuuchi 3 and dropped all the way to Sandanme 95 in January, meaning he will be ranked at Jonidan for Haru.. The good news, as hokutooshi reported - he will be entering Haru. He has been training lately and in January even lent his chest to Yago in butsugari and has been doing sumo against the Sandanme rikishi of the heya. "He's still not close to being in the shape he was before the injury, but he is properly training to get there.." said his Oyakata. "His return is a miracle.. He seems to have benefited from his problems.." summed the Oyakata.
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    Tomokaze is back!! He has confirmed that he will be at Haru 2021 after more than a year absence. Best wishes to him.
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    Source: https://hochi.news/articles/20210215-OHT1T50203.html Harumafuji is scheduled to complete his Masters degree at the Josai International University Graduate school this spring. As long-time followers will know, he opened and is the chairman of his school in Mongolia. It is highly unusual for a former yokozuna to complete graduate school, and his thesis is highly evaluated. In this interview, he talks about his dream developing human resources who can contribute to society both in Mongolia and Japan. Since April 2019, he has been attending the Graduate School of International Administration and deepened his insight as a business manager and educator. 'I liked studying originally. I was studying law via correspondence with the National Law University of Mongolia. I couldn't do [much studying] because I was busy as an active rikishi, but I wanted to retire and start studying again in earnest.' His master's thesis is about 70 000 Japanese characters and concerns the school he set up. He conducted a questionnaire to about 2000 students, parents, faculty and staff, and it seems they were satisfied with the Japanese training and education, such as valuing uniforms and demonstrating gratitude to others. He has also incorporated the lesson he has learnt in sumo to his curriculum, such as respecting etiquette. Did you know that the school uniform and the logo with the sun and Mt Fuji in the background was designed by Harumafuji too? His mentor, Professor Sone Shika (58) commends Harumafuji, stating, 'A master's thesis is usually around 30 000 characters, and he has more than doubled that. It is based on empirical research not everyone can imitate, and its highly complete. I appreciate it.' When asked about what he could bring back from sumo, Harumafuji replied, 'By receiving advice from various teachings and writing the paper, I was able to organise what I had already had in my mind. It is the courtesy, etiquette and moral education that I learned from sumo.' He had spent days coming and going between Japan and Mongolia to further enhance his education. However, he is currently stuck in Japan due to COVID, but is holding meetings on time. By June, he hopes to be able to send off high school graduates for the first time. 'I am who I am now because of sumo wrestling. I want to give back. I was able to realise the Japanese dream and want to help students have this wonderful relationship. When I graduate, I want students to contribute to societies all around the world, including Mongolia and Japan.' When asked about the current state of sumo, he replied, 'I am paying attention to Asanoyama and Takakeisho as they are the next expected generation. Terunofuji also fell to Jonidan due to his serious injury, but he returned well. He worked hard and supported himself. I think he has a strong desire to give back to it. I wish him the best for his Ozeki run this Haru.'
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    Terunofuji held his wedding ceremony today. The wife (26) is from Mongolia and they have been together since after the May 2015 basho. "I owe my return to my wife," he said. They applied for the marriage certificate three years ago. It was a thirty minute ceremony with about ten people present, including Isegahama Oyakata.
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    Fellow sumo enthusiasts, I bring fantastic news. Tomorrow's degeiko will be streamed on Youtube here: https://t.co/Fe4RB1Ljab?amp=1 I will probably be uploading a win/loss matrix like the last time but will play it by ear. Enjoy.
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    Ailing Yokozuna Kakuryuu faced Mitakeumi for 16 bouts and guess what?? He won them all!! "I just wanted to face someone I've faced before, if it was possible..At this point, I think it wasn't bad. As for my back, until now I have been doing well and I hope I can continue like this. It's been a while since I faced anyone other than Kiribayama.. Since before Nagoya basho.." he said. He intends to participate in all of the six days. "It's only day 1, but so far so good..If the number of participants decreases as we move along I don't know what will happen, but my goal is to face as many guys I'm likely to meet next basho as possible. Now that I'm more or less healthy, I just need to get my ring-sense back.." he summed..
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    Hakuhou and Kakuryuu both intend to join the Kyokai's training sessions.
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    Daughter born yesterday. Mother and daughter doing well. “If it’s a boy, he should be a rikishi. If she’s a girl, she should be an enka singer,” said the mom at some point.
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    Asanoyama fundamentalized today and did not enter the ring. He does, however, intend to take part in the Kyokai's training sessions. Today was his last training session before said sessions, as tomorrow is check-up day at the KKan for the rikishi. Thus far he has done sumo against the Makushita and lowers at the heya. "I was planning on properly doing the fundamentals today," he said. He had a personal trainer from last June till November who worked with him on building up his muscles three times a week. "That ended in November when I was injured.. Nothing special happened, but I've been having some thoughts," he explained. He says he has established his own training regimen and is sticking to it. He has been receiving all kinds of support from celebrities. Actress Rie Shibata (from the same hometown of Toyama), actress Muroi Shigeru, and famous story teller Tatekawa Shiraku are all sending stuff (chicken meat) to the heya. Today, stuff arrived from Shibata. "It's really nice to be supported by people we see on TV. I think everybody at the heya is thrilled I get personal messages from people like Shibata san as well. She says I inspire her when she sees me do sumo," he explained. It's a year since he was promoted to Ozeki. "An Ozeki seeks to win. He's at the top of the banzuke, but still number two. If I don't get the yusho there will not be any Yokozuna talk. It's a difficult situation, but if I don't go with the feeling that I need to win, I can't go any higher. As for the Kyokai training sessions, I won't be counting the wins or losses - I'll be treating it as a rare opportunity to face other sekitori during the Corona virus times. I'd like to go about it doing proper keiko and avoiding injuries!" he summed.
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    Still Komusubi Mitakeumi did some fundamentals today and faced Makushita and unders for 15 bouts, as there really isn't anyone serious to train with at Dewanoumi beya at the moment. He has started sumo training on the 15th, I was made aware. He was 9-6 last basho beating the three Ozeki, but losing to the other three sanyaku, and will preserve his fifth straight sanyaku rank. "Last basho I was able to do my own sumo without pulling, so even if I did go on a four bout losing streak from day four, I didn't take it to heart so much. Facing the Ozeki, I felt I could face them. I properly remembered every single bout for the 15 days.. Daieishou yusho? When the difference in ability between the top rankers gets smaller I think everyone around takes notice. That is why I want to make getting double digit wins at sanyaku a norm. I'm trying to polish my ability to be agile and nimble. I've always thought speed equals weight. I thought if I gain weight I could keep up my speed which will result in force, but it just didn't happen. It's important to be able to move as you imagine," he said. He reached 180 kilos at some point but now he is back to 170, his weight three years ago, but he says he feels his physical strength has not declined. He intends to join the Kyokai's training sessions. Last time he was there for the first day but injured his back and stayed away for the rest of the days. This time he intends to go the distance. Osaka fans? "It's a once a year event in Osaka so it's really regretful (that it's not happening) and I am really sorry.. The fans can watch it on TV and as for myself, I want to make this a special basho.." he summed.
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    Kokonoe beya has started training today, including Makuuchi Chiyoshouma and Juryo Chiyoootori. They both went for tests at the KKan today. They were both found positive for the virus a few weeks back but were asymptomatic. "It was regrettable, but since i wasn't hospitalized I was able to watch the sumo and move my body during the Hatsu basho. I shall gambarize next basho!" declared Chiyoshouma. "It was shocking, but I shall re-gambarize!" added Chiyoootori, bouncing a bit. 16 rikishi including the Oyakata tested positive for the virus, resulting in the whole heya sitting out the January basho. The heya will be moving from Sumida ward to their new premises in Katsushika-ku before the next basho, and will begin the move on the 15th.
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    Kyokai: "Wait. You mean people in other countries watch what we do?" *slowly closes window shades*
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    Kadoban Takakeishou trained today as usual, fundamentals. "I'm doing the fundamentals properly and am getting my body ready slowly but Shirley whilst checking my ankle. As for doing sumo, I want to start as soon as my body is ready. I do not want to hurry things. I will be joining the Kyokai training session, depending on my condition. When you go makekoshi it means you're not ready. I want to do keiko and get stronger Before last basho I felt ready but I had no ability and you could see the results..Daieshou is also a pusher/ thruster but we are different types. His yusho was a great stimulus for me," he said. His tsukebito Takakento has been promoted to Juryo and he is thrilled by that. "We've been together since we started out so I'm really happy for him. He supported me and encouraged me all the way so his promotion is great. The most important thing now is he get his kachikoshi, so we need to work hard.." he added. OTOH, his former tsukebito Ouhou (ex-Taihou's grandson) was 5-10 in his Juryo debut basho and will be demoted to Makushita. "When you become a sekitori you need to figure out stuff on your own. You need to weather it by yourself, " he summed.
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    Fuji TV ran a "Sumo Greatest Hits" kind of programme just yesterday featuring Kisenosato and Toyonoshima. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1uT4y1N7eY?from=seopage There are full of hidden gems I'm sure all of you will love, such as Daieisho's ukelele playing, rikishi doing clay pottery and, most importantly, Terao's boy band. It is essential viewing for all sumo fans, especially in this slow news period. Enjoy.
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    Osanai Koju out of Kindai, Aomori native, brother of classmate of Asanoyama, has joined Takasago beya, the new oyakata's first deshi. He is not a pusher (I know, I did that already..). He likes dashinage. I think he came in second in Osaka at the World Sumo Tournament in his weight class in 2019. He weighs 120 kilos, and is 1.76 meter tall, 21 years old. "I would like to become a sekitori as fast as I can. I want to do that within two years. I won't be doing big man sumo against big opponents. I will utilize my speed and technique in order to win," he said. On the right and henceforth known as "The Phantom of the Opera". On the left, manager of the Kindai sumo club Abe Rinkon.
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    The danpatsushiki is postponed for another year (!!). New date- May 29th, 2022. "I was planning for this May, but having all these people coming to Tokyo from other places has me worried. These days the virus has many people worried about many things. It's supposed to be a celebration, so I want everyone to be at peace. I will be preparing again to that end.." he explained.
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    I whish I could describe that day, all I knew is that I had lost a fight and that was never good enough to win the division. I was getting dressed and going to head back to the stable, Nishimouri, (Kaiketsu), kept saying, No, he finally wrote down "it's a tie", you still have to fight, now go win it. I had no idea there was Nine guys tied with the same record. It was a blast, at that time that was the most, and a odd number at that. Of course being the "Crazy American", who ever fought first would end up having to fight one more than the rest, so Hanakago volunteered me to be first. The outcome was history that day. Happy Trails, Cal
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    Terunofuji marriage interview: Q: "How are you feeling on this fine day?" T: "I have been looking forward to this day.. I am happy to have done everything for this to happen. It's a beautiful day and that is a good sign!" Wife: " I am really nervous, and very happy.." Q: "How did you meet?" T: "We met seven years ago through a mutual acquaintance, who made the introductions. Well, it's funny to say introduction, but we did share a meal occasionally, got to know each other, and here we are.." Q: "What was your first impression?" T: "I thought she was a beautiful girl.." W: "He had a lot of different interesting stories to tell and he made me laugh a lot, so I was thinking 'this guy is fun and upbeat!' " Q: "In what ways did you support Terunofuji-zeki?" W: "I just did my best to let him carry on as usual.." Q: "What about the dates?" T: "The Sumida river is close by, so our first date was there.. We like to remember that first date, so we go there often.." Q: "What hobbies do you have in common?" T: "Well, we like to go for a drive. I myself am not allowed to drive, so my wife does the driving. We like to go sightseeing as well." Q: "Where do you drive to?" W: "The farthest we got was Kyushu, for the first time." Q: You drove all the way to Kyushu?' W: "Yes, we rested on the way." T: "I go on jungyos and travel to the local bashos for my job, so if I see a nice place, I want to share it with my wife.." Q: "How did you propose?" T: "I just want us to create a happy household together, so I told her i would do everything to achieve that." Q: ""What kind of family would you like to have?" T: "I'd like to have a happy, positive family." W: ""I'd like us to have a calm, positive household." Q: "What are your wife's best clothes?" T: "Flashy and loud.. (laughs)" Q: "What do you want to achieve next basho?" T: "Well, it's an important basho, so I'd like to take advantage of this marriage and achieve a good result next basho as well.."