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    Looked like everyone except the gyoji was expecting a matta call in the final bout. Bad luck for Hokutofuji, but as they say in soccer, you gotta play to the whistle.
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    And Aonishiki prevails against Kyokushori, who didn't have enough leg in his bandage.
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    Why is Bakatakakage on the dohyo? How stupid can a single person be?
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    I guess he meant that the tournament would go on until Takakeisho wins per Kyokai’s requirements for promotion: non-henka oshi-tsuki sumo which could prolong the tournament like forever and for it to happen it might need a Christmas miracle, so yeah Wakatake could be quite right: Wakamiso should be cleared and for the December part
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    Hi there, it has become a habit of mine over the last 15 (?) years or so to track the standings in the Sumo Gaming World Championship on a daily basis during Kyushu Basho. I also know that there are a few very dedicated fans of this routine (including myself). Therefore I can assure you that I will do my best to present daily updates for the World Championship home stretch. However, I am almost dead certain that I will not be able to do this as reliably as in previous years. Preparing and scoring everything takes about 5 hours on shonichi and between two and three hours on every other day, and it is extremely unlikely that I will always find the necessary time. Delays are almost unavoidable. I am not even sure whether I will be able to at least download the game standings on each day so that I could insert them into my standings on the next day. If someone might volunteer in providing me with standings information for some days, please step forward. That being said, I am excited to see who our World Champ of 2023 will be. Oskanohana sported a 20 points lead over Kaito and Susanoo after Aki Basho. However, after being tied for the jun-yusho in GTB this leading margin has increased to 30 points. Will Oskanohana come through this time (last year he lost in a dramatic nailbiter against Susanoo)? Check in regularly to see how the grand finale will unfold.
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    And one of my favourites to watch :D
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    You've made some good points, particularly about the opportunity to see how well they are fighting on Days 1 and 2. If they have new injuries we can see how much that might impact their performance. With all that being said, I still prefer that the cutoff time should be the Makuuchi bouts start time on Day 1 (4 PM Japan Time on Sun, Nov 12). But after all, it's Jason's game, not mine. And it now doesn't seem as unfair as I originally thought. Thanks @Sumo Spiffy
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    He knows that's the case. If someone wants to make use of the first couple days to alter their picks, that's not necessarily the advantage it seems—it's not rare for some guys to stage big late-basho rallies (who would have picked Hokuseiho last time based on his first two days?). I'm sure that, on average, picking guys who win the first day vs. going with pure before-basho picks finishes higher, but if anything getting to see them for a day or two might be more useful to see how they're fighting, not just if they win or lose.
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    You do realize there's a game called Sekitori Oracle where a threescore of players do the same?
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    Thank you, Yarimotsu! You have chosen the fights differently again - and again very interesting. This bout selection avoids the Torikumis for days 1 and 2. As an additional game to Game 21, I suggest: Who can guess on which day in this basho a Game 21 fight will take place for the first time? My tip: On day 3. On this day I will probably have to do the first daily evaluation. And if someone asks me about the current status of the game: We have a top group of 34 players, all with 0 points and 0 tiebreak points. TB2 applies. So Tochinofuji leads because he was once again the first to give his tip. Congratulation, Tochi-san! You will lead at least until Tuesday! Profomisakari
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    The picture banzuke for Kyushu 2023 https://kokugikan.net/?pid=177999249
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    Sadogatake about Takakeisho's yokozuna run: "The shimpan department has to watch till the end and then all together will decide. No henka, it should be Takakeisho-like tsuki-oshi-zumo!" o
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    After 4 years the Kyushu basho dohyo matsuri was open to the public again, but still without rikishi - about 60 watched - no livestream oo o o o o o o o oo o o o o o o o oo and after 4 years also the yobidashi fure-daiko parade to announce the day 1 torikumi took place again around town oo o o Days 7, 14 and 15 are sold out, about 90% of all tickets were sold, likely each day the full house banners will be down the fixed zabuton in Kyushu - since 2008 o so that this can't happen (2005 d13 - after Kotooshu defeated Asashoryu) o o Local news report that more than in all more than 100 policemen will be there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E2WQOAu_1M
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    Video w/ NHK's Raja Pradham https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/videos/20231108204405499/
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    AI generated bullwalllock again. Please do not link such articles without at least reading them yourself to vet it.
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    At this rate that might take years.
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    Part 3:The future Regarding the future, he emphasized that he has no idea. "I'm thinking about a lot of things, but nothing has been decided. I'll focus on the hair cutting ceremony first, and then I'll move on. Actor? Not really. I'll be going back and forth between Japan and Mongolia, but most of the time I'll be in Japan. I think that since I live in Japan, it will be easier to do many things if I have my Japanese nationality. For now, I am not thinking about changing back to a Mongolian nationality. I will definitely not be able to live without doing anything. It costs a lot of money (utilities, etc.). After the haircut ceremony, I want to focus on the next thing. I want to work mainly in Japan." Any plans to get married in the future?. "No, no, I don't have any (laughs). If I had a wife , she would probably be helping me prepare for the hair cutting ceremony, which would have been been great.. That's why I have to prepare everything by myself. A fiancée? I don't have one..." He did show a bitter smile here and there, but he seemed to be looking forward to his second life. After his retirement, he hardly watched any sumo matches on TV, ``Just checking the results,'' he said, perhaps trying to show that he has moved on.. At the end of the interview, he explained ``Please write positively - this is what I want to convey right now and how I feel right now.'' Then he thought for a moment and added, ``Thank you for everything.'' It's been half a year since his shocking retirement Looking back on his active career, it seems that his strongest feeling is his gratitude towards his fans.
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    Part 2- the present: He currently lives alone in a rented apartment in the metropolitan area. " I no longer have any tsukebitos Since I don't have a driver's license, my associates drive me to greet my supporters. I basically take care of all my fundamental needs myself. I live in a 3LDK apartment. However, I still have a lot of luggage. Akeni, keshomawashi.. One room is only full of luggage. Also, the toilet is small (laughs). But it's fun. I do cleaning and laundry myself but I used to do it at the heya, so I don't have any problems. When my mood 'turns on', I do it all at once. It takes a while for it to turn on, though.. I want to get a driver's license someday.'' Regarding his weight: ``I don't think it has changed.'' He doesn't have a scale nearby that can measure weights over 200 kg, so he doesn't know exactly. ``I haven't been on a diet at all. My appetite is the same as when I was active. However, I haven't been practicing as much as I did when I was active, so my body may have lost its tension and I may look smaller.'' Before coming to Japan to study he used to cook for his younger sister and younger brother. In sumo, he made his debut at Makushita 15, and was promoted to Juryo after three bashos. Since he had no experience making chanko as a junior, he says, ``I told them I can't make chanko.'' However, he currently prefers to cook ``chanko-style'' hot pot dishes. ``I make a lot of Mongolian dishes, but I put bonito flakes and various vegetables in a pot and eat the meat like shabu-shabu. I cut the vegetables myself. There's a supermarket nearby, so I go buy them myself. I sometimes go out to eat with supporters, but at home I cook my own food. I like cooking. I eat two meals a day, lunch and dinner, just like I did during my active days.." He says that the back pain he cited as the reason for his retirement is improving,, ``I feel good now. I'm in good shape.''
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    Ichinojou gave a very, very long interview to Nikkan today, speaking about everything from his upcoming danpatsushiki to his relationship with his Oyakata. Short summary: No regrets about retiring. "I got the yusho right before that, right? So no regrets. I hope women will also be among those that cut my hair. Not sure who will do the final cut yet (usually done by the oyakata). Alcohol? Everyone drinks too much when they're socializing once in a while. I was even labeled as an 'alcoholic' in a weekly magazine. But I want my fans to judge for themselves. What's the truth? Even now, I sometimes drink with friends but we don't drink too much. I'm going to live in Japan and have a second life, so I hope you'll continue to support me.'' At the end of the retirement press conference, the oyakata and Ichinojou turned their backs, and left in different directions,.which was seen as a sign of the feud. Immediately after walking out the door, he said he didn't "have any particular conversations" with his mentor. According to Minato Oyakata, since the end of Ichinojou's active career, they have only had contact with each other through their lawyers. Even now, there is no direct communication, and the relationship between the two remains distant However, Ichinojou did not mention the feud with his master. "Sumo raised me. Sumo makes you tough, strong, and kind. I am where I am today because I learned a lot through sumo. I still love sumo." When asked about his feelings toward the Oyakata and his wife, he said, ``It's true that they took care of me, and I will never forget my feelings of gratitude." He now has a new goal in life, the hair cutting ceremony, and was smiling as if a weight had been lifted from his chest.
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    pandaazuma (O1E, 12-3) Y1 Joaoiyama (O1W, 10-5) O1 Kaito (S1E, 10-5) O2 Rubensan (S1W, 9-6) Hogashi (K1W, 9-6) S1 Norizo (S2E, KOSHO) Susanoo (M3E, 10-5) K1 Oshirokita (M1E, 8-7) Bill (K1E, KOSHO) K2 Sakura (M6E, 10-5) M1 Kitakachiyama (M9E, 11-4) Chocshoporyu (M9W, 11-4) 2 Unkonoyama (M1W, 7-8) toonoryu (M7E, 9-6) 3 Pitinosato (M5W, 8-7) Kotononami (M11E, 8-7) 4 Kintamayama (M4E, 7-8) Frinkanohana (M11W, 8-7) 5 Jakusotsu (M2W, 6-9) ScreechingOwl (M12E, 8-7) 6 Gaijingai (M6W, KOSHO) Holleshoryu (M2E, 5-10) 7 Terarno (M4W, 6-9) chishafuwaku (M5E, 6-9) 8 Oskanohana (M14W, 9-6) Yangnomazuma (M8W, 7-8) 9 tokugawa (M12W, 8-7) Konosato (M3W, 4-11) 10 Hokuyutaka (M10E, 7-8) Golynohana (M8E, 6-9) 11 Kaiowaka (M10W, 7-8) iwakoko (J1E, 10-5) 12 Andoreasu (M16W, 8-7) Gansekiiwa (J5E, 11-4) 13 Itachi (M13E, 7-8) Anjoboshi (J1W, 8-7) 14 andonishiki (M7W, 4-11) KonyaGaYamada (J2E, 8-7) 15 Ruziklao (J3E, 8-7) Achiyama (M15W, 7-8) 16 tainosen (M13W, 6-9) Nantonoyama (M16E, 7-8) 17 Kasamatsuri (M15E, 6-9) J1 Roundeye (J5W, 8-7) Hana-ichi (M14E, 5-10) 2 Balon (M17E, 6-9) kuroimori (M18E, 6-9) 3 Akishiki (J2W, 7-8) Metzinowaka (J4E, KOSHO) 4 Yamashade (J3W, 7-8) Wamahada (J11E, 10-5) 5 Beeftank (J8E, 8-7) Mariohana (J14W, 11-4) 6 KamiBaka (J8W, 8-7) Fujisan (M17W, 4-11) 7 Kyodaitimu (ms2E, 12-3) Itachiyama (J9E, 8-7) 8 Gawasukotto (J6W, 7-8) GONZABUROW (J7W, 7-8) 9 Netsuzakura (J6E, 6-9) Oyama (J13E, 9-6) 10 Getayukata (J7E, 6-9) Flohru (J12E, 8-7) 11 hofudaryu (ms1E, 10-5) Boltbanana (J10W, 7-8) 12 Saruyama (J13W, 8-7) Rikishimiezi (ms3E, 10-5) 13 Sherlockiama (J11W, 7-8) Gusoyama (ms4W, 10-5) 14 Athenayama (J4W, 3-12) Takanorappa (J9W, 5-10) ms1 Kashunowaka (ms2W, 8-7) Unagiyutaka (J14E, 7-8) 2 Chijanofuji (J10E, 5-10) shimodahito (J12W, 6-9) 3 Bunbukuchagama (ms6W, 9-6) Heiyu (ms9E, 10-5) 4 Homuburyuwa (ms10E, 10-5) aoyume (ms7W, 8-7) 5 Andrasoyama (ms13W, 10-5) Furanohana (ms18W, 11-4) 6 Oortael (ms10W, 8-7) Kirinoumi (ms14E, 9-6) 7 Danjinoumi (ms12W, 8-7) Basoyama (ms8E, KOSHO) 8 Tsunamiko (ms8W, KOSHO) Watashi (ms5E, 6-9) 9 Vincentohana (ms14W, 8-7) Kishikaisei (ms7E, 6-9) 10 Kintsubasa (ms9W, 7-8) Jejima (ms5W, 5-10) 11 Kitahotaru (ms3W, 4-11) Kuramarujo (ms6E, 5-10) 12 Baku (ms11W, 7-8) Fujiko (ms15W, 8-7) 13 Tetsuba (ms20W, 9-6) Aminoumi (ms17W, 8-7) 14 Chelseayama (ms11E, 6-9) VESHANA (ms12E, 6-9) 15 Kajiyanosho (ms22E, 8-7) Clemoshoryu (ms15E, 7-8) 16 Rowitoro (ms16E, 7-8) Bunijiman (ms13E, 5-10) 17 Hironoumi (ms18E, 6-9) Akokoneko (ms20E, 6-9) 18 Nekonishiki (ms17E, 4-11) Kaba (ms21E, 5-10) 19 Marushiki (ms19W, 4-11) Maeden (ms21W, KOSHO) 20 Banzuke-gai BariiHachiBenson (ms1W, 0-0-15) Kofujinokami (ms4E, 0-0-15) Kitanoyama (ms16W, 0-0-15) Tochiyatsu (ms19E, 0-0-15)
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    J4W TheGunbaiHolder has been given..... O2W Hoshoryu! Yet another rikishi with the potential to go big this basho!
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    I looking forward to seeing a 150cm 50kg kid being flattened by someone triple his weight.
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    Not good. Not good at all. Kayou won.
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    Day 15 is December 24th I believe?
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    I keep trying to join (as Beeftank), but after answering the questions, then confirming, I get a blank screen and I'm not on the list of entries. Not sure what's going on, but it's not the first time this has happened.