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    Nagasaki Abi did no keiko bouts today, just light exercises o o Shikoroyama was in hospital for arrhythmia and other things, he told Abi: don't tell about the contents of our conversation! Atamifuji-Tsushimanada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4OC0s--xv0 Torikumi list: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FjAxT2-agAAh1lx.jpg 8 kyujo + 1 retired in makuuchi, no extra juryo bouts: Tsukahara and 6 juryo filled in to have 20 makuuchi bouts Tomorrow Ashikita, after 3 years again a jungyo in Kumamoto pref.: Shodai turf (and Sadanoumi's) preparations by the local jinku fan club vid
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    I was hoping for a live stream, but nothing is scheduled yet. Nittaidai will post the results shortly after the rounds http://blog.livedoor.jp/nittaidaisumo/archives/5392639.html 13 from their team take part, including 1st year Christopher
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    One of the things I enjoyed about Peter Jackson's take on Lord of The Rings was the soundtrack by Howard Shore.
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    The 71st All Japan sumo championships take place on Dec. 4th in the kokugikan - together with the 35th primary school championships. NHK airs the final part live from 17-18h on NHK-G, -G2 in case of an extension. The scheduled bouts of the tournament have been posted already 11 days ago on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAXlvIKwl0 Going for ms10TD are corporate yokozuna Ochiai and student yokozuna Choijil - kokutai yokozuna Nakamura already has one and will maybe take it easy
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    I'm mainly into classical music, and film music for me is the continuation of that, while contemporary classic is no music. I think I'll post regularly in this thread, e.g. my favorite Bond themes and songs 1. John Barry - On Her Majesty's Secret Service - I guess the version as the film theme song is not allowed here as offensive, so just audio 2. Switching The Body - The John Barry Orchestra (from Thunderball) 3. If There Was A Man - The Pretenders (from The Living Daylights) 4. The Living Daylights - A-Ha 5. Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings
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    Random bit of trivia regarding Tokushoryu. He has the lowest career high rank of any top division yusho winner in history (Maegashira 2). Also from that tournament... - The only man to get 14 wins in a top division tournament and never make Sanyaku or better. - Nobody else has ever scored 14 wins from below M13e (he did it from M17w) - Nobody else has won a top divison yusho from the lowest spot in the division
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    Not a bad move with Netherlands on top anyway.
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    About 3100 were today at the Dejima messe Nagasaki basho. Nagasaki pref. locals Tsushimanada and Hiradoumi were most popular among the fans. Local TV https://www.nib.jp/nnn/news10662e9mlxrj2erdmre.html Abi talked to the press there: he had reported to the oyakata on the phone about the yusho, after Shikoroyama had left hospital the day after the basho - the article only tells that he was there for treatment of an illness. https://hochi.news/articles/20221203-OHT1T51106.html?page=1
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    Other than one loss to a henka, the loss to Nakamura (timestamped below) is Ochiai's only defeat in the last three years that I know of. Keep in mind Nakamura's 3 years older and a beast, winning an incredible 4 major amateur titles granting MsTD (no one else pro right now won more than 2) and he's already qualified to go pro next year with an Ms10TD. I bring him up every time I get the chance because the prospect of him turning pro is just so dang exciting. Who knows, maybe he'll join Miyagino too.
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    Oho ended the year with a fine 10-5 at M13W. According to the Sumo DB, normally he could expect to be ranked around M2 to M6. I have a feeling that on the new banzuke it will be at the lower end of that.... So, let's go with the M5-M6 rank for now, which was guessed by I am the Yokozuna, hakutorizakura and Reonito. The highest rank that Oho defeated in 2022 was Sekiwake Hoshoryu on day 12 of the November basho. Gaijingai and Kintamayama both predicted this. As Gaijingai went with M3-M4 for Q1, I think that puts him ahead of Kintamayama. Oho won 48 bouts in 2022. This means that he won more bouts than Meisei (40) Endo (38) Ura (40) Abi (47) Akua (39) Bushozan (41) Ichiyamamoto (40) Enho (46) Kotokuzan (42) and fewer bouts than... Wakatakakage (57) Easily the best was Pitinosato getting 9 out of 10 correct, followed by Rubensan with 8. Gaijingai and Kintamayama both got less than half correct. I am the Yokozuna, hakutoriki and Reonito all got 6 out of 10 correct.... Very tricky to award a yusho (and this may need VAR once the actual January banzuke is known). Let's see how close I am the Yokozuna, hakutoriki and Reonito were for question 2.... I am the Yokozuna (komusubi) and hakutorikizakura (ozeki) were both one rank off.... Let's check the comments.... Looks like I am the Yokozuna might have been an entry after the deadline (but before any matches took place)... but he did make a comment, and so by the rules of the polls, that is a tie-breaker. So (controversially perhaps, and it might need re-examining when the new banzuke comes out), I'll award the yusho to @I am the Yokozuna , and the jun-yusho to @hakutorizakura.
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    Not to beat a dead horse, or bull, or sika deer, but in regards to Abi's henka, I've had a revelation that really narrows down his possible motives. Two motives mentioned so far... 1) he wanted to be fresh for the next bout, 2) he just happens to henka once in a while as he is concerned about his long-term health Both of those motives are patently false. How do I know this you might ask? Because in both of those cases he would not be 'taking it one bout at a time' and thus due to the laws of sumo, would have lost.
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    Well, at least that implies you can blame injury for some of Isegahama's poor performance.
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    "I want to become goatier then the goat. Super Yokozuna. I first have to do my brand of Sumo though...."
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    Ochiai officially recognized as starting from Makushita tsukedashi 15 in January.
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    "Now, what am I supposed to tell the press?" "Training exercise, isn't that the usual BS?" "It's not that simple-" Cut to Miyagino standing outside the heya: "An unfortunate training exercise involving our rikishi occurred yesterday..."
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    Sure, but if they knew he HAD to charge them headfirst, they'd all bulldoze him on the spot. Keeping'em guessing is the trick.
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    The poster, with last year's winner Nakamura
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    Nihon University Naoya Kusano: this year's East Japan champ; best 8 at the 2022 student championship and best 4 at the 2021 student championship Masai Hanaoka: Wakayama tournament champ + best 4 at the student championship and Kanazawa national tournament Ryusho Kawakami: best 4 at this year's East Japan tournament and best 8 finishes at the Usa and Kyushu national tournaments Mantaro Haruyama: best 4 at the Usa and Kariya national tournaments this year *When active, Kazuma Kawabuchi was Nihon's best competitor, but since he just returned from a year away due to injury I doubt that he's qualified for this Nippon Sports Science University Ryoma Ishizaki: runner-up at the East Japan championship, 3rd place at this year's Kokutai, best 4 at the Kanazawa national tournament Kanazawa Gakuin University Shun Ikeda: best 8 at this year's Kokutai and student championship tournament; runner-up at the Kanazawa national tournament, best 4 at Kariya Omori: West Japan rookie champion this year + best 4 at the Kyushu national tournament + best 16 at the student championship Kinki University Taiki Mita: West Japan tournament winner and best 8 at this year's Kokutai and student championship tournament Shon Fujisawa: 4th place at the Kokutai and best 8 at the 2021 student championship tournament Shoma Yamazaki: Former West Japan champion, 3rd at the Usa national event this year, 135+ weight class national champion Takushoku University Masaharu Goshima: runner-up at this year's Wakayama national tournament Toyo University Odofu: best 4 at last year's All Japan tournament and runner-up at this year's Usa national tournament Corporate Taisei Matsuzono: best 4 at the 2020+2021 All Japan Championship; 2022 Kokutai runner-up; 3-0 in the amateurs vs Kinbozan Tetsuya Ochiai: 2022 Corporate champion, 2021 All Japan best 8. Unsure if he's actually competing though since he's turning pro in January. Soichiro Kurokawa: runner-up at this year's corporate championship + former Kokutai champ + a two-time runner-up in the All Japans Kojiro Kurokawa: 2020 All Japan champion + corporate champion Hiroshi Takeuchi: winner of this year's Kariya national tournament, beating student yokozuna Choijil in the final Reo Yamaguchi: 2020 All Japan runner-up, 2021 All Japan best 8, best 8 at this year's Kyushu national tournament Daisuke Tanaka: 2020 East Japan champion (beating Oshoma in the final) + best 8 at this year's Kyushu national tournament Tomohiro Seigo: 2017 All Japan champion, best 4 at the 2022 corporate championship
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    Without being aware of a possible henka they would regulary clash head on head even harder at tachiai. So a henka here and then may save some brain... In a three-way-playoff it makes escpecially sense to save power. But, sure, henka ist not what we want to see in a Playoff.
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    Henka is to Sumo what Offside is to football; a necessity that most find annoying, but without which the sport would not be the same. If it was illegal to sidestep the initial attack, there would be no smaller sumo wrestlers at all. Everyone would have to specialize in Takakeisho style Sumo. Sumo would become a sport where wrestlers built like tanks tried to run each other over. Not fun at all.
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    That was a hell of a tachiai from Hokutofuji....jeez I will LOL though if Shodai regains ozeki in January, it seems like a very Shodai thing to do
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    Ah, good ol' familiar Day 12 with raised hopes of a Takayasu yusho. I don't know why I keep setting myself up like this, I already feel prepared for disappointment.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Minato should have been the one watching over Ichinojo. This whole situation is bizarre.
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    After nearly four years, an update to the table in the opening post, with some expanded notes. Corrections and additions welcome.